Because Now I Want a Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 3

After a while, Felix noticed that Rebecca seemed to be looking at something off to the left of them. Turning slightly, he saw it was two boys about her age at a table talking. They both had black hair, pale skin, and were also wearing black leather jackets.

“A bit warm for leather don’t you agree?” He questioned as he turned back to face her. Seeing she was still looking at them, he asked, “Do you know them?”

Rebecca turned from looking at the boys to look at Felix. The puzzled look left her face and she smiled.

“I think I maybe know the one, he looks so familiar to me, but I can’t quite place him. And yes, it is a bit warm for leather, but maybe...” she trailed off as she leaned forward.

He leaned forward also as he stared into her twinkling eyes. He had seen this same look enough on the face of Bruno to know it meant she was probably up to no good. So, since he was curious, he asked, “Maybe... what?”

“Maybe they’re...vampires!” She whispered, before placing a hand over her mouth and giggling.

He leaned back, shaking his head, and trying not to laugh because he knew for a fact that they were humans. Vampires can just sense each other. He’d play this game with her though, and asked, “Really? What exactly makes you believe that?”

“Well...they’re really pale, you know, ’cause they’re dead! Also, in books and stuff they always say vampires don’t feel the heat or the cold. So, therefore, the need for the leather,” she told him with a nod of self-satisfaction.

“That is an interesting theory Kitten,” he murmured as he leaned forward again. He then said, “Now, what if I told you I could take you to meet a REAL vampire. What would you say?”

She slowly chewed on her piece of pizza as she looked off into space. When her gaze returned to his, he could almost see the curiosity in her head.

“A real one?”

He nodded.

“But I thought they were just made up. How do you know this one is real, that it isn’t just a hoax?” She questioned as she continued to eat.

He picked up his fork and turned it around and around in his hand. He wasn’t hungry and saw no reason to keep up the pretense of eating any longer. Instead, he told her, “I just do. Would you be...scared to meet one?”

Felix almost held his breath as he waited on her answer. He still remembered how Bruno’s Geliebte, Veronica, had reacted and was hoping Rebecca would take it better then she had.

“, I don’t think so. I’ve always thought vampires were kinda cool in a creepy way, if that makes sense. It would be awesome to have one as a friend though I suppose. Well, as long as he or she wasn’t always wanting to drink me dry! That would be a real bummer!” She giggled.

He raised an eyebrow in amusement. “Drink you dry?”

“Well, yeah!” She exclaimed. “In the books they always make them sound so blood thirty, like they drink blood twenty-four seven or something!”

“Well, they don’t,” he said as he shook his head. “Creepy?”

“Felix,” she huffed at him as she pointed her finger at him, then continued with, “they’re the walking dead! What isn’t kind of creepy about that? I mean they’re pale, cold, have no heartbeat, they’re dead!”

“Okay, let’s clear up a few things, shall we?” He began. “First, they have a heartbeat. Second, not all of them are pale. Third, their skin is only slightly cooler than human skin. Forth, they don’t need blood twenty-four seven, and fifth, they can eat food even though they don’t really need it.”

“Huh! Okay then, I stand corrected,” she murmured.

“One more question. What if one wanted to be...more than just a friend to you? Would you, maybe, possibly, at least think about it?” He asked, almost whispering by the end because he was nervous about her reply.

She poked her lip out in a pout. “But Felix, I thought you liked me! Are you trying to pawn me off on someone else already?”

He stared at her slightly befuddled. Was that all she had gotten out of my question? Shaking his head slightly, he stood up and walked around the table end to sit down next to her. He then pulled her close and rubbed his nose in her hair, breathing in her earthy scent.

“No Kitten, I’m not. It was just a hypothetical question,” he answered.

“Well okay then, if you’re sure, because Felix I really, really like you,” she whispered.

“And I really, really, like you too Kitten.”

“Okay, so, um…” she blew out a breathy sigh. “I guess I might think about being more to him...if, IF, I liked him that way.”

He nodded.

Then turning almost to face him, she asked, “Felix, why do you call me Kitten?”

“Because just like a Kitten you are cute and cuddly,” he whispered in her ear before kissing her neck. He then murmured, “I almost think if I was to rub you in just the right way you might even purr for me.”

She drew in a sharp breath, and he felt her shiver against him.

“Ah, Felix, there you go again,” she moaned quietly. “The things you do to me are not appropriate in public.”

He chuckled. “Then perhaps we should get out of the public eye.”

“Perhaps we should,” she agreed. She then glanced down at her watch and gasped.

“What’s wrong?” He asked with a frown.

“My exam! I forgot all about it and I need to be at the school in twenty minutes to take it,” she informed him.

“It’s okay Kitten. I’ll take you and wait for you to get out.”

“But don’t you need to go back to work?” She questioned wide eyed.

“Nein, all I need to do today is take care of you and introduce you to a vampire.”

“You’re really going to do that?”

He nodded his agreement.

“A real, honest to goodness vampire?”

He nodded again, this time with a slight smirk. He watched excitement build in her expression.

“Well then let’s go get this exam out of the way and get to the more interesting things!”

He laughed at her excitement as he paid for the food and led her out to the car. He just hoped that once she finds out the vampire he spoke of was him, and that she’s his Geliebte, she’ll still find it all exciting.

Rebecca could hardly sit still!

Her and Felix had made it to the school with a few minutes too spare, so Felix had giving her a steamy, kiss and told her he’d be waiting when she finished! Even now, ten minutes later, she had to fan herself just thinking about how that kiss affected her!

Anyway, now she was waiting on the teacher to get here...oh, there she is!

“Good afternoon Miss Hartmann.”

“Afternoon Miss Climb,” Rebecca answered.

“Alright, you’re the only one left who hasn’t taken this but I’m sure you will do fine. So here it is, and you have two hours to complete it in,” Miss Climb told her as she lay a thick stack of stapled papers on the desk.

Rebecca gulped at how much there was before taking a deep breath. Then turning the page, she got started.

An hour and forty-five minutes later, she had answered the very last question. So, standing up, she walked to the teacher’s desk and lay down the test. She then politely said, “Thank you for allowing me take it later Miss Climb.”

“You’re welcome dear. I’ll have everyone’s test results posted in the office by Monday,” Miss Climb said.

“Okay, thanks,” Rebecca said, then she hurried out the door. She began to speed walked around the few students that were in the hallway as she headed for the door.


Turning, she looked to see who was calling out. It was her friend Nick.

“Oh, hey Nick,” she said, giving him a wave but continuing to walk.

“Wait up, I’ll walk with you!”

She slowed, and he came up beside her huffing.

“Where’s the fire?” Nick asked.

She laughed. “No fire, I just have somewhere to be. Why are you still here, wasn’t your exam earlier?”

“Yeah, but I needed talk to coach about football trials this summer. I want to be an assistant coach in the fall, if he’ll let me, and it looks as if he’s going to,” Nick said as he held the front door open for her.

“Thanks,” she murmured. Looking over to where her car was parked, she saw Felix leaning up on the hood. He had his arms crossed over his chest, his legs crossed at the ankles, and his face tilted toward the sun. She smiled, so cute!

“Hey, isn’t that your car that guy’s leaning on?” Nick asked as they jogged down the steps.

She saw Felix’s head come down, and suddenly she felt his stare.

“Yeah it is, that’s Felix,” she agreed. “Come on I’ll introduce you.”

She walked over to stand next to Felix.

Felix straightened up, then asked, “Are you ready to go Kitten?”

“Yep, but first I want you to meet someone,” she told him. “Felix, this is my friend Nick. Nick this is Felix.”

Nick stuck out his hand and grinned. “Hey man, nice meetin’ ya.”

Felix frowned slightly but shook Nick’s hand as he answered, “Nice meeting you also.”

“Hey, you sound a lot” Nick stopped and rubbed at his neck as he glanced at her with a sad look.

Rebecca gave Nick a sad smile. She softly said, “It’s okay Nick, he knows about dad.”

“Oh, well, okay,” Nick said, still looking uncomfortable. Taking her hand, he gave it a squeezed as he said, “I’ll see you around then okay.”

“Sure Nick. Enjoy your summer and I hope you get that assistant coaching position.”

“Aye, I will because Couch loves me!” He said with a smirked. Then with a wave he was gone.

“Someone I should be concerned about?” Felix asked.

She turned her attention from Nick’s slowly receding back to look Felix in the eye.

“No, he’s just a friend. We dated for a while right before my dad passed,” she told him as they got into the car. “We’ve known each other since sixth grade. Anyway, we were good friends that decided to try dating because everyone thought we were ‘so cute’ together. We soon realized it just wasn’t us, that we made much better friends. Thankfully, it didn’t ruin our friendship and we were able to still be friends.”

“How did you know you were better as friends?”

She giggled. “When he decided it was time to more do than just hold my hand and he kissed me! It was just...awkward and... oh, Felix, I think kissing my brother would have felt less awkward then kissing him, and that’s the truth. Ugh, so gross!” She concluded with a shudder.

“So, he was there when your Vater died?”

“Yeah,” she admitted as she blew out a long breath. “He kept me from losing it Felix, he really did. Mom didn’t know what to do with me, and my brother had his own issues with it. I don’t know if I would have come through it if it wasn’t for Nick. He was a good friend, and my rock during that time, but Felix, a friend is all he is.”

Felix nodded as she took his hand. He then said, “Alright.”

“So where are we going now?”

Felix tapped the steering wheel for a moment. “I know you were wanting to meet a vampire, but while you were inside my realtor called. He told me now would be a good time to go see the house I’m thinking about buying. Would you like to go look at it with me first?”

She stared at him for a moment as she considered. Then, pulling out her cell phone, she dialed up her mom.


“Hi mom. Is it okay if I don’t come straight home?” She asked. She really didn’t figure her mom would have a problem with it, but she was her my mom and so she felt the need to ask.

“That’s fine Rebecca, just let me know if you won’t be home in time for supper.” Mom answered.

“Thanks mom,” she answered, then she hung up to turn to Felix. “I’m all yours.”

With a nod, he cranked the car and pulled out of the school parking lot. Ten minutes later we were pulling into a driveway.

The house was secluded by trees and bushes, making it very private which she liked. It was small, but cute, with white siding and blue trim. It also had a large screened in porch that she could see herself enjoying the evening breezes on.

“The realtor said she’d leave a key.” Felix said before getting out. He then walked around to the passenger side, opening her door and taking her hand to help her out.

“Really? Wow, I didn’t think you could look at a house if they weren’t there,” she commented as she gazed around.

“They don’t usually, but I put a deposit down on this one, sight unseen. It has what I want and I’m tired of Bruno’s messes,” Felix almost growled. “It’s better now that Veronica has moved in but...err! He gets to me and he knows it!”

She giggled a bit and took his arm. “Since he has a woman now, maybe its best if he has his own space anyway. So, let’s go have a look see shall we.”

Felix found the key, and after unlocking the door he stood back, letting her go in first. He gauged her reactions to the house because he wanted her to feel at home here. He wanted her to like the house because she would soon be living in it with him.

She’d reacted well to everything, giving him every reason to believe she really liked the house. So, he sent a text to his realtor saying he wanted it.

The realtor replied that he could have the paperwork ready the next day.

“So, you like it?” He asked, hoping he’d made the right choice.

“It’s lovely Felix,” she murmured as she gazed at the back yard.

“Good, because I’m going to buy it, and I’m hoping...” he stopped. He was getting ahead of himself, he needed to tell her things first.

“Hoping what Felix?” She questioned as she turned to look at him.

He shook his head and taking her by the hand he led her to the door. “First things first. I believe you wanted to meet a vampire. So, come on.”

She practically bounced in her seat all the way to his house.

“Where are we Felix? Is this where the vampire lives?” She asked as he led her inside the house and up to his bedroom. “Um…should you just be walking into someone’s home like this? I hope the vampire knows you well.”

Taking her inside the room, he locked the door.

“Um...Felix, what are you doing?” Rebecca asked, looking extremely nervous now.

He heard her heartbeat pick up and feared he’d had scared her, but he didn’t want to chance Bruno walking in.

“It’s fine Rebecca, this is my home, at least until I move, then it will be Bruno and Veronica’s.”

“Oh…okay,” she whispered, looking a bit less upset.

He let out a breath slowly as he walked toward the bed. He then softly said, “Come, sit. This isn’t easy for me but I’m hoping you will still feel the same way about me after I tell you somethings Rebecca.”

She walked over to where he stood, and he lifted her up onto the bed, since it was quite high off the floor. Then, he sat down on the edge next to her.

She looked at him as she tilted her head to the side. “There is no vampire is there?”

“Yes, Rebecca there is, because I AM the vampire I was speaking of,” he informed her solemnly.

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