Because Now I Want a Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 9

At exactly five minutes before seven, Rebecca’s Mom pulled her car up in front of the Vogel house.

“That is a lot of cars,” Ben said with a whistle.

“Yes, well, Felix has four brothers,” Rebecca told him.

“Oh yeah, poor guy!” Ben said. Then with a shrug he exited his car.

“Hey, Felix ol’ man, how’s it goin’?” Ben yelled out when he saw Felix walking their way.

“Ben, that is no way to greet someone,” Mom scolded.

Ben turned to pout at her. “But mom, he’s gonna be family, so I should be able to tease him just like I do Becks!”

Rebecca laughed that. “Trust me mom, it’s not any worse than Bruno. He...”

“Ha, see Felix, I told you, you were looking a bit rough! Even strangers can see your getting old before you time. I’m telling you, it’s because your...oaff...! Hey! What was that for?” Bruno yelled as Felix elbowed him in the gut.

“You deserved it Bruno. Now, leave the boy alone,” Mr. Vogel said as he walked out.

“But Vater!” Bruno whined.

“No buts! Go back inside before you scare our company away! Go...shoo...!” Mr. Vogel said as he made a shooing motion at Bruno.

Rebecca and her mom both giggled quietly as Felix made his way over to them.

“I’m going, I’m going!” Bruno muttered as he turned and walked back inside.

“See mom. Ben is in good company with Bruno,” Rebecca told her as she patted Ben on the back. She then walking up to meet Felix and said, “Hi.”

Felix smiled, pulling her into his arms. Then, giving her a light kiss, he pulled back to say, “Hello Mrs. Hartmann, Ben. Welcome.”

“Hello, Mrs. Hartmann, I am Jantis Vogel,” Felix’s dad said as he held out his hand for her mom to shake. “I believe my wife is in the kitchen, but you will meet her soon.”

“Please, call me Linda,” her mom said as she shook Jantis’s hand. “This is my son Ben.”

“Hello sir, nice to meet you,” Ben said politely.

Jantis gave a nod, and they all walked inside. He then said, “Everyone, this is Rebecca’s Mutter Linda, and her Bruder Ben.” Turning to Felix, he requested, “Felix, introduce everyone.”

“Ja, Vater,” Felix agreed. He then said, “Mrs. Hartmann, Ben, Rebecca, this is my oldest Bruder Leo, his wife Camilla, and their daughter Heide.”

Rebecca had not met Leo. She gave him a smile though as he stepped forward holding a little girl with bright red hair and blue eyes. Rebecca took hold of the little girl’s hand, causing her to smile. She exclaimed, “She’s so pretty! How old is she?”

“She is a year and a half,” Leo answered.

“I bet she’s spoiled with all these uncles,” Rebecca teased with a smile.

“Just a little,” was Leo’s answer. “Welcome to the family Rebecca.”

“Yes, welcome,” Camilla said as she gave Rebecca a hug.

“Thank you,” Rebecca said before stepping back to Felix’s side.

Leo and Camilla then moved to greet her mother and brother.

“This is Bruno and his wife Veronica, who Rebecca has already met,” Felix said then.

Rebecca gave Veronica a hug before she moved down to greet Rebecca’s mom.

“Ah, I’ve heard a LOT about you, bro,” Ben said. “Becks threatened me if I spent too much time around you, said I was already naughty enough without your influence.”

“BEN! I didn’t say that!” Rebecca denied. “What I said was, you two are too much alike and would get into all kinds of trouble if we didn’t watch you both like a hawk!”

Ben laughed. “Yeah, and that is just SOOO...much better.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes and huffed. “Whatever Ben.”

By that point, everyone was laughing. Most agreed that Bruno would get Ben into trouble and did need to be watched.

“Next is my Bruder Tobias and his wife Kendra. She’s due to give us another little girl to love any day now,” Felix continued.

“I’ve met Tobias, but it’s nice to finally meet you Kendra,” Rebecca said softly to the pretty redhead.

“Nice to meet you also. Tobias said you took a liking his truck,” Kendra said.

Rebecca grinned. “Oh yeah! If I ever get a truck I want one just like it, only in blue!”

“This is the next Bruder, Falco, his wife Kimberly and their son Derek,” Felix continued.

“Hi, I’m Derek, I’m three,” A little boy said, standing in front of Rebecca.

“Well, hello, Derek,” Rebecca said, stooping to his level. “My name is Rebecca, but you can call me Becks if you like.”

“Oaky dokie,” Derek said then ran off.

“He’s adorable,” Rebecca murmured.

“Welcome to the family Rebecca,” Falco said, giving her a hug.

Then, Kimberly hugged Rebecca also as she welcomed her to the family.

“Come, come, everyone, I have food ready to serve,” Mrs. Vogel said from the doorway.

Felix lead the way and everyone else followed.

There was much laughter at the table that night and Rebecca was glad to see her mom with a soft smile on her face the whole of the evening. She was a bit worried because of them having German accents. She had feared it would make her mom think of dad too much. It didn’t seem to affect her though, thankfully.

Leo’s accent was the strongest, after his parents, and he didn’t say much, except to scold Bruno almost constantly!

Ingrid finally told Bruno to behave or she was going to let Leo take a whip to him!

Bruno pouted, for all of five minutes. Then he was at it again!

Felix kept hissing though, and Ben was giving him strange looks. Finally, Rebecca felt it was time to say something. So, to get his attention, she softly said, “Felix.”

Felix turned to look at her.

“I don’t know if you realize this or not, but my brother is giving you strange looks,” Rebecca informed him. “I think he’s rethinking his blessing for you to marry me.”

Felix’s eyes widened as he glanced over at Ben.

Ben was giving Felix the eye.

“What did I do to upset him? Tell me, so I can make it right,” Felix pleaded. “Meine Geliebte, I cannot live without you.”

“Stop hissing at Bruno,” Rebecca suggested.

“What?” He asked, with wide eyes and a shocked face.

“Felix, you’ve been hissing at Bruno and his antics all night,” Rebecca told him. “I think Ben heard you a few times. Now, if you don’t want to explain why you do it, then I would suggest you stop.”

Felix slumped in his seat and lay his head on her shoulder. “I’m sorry, Kitten. I suppose being surrounded by family, I just didn’t realize I was doing it.”

“Hmm... well, just in case Ben asks you about it later, you need to have a good excuse,” Rebecca replied.

He nodded, and they rejoined the conversation.

Finally, around ten everyone began to head out.

“Rebecca, are you coming home with us?” Mom asked.

“Please let me take you home Kitten. I have missed you today and need you,” Felix whispered in her ear.

“Felix will take me home mom,” Rebecca answered her mom. “I’ll be late.”

“Well, I suppose that’s alright since you have nowhere to be tomorrow,” Rebecca’s mom agreed. “I’ll see you tomorrow then since I’m going home and straight to bed!”

“Alright. Night mom, Ben,” Rebecca said.

Then with a wave they went to their car and Felix led Rebecca toward his.

Felix didn’t take Rebecca straight home though. Instead, he took her outside of town, down this little back road and parked in a field.

Then grabbing a blanket from the trunk he opened her door and helped her out.

“What are we doing here Felix?” She asked quietly.

“I just want to spend some alone time with you. I’ve not had you to myself all day and I’ve missed you,” he murmured as he lay the blanket on the hood of his car and placed her on it. He then positioned himself next to her, holding her tightly.

“It’s beautiful out here,” she murmured as she gazed at the stars.

“Mm... ja, it is.”

At his murmur, she looked over to find him looking at her. “If you brought me to stargaze shouldn’t you be gazing at them?”

“But I didn’t bring you to stargaze,” was his reply.


He leaned in then as he whispered. “Nein. Although, if you ask me nicely later we might get to that.”

First, he pulled her up onto his lap, so she was straddling him. Then he wrapped her hair around one hand as the other gripped her waist. Next, he began kissing her.

Her hands reached up to grip his neck as she moaned in her pleasure, rubbing her body against his. Giving a light whimper, she pulled back to say, “Felix, you make it so hard to control my raging hormones!”

He moved his kisses to her neck, and she felt his fang graze her skin. He then requested, “A taste kitten, may I have just a taste?”

Never would she deny him his need, so she tilted her head in silent agreement.

He bit down on her neck.

She moaned as the fire of desire flooded her veins. It made her body come alive and had her wanting more than just his fangs inside her. She felt his hand moving up under her skirt and between her thighs. She whimpered in anticipation, sighing when the wait was over. She cried out as his fingers created magic and her hips began to move with the rhythm he’d set.

Felix withdrew his fangs, licking the wound closed. Moving back a bit, he gazed in to her eyes.

“I want to play too Felix,” she told him breathlessly

He hissed a bit, removing his fingers.

She whimpered at the loss.

He then flipped them, so that he was hovering over her.

Reaching down between them, she unfastened his jeans, freeing his arousal. She then wrapped her hand around his hard shaft as he adjusted their position.

He returned his hand to the juncture between her thighs. His fingers once more slid through her wet folds.

She gasps as pleasure once more coursed through her body. She wondered if she would ever get enough of this man of hers.

“Better kitten?” He asked against her neck. The feel of his cool breath against her skin sent shivers of need down her spine.

She whimpered out a “yes” as his fingers began to move again. She squeezed his hardened shaft, and then began to move her hand also.

Soon they were both completely lost in each other.

Felix finally taken her home at about one o’clock in the morning.

She staggered inside, quietly going to her room in a pleasure induced haze and wishing she had let him take her to his house. She knew if he’d done that though, she would have given herself to him right then and there! Neither of them would have been able to hold back from what they both craved.

With a tired sigh, she threw herself on the bed and passed out. She was awakened later with a banging on her door! Groaning at the sound, she pulled a pillow over her head and yelled, “Go way!”

The door opened anyway.

“My, my, look at you, all bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning!” Ben snickered in his most annoying voice.

“What do you want Ben? I feel like I just got to sleep,” she grumbled.

He laughed and said, “Yeah, well, maybe you did, since I have no idea when you got home. It’s one o’clock in the afternoon though, and Mom thought you might be hungry.”

Her stomach growled as if on cue.

Ben laughed again. “I’ll leave you to dress then.”

Her door closed, so she removed her pillow and sat up. Seeing herself in the mirror, she cringed. Lack of sleep really didn’t look good. She smiled though because the reason behind it was so worth it.

Jumping up with a renewed energy, she quickly showered and dressed. She then headed for the kitchen to say, “Good morning....err...afternoon!”

“I must say you do look better now than earlier,” Ben chuckled.

“When did you finally make it home Rebecca?” Mom asked.

“I think it was about one this morning. We went to this field and stargazed. Felix actually know quite a bit about the stars,” Rebecca told them as she remembered him pointing things out to her after their play!

“Bet that isn’t all you did,” Ben snickered quietly.

Glaring at him she said, “Ben, get a life, and a girlfriend, so you’ll have your own love life to attend to instead of tending to mine!”

Mom laughed as Ben glared back, but he left her alone after that!

The next morning her phone rang at two thirty am! Groggily sitting up and grabbing it from her nightstand, she answered, “Hello?”

“Rebecca! Kendra is having the baby!”


“Ja, Ja, did you hear me? The baby is coming!” Felix repeated excitedly.

“Uh...yeah I got that,” she answered, half asleep and confused. “I guess I just didn’t know why you are calling me.”

“Because you are family, and family should know these things,” he answered. Only now instead of sounding excited, he sounded a bit sad and hurt.

She rubbed her eyes again as she tried to wake up enough to talk intelligently. Finally, feeling a bit more awake she started to say something, only to realize he had hung up.

She stared down at her ended...!

“Really Felix? How old are you? Two? You woke me up for crying out loud! Did you expect me to be all giddy about it?” She snarled.

She wasn’t one of those people who dealt well with being woken up from a sound sleep. No, she tended to be slow waking up. It didn’t help that two nights in a row now, she’d gotten home after midnight. Sleep deprivation had begun to take a toll on her!

“I know vampires don’t need much sleep, but come on Felix, I’m human, I need sleep! Just you wait until I get hold of you mister!” She grumbled.

Then, shaking her head, she crawled out of bed. Scrambling threw her dresser in the dark, she yanked out some clothes and hurriedly put them on. She then headed for the bathroom to use it, again in the dark, and splashed cold water on her face.

What she really needed to wake her up was a cold shower, but she didn’t want to wake her mom or Ben up.

Felix was so going to get an earful over this!

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