Night Haven

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Three girls are transported to a new dimension that is in grave danger. With new powers they must save their new friends from a man with extreme abilities. Will they do it, or will they fail? . Jasmine, Delilah, and Alicia are three girls with separate interests and personalities. When they fall through a portal to another world, they must combine their special talents. On top of all this, they must deal with their normal lives. Juggling: allies, liars, school, family, danger, love, and friendship, they must figure out a way to never lose hope. "You may feel like you are drowning, but hope fills your life vest." -A great person

Fantasy / Adventure
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Down, Down, Down


In a grey grassed forest with blue trees and purple skies, there was a small hole that lead into a big mystery. That mystery was called, Night Haven. In Night Haven, heroes come at night to save the mystical forest from destruction, from, The Man. The Man is unknown, but told to be the devil himself.

As the bell rang I sprinted to the classroom determined not to be late. As I puffed in front of the door, I remembered. “We have no school today.” I groaned. But how did I get in? I could have sworn someone had let me in! I looked around, no soul in sight. My interest caught on a dark swirling hole in the floor. There seemed to be souls present, voicing warnings.

“You’re hallucinating Jasmine. It’s your imagination.” I said shakily. I was known for having an imagination. As I drew closer I saw a figure at the hole. It jumped in. Before I knew, I was falling down, down, down, this magical rabbit hole. As I looked up I saw a sight for the first.

“Unicorn” I breathed.

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