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Chapter 10


The guards never came back. We sent out another team of guards. I was also sent out with them. We found the previous groups bodies torn to shreds, literally. I almost threw up. Since there weren’t really any bodies to bring back we left the remains there and reported to Headmaster Azalea what we had found.

When I was back in my room I collapsed onto my bed and sighed. What I had witnessed was so messed up. Those were teeth that had ripped those people apart. They had tasted the blood of those people.

I felt bile rise in my throat and rushed to the bathroom. I reached the toilet just as the meal I had eaten came back up. Once I everything was gone I leaned back against the cool wall, my nostrils burning. I heard the door open, and close. I looked up to see Blaze. She was so mad at me, and I couldn’t even explain myself.

She still had her icy expression, but she grabbed a cup, filling it up with water from the tap. She came over to me and handed me the cup. I took it and took a sip. It was cool and refreshing.

“Thank you,” I said.

She sat beside me, and said, “I heard about it. What you saw. I understand.” She paused before she went on. “When I was in grade ten I was the quiet girl. I got bullied by my adopted sister, Chloe. One day she took it too far. She thought I looked so much like fire she might as well burn me alive. She got one of her so called friends to light the bathroom on fire. I narrowly escaped with severe burns on my back, and legs. The girl didn’t even escape with her life. The paramedics took her out, and there wasn’t any skin left on her body. I threw up in the hall when I saw her. I’m sorry that you had to see that. I know how it feels to see a body so ripped apart.”

I nodded and leaned against her. She pushed me off her and stood up. She held out her hand for me, and I took it, pulling myself up with her help. Then she took me to the sink handing me my toothbrush, and toothpaste to brush my teeth. All I could taste was vomit, so I was happy that she had thought of it because I certainly wouldn’t have.

Once I was done that she lead me back into my room. She pushed me onto the bed, and I pulled her down with me, making her straddle me in a sitting position. On a whim, I grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her lips to meet mine. She didn’t resist. I threaded my hands into her hair, pulling it out of its ponytail. She did the same to mine, tugging lightly, making me groan into her mouth.

A few moments later she pulled away and whispered, “I trust you. I’m still so mad at you, but I trust you.”

I was surprised that she did. And I knew that her trusting me was a big deal. I touched her back in reassurance.

“I’m so afraid to trust people,” she continued, “Please don’t ever break my trust again. Because I trusted you to be there for me when I was going through a really shitty part of my life, and you weren’t. So please never do that again. Or I might… I might…”

I smiled, “You might what?”

When she saw my smile she knew I was joking. She smiled back, “I might beat you to a bloody pulp.”

Then she kissed me again, pushing me onto my back so that she was hovering over top of me. I might be falling for her. She was smart and funny. She was one of the strongest people I know, and she never gave up. I loved the weird faces she made when she was reading, the smile she’d keep from showing when she was reading a funny part. I loved all of her, her flaws, and all.

Before the kiss could go any farther, she pulled away. She got off of me and stood up. She then pulled me off of the bed, making me lie back down with my head on my pillows. Once I was all tucked in she made to leave, but I grabbed her arm, “Stay.”

She looked at me. Then she slipped underneath the covers, and she stayed. No one else had ever stayed when I asked, not even Brook. But Blaze had.

She curled up against my chest, and I soon found myself slipping into a restless sleep. I gripped her tighter against me. I love her.

I woke up to hear someone walking across the floor. I opened my eyes and turned towards the noise. There was a creature, and before I could comprehend what was happening a needle was plunged into my neck.

“Blaze! Help!”


I woke up to Storm shouting my name. I jerked awake and saw that a creature had plunged a needle into his neck. They were carrying him out of the window, and before I could strike them with fire the creature disappeared from sight through a portal.

I jumped off the bed aiming for the window. I barrel rolled through it, summoning my wings. Then I flew. I didn’t care about people seeing me. They had made a big mistake taking him from me. I flew all over campus looking for any movement. I saw none.

I flew back to the school entering through the window again. I ran to Iris’s room only yo find her sitting down crossed legs, markings surrounding her. I pause. She grabs a knife, and she cut her outstretched palm. She then chanted something, summoning a portal.

“What the hell?” I shouted.

The portal vanished, and Iris whipped her head towards me. Her eyes were pitch black, and she hissed at me. Then she scrambled onto all fours and crawled through an already open window.

I ran to Camden’s room and shook him awake. “Do you know where the Headmaster’s room is?”

“Ah, yeah,” Camden said.

He got out of bed, and lead me out of the room, through the hallways, until we reached the teacher’s rooms. We reached the door at the end of the hall and knocked as loud as we could.

Headmaster Azalea opened the door minutes later, and asked, “What is it?”

“Storm was kidnapped.”

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