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Chapter 12

Later that day I didn’t know what to do. All classes were cancelled because of the kidnapping, and the two escapes, made by Mya and Iris. So, after lunch, I went back to my room, planning to read, but my mind too preoccupied to focus on the words.

Then I remembered that before all of this happened me and Storm were going to go to the library and search for whoever my father was. I had gotten my power from my mother, now the second most powerful Ignisa, but I hadn’t known my father. I hadn’t really known who my mother was either, but everyone else did.

So I got out of bed and headed down to the library. I distracted the librarian by telling her someone was eating food in the library. I sneaked past her to the gate that led to the forbidden section of the library. I quickly picked the look, keeping out an eye for the librarian. Once I was inside I closed the gate quietly behind me. Then I went searching.

The shelves were labelled with things like dangerous creatures and family trees. The latter was exactly what I was looking for. I looked for L and quickly found the book. it had to be over a thousand pages.

I looked through all the names but never found the name of my mother in the Laflamme’s. I looked through it again and found the last of the Laflamme’s. His name was Raphael.

I looked through the short paragraph about him and found what I was looking for. Raphael Laflamme had married Solanna Eld, my father and mother. I flipped back to the very start of the Laflamme bloodline and found that the very first Laflamme was an angel.

At first, I was skeptical, but it would make sense as to why I can manifest angel wings. I closed the book, making a small pitstop to grab something for a friend, and, making sure that the librarian wasn’t at the desk, escaped from the library. Once I was out I made my way to my room to drop off one of the books and then made my way to Camden’s room. I knocked once and then barged in.

I got straight to the point, “I think I found out why I can manifest the wings.”

Camden looked immediately intrigued, and I opened the book to show him. I had to set it on the bed because holding that book, while it was open, was nearly impossible. It was over a thousand pages. It took me a second to find the page I was looking for, but once I did I shoved the book closer to Camden to make it easier for him to read.

His eyes scanned over the words, and they widened, “How is this possible?′

I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know. But I think we need to find him.”


“Because he might have answers that we need. Like where my mother would be, or how I can control the wings. Things like that.” I also wanted to know how I got onto Earth. If I was born here then how did I end up there?

Camden nodded in agreement, “You should tell Headmaster Azalea about it.”

“I was going down to his office after I told you,” I said.

“Can I come with?” Camden asked. I just nodded in response, closing the book.

Camden followed me as I made my way down to the Headmaster’s office. I knocked on the door when we got to the door and waited for a reply instead of barging in. The Headmaster wasn’t my friend.

I heard a faint, “Come in.”

I opened the door and Headmaster Azalea had his head down, doing some paperwork. He raised his head and looked surprised to see me. He saw the book in my hand and pushed some of his papers aside to make room for the book. I set it down, quickly flipping to the page I wanted. I pointed to the name.

“This is the name of my father,” I flipped to some of the earlier pages, pointing to a specific name, “And this is one of my ancestors. Turns out I’m literally descended from angels. This explains why my special ability is being able to fly, and having wings in the first place.”

“And why do I need to know this?” he asked. “There’s nothing I can really do to help you. Also, how did you get this? It was part of the forbidden section. No one can access it except for teachers with a key.”

“It’s information for you. Also, the lock was easy to pick. I also wanted some information about where Storm was portaled to. I was hoping that by now I could get some information about where I need to go.”

“Who said you were going to find Storm?” he asked.

“I did,” I replied simply. “I’m one of your best and most powerful. I can handle my own in almost any world, and with the right people, I could find Storm quickly. If you wanted to you could send one of your agents with us. As long as they mesh well with the people I have in mind.”

He rolled his eyes at my comment, “I’ll think about it. And I’ll see what I can do about your father, assuming you want help finding him. Do you have any idea where he could be?”

“No, there wasn’t really anywhere mentioned in the book,” I said.

“Well, again, I’ll try to look into it for you,” he said. Before I could leave he started again. “Also, we have a person looking into where that portal led. I’ll be sure to let you know when we’ve found anything, regardless of who’s going to find him.”

I nodded my head in thanks and exited the office. It was almost dinner time after all the research. I had spent my morning freaking out and punching. Then I had done a ton of research.

I went to the dining hall and started getting food. There weren’t a lot of people because it was still early for dinner, and most people didn’t come until halfway through the time, giving them about an hour to eat before they cleaned up for the night.

My table was bare since Camden wasn’t here yet, and three of the Chosen had gone missing. I sat down by myself, but I was soon joined by Kalama. She sat across from me in silence, and I didn’t make any move to start speaking either.

Brook came over to the table, and I could see the question in her eyes. She wanted answers on why her powers were going haywire, and I just so happened to stumble across something about incidents that happened similar to hers.

I nodded discretely to her, telling her that I had something that could help her with her powers. Since I was done with dinner I gestured her to follow me. Once we were in my room I shoved the book into her arms, dust leaving a bit of residue on my made bed.

“There you go,” I said. “It was what I could find. Hopefully, it helps.”

She turned to leave but before she exited she said, “Thanks, Blaze. I don’t think I could have found this by myself.”

I just nodded and waited for her to leave. Once she did, and I couldn’t hear her footsteps, I went over to Storm’s room to investigate. I hadn’t really taken anything in this morning, to panicked about what was happening.

One big thing I immediately noticed that the glass on the window was smashed in. Which meant that the attacker couldn’t have portaled directly into the school. So there had to have been some kind of magical ward making it impossible to portal directly into the Academy. Interesting. It must have broken when the attacker broke the window.

I sat down on his bed and tried to figure out what I was going to do. Headmaster Azalea probably wouldn’t send me on this mission because I was still just a child. But I wasn’t. Not after what I had been through. I saw the world the way an adult would. And I could fight just as well, if not better, than anyone he’s going to put on that mission.

A knock on the door, Storm’s door, startled me out of my thoughts. Kalama peeked her head in the room. I rolled my eyes. She knew me better than I thought.

“Hi, Blaze,” Kalama greeted.

“How did you know I was in here?” I asked.

“I guessed,” she replied. “You obviously want to know where he went, and you want to be the one to find him. That’s who you are, Blaze.”

“Well, you guessed right,” I said.

She walked over and sat down beside me. Her presence calmed me the slightest. She was a truly good friend.

Before I could get lost in my mind again Kalama cried out in pain, falling onto the floor. I rushed to get beside her, to make sure she was okay. She was shaking like she was having a seizure but I don’t think this is what that is. Then she suddenly stopped shaking and gasped, sitting upright.

“What happened?” I asked. “Are you okay?”

She gasped out, “Yeah, yeah. I think I know where the portal leads to.”

I gape at her, “There’s no way. Only a Spircer can sense portals.”

She looked down, contemplating. “My mom is a Spircer, and my dad is an Ignisa. I did some research a little while ago, and all Spircer children end up with the spirit power, whether their other parent is a Spircer or not. No matter if another power has manifested, usually the spirit comes out one way or another. I thought I was the exception to the rule, but I guess not.”

After making sure she was truly okay it dawned on me, “So you could open a portal to get wherever Storm and his kidnapper portaled to?” She nodded her head. “Well, I have a little adventure planned and I need your help. If you can meet me after the sun sets at the edge of the tree line at the back of the school, with a packed bag, that would be great. I’ll explain later.”

She nodded her head, “I’ll be there.”

“Thank you, Kal,” Thank you for trusting me, for being my friend when no one else would.

She rushed out of the room, and I followed her, heading for Camden’s room. I knocked on the door. Before I could barge in Camden said, “Give me a minute, Blaze.”

I waited impatiently until Camden came to open the door, his hair all ruffles, and his shirt inside out. I didn’t question it, though. He was Camden, and sometimes his answers were pretty ridiculous.

“I found a lead on where Storm could be,” I started. “Turns out that Kal can sense portals. I’ll explain later, but I need you to pack a bag. We’re going to find him.”

Surprise was evident on his face, but he nodded, walking over to his duffel bag to start packing. I exited the room, ready to do some packing of my own.

I grabbed my own duffel bag out of my closet and started packing the clothes I would need. Then I realized that clothes weren’t the only thing that I needed to pack. We also needed equipment, weapons.

I sneaked down to the weapons room and started looking for weapons for everyone. By now most students had picked their signature weapons, like Kalama and Camden, so I tried to look for as close to those as I could, although I’m sure that they had custom ones already. I also got some generic weapons, that everyone knew how to us, and ones that were easy to conceal.

Once I had a good collection I walked back up to my room, putting the weapons and their sheaths into my bag. I searched through my closet for anything resembling the suit that I had gotten when we went to deal with the disturbance in Aquaia. I searched through my whole closet and surprisingly found an exact replica of the suit. I found three, actually, as well as two pairs of the combat boots.

There were slight differences to them, in colour and design. Two were the original deep red, but one had two slits in the back. The last one was a plain black one. I took a red one, the one without the slits, and the black one. I put the black one on, loving the feel of the new scaled texture, and packed the red one into my bag. I went through my clothes, planning what I could actually use.

I would need a few long sleeves for concealing the suit whenever I had it on, and a few t-shirts for when I didn’t. I would also need an equal amount of jogging pants and tights, one for when I had the suit and when I didn’t. Then I repacked my bag adding one of the suits, my clothes and the weapons. I then put on jogging pants, a long sleeve, and one pair of the combat boots. They were still unbelievably comfortable.

I looked outside and saw that I still had a few hours to kill. I went to Storm’s room to look around one more time before we left. I loved the drawings he had taped to his walls. They ranged from when he was younger to now, from landscapes to fantastical creatures. Once I was done marvelling at his drawings I went to sit down on his bed, accidentally knocking my heel against the side. The piece of wood loosened.

I stood up and the wood fell revealing a small compartment. There were two large sheaths with a sticky note on one. I took them both out, reading the note.


A pair of swords to conquer the world with.

(My dad had them made by my request.) I wasn’t sure if these would be your signature weapon, but you always like sharp edges. Especially beautiful ones, you dragon.


I took a real look at the swords.

The hilts had blood red jewels embedded in them, with one big one in the very middle, where the blade connected with the hilt. I unsheathed it, and the blade was razor sharp. I swiped my finger against it, and it sliced it open. I put the sword back.

He had gotten dual swords forged for me, and they were absolutely beautiful.

I couldn’t put them on, especially if we landed in a highly populated area, so I took them back to my room and put them into my bag. I zipped it up and headed to get Camden. It was time to head over, the sun just setting, so I figured I should get over there with Camden and wait for Kalama.

We had to sneak down the stairs, trying not to alert anyone to us leaving. Sneaking out the glass doors was hard, but we still managed to do it as quietly as possible. Once we were outside we raced for the tree line, taking cover in the shadows of buildings. If someone was looking out of the back windows they would have more trouble spotting us. We lurked in the shadow of the tallest tree we could and kept our eye out for Kalama.

Once we saw her sneaking across the field we readied ourselves, standing up and securing our duffel bags. She reached us just as another figure darted out from a building. Too curious for my own good I waited until the figure came closer to see who it was. It was Brook.

She had a bag slung across her shoulders, and she had her weapons strapped on her.

“What are you doing?” I asked her once she was at the tree line.

She turned towards where she heard my voice. It was dark and she probably couldn’t see me behind the tree. “I’m coming with you, wherever you’re going. Nobody here knows how to help me, and you’re my next best option, other than Storm.”

“No, you’re not,” I said. “I got you the book, I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure it out yourself.”

I turned but before I could take another step Camden spoke up, “Blaze, wait. Brook knows how to fight, even without her power, and it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra pair of hands.”

“Cam’s right, Blaze,” Kalama. “Plus, when you first came here someone helped you master your powers. Why not help someone else with theirs?”

I glared at both of them but relented, “Alright, she can come.” I looked at Brook. “But if you slow us down, I’m leaving you behind. I’m not going to promise that I can help you, but I’ll try.” It’s what he would want me to do.

With that Kalama started trying to summon a portal. It took a few tries, but she was successful, and we all jumped through. I was last to jump, but, before the portal could close, another person jumped in behind me.


I know this is an unusually wrong chapter, but there are reasons for it, so please don’t expect longer chapters regularly. I am still developing my writing, and writing almost three thousand word chapters is unusual for me (This chapter alone, without the author’s note, is 2831). The reasons for this are:

1. I feel that every reader deserves a bit of a longer chapter since I’ve been gone so long.

2. And, although there are a few points where I could’ve ended the chapter early, I felt that this chapter was best as it is, until editing, 2831 words.

I hope you enjoy this chapter and all the chapters to come!


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