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Chapter 18


Storm was running away from the rest from the clearing, leading most of the creatures away from us. I summoned my power, wiping out the others, the ones that had stayed to get us.

I started to run in the direction he had run. I followed the footsteps, that led me to an opened portal that the last creature was just stepping through. I ran toward it, intending on joining the rest of the creatures, not caring if they got me, but arms wrapped around me before I could step into the portal.

I struggled against them, but I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to get to Storm. The portal closed, and I grabbed an arm, flipping the person who had grabbed me over me, bursting into boiling hot flames. It was Raphael who had grabbed me. I was furious.

“Why the hell would you do that?” I snapped at him. “I almost had him.”

He got up, brushing the dirt off of himself and readjusting his weapons. “I stopped you from getting captured yourself. They’re going to try to lose us, but they won’t be able to. We have Kalama. So, since you’re the Chosen of the Chosen, it’s safer for you to stay with us. I know you’re skilled Blaze, no one can say that you aren’t, but you’re important. That means that if they get you, we’re almost all doomed. But we will get Storm back.”

I glared at Raphael, although I know he’s right. I turn away from him, asking Kalama, “Do you think you can make another portal? I know you’ve been doing it a lot for the past few days. I don’t want you to push it.”

“I’m fine, Blaze,” Kalama said. “This portal is going to be easy since we’re near an energy line.”

I nodded. I didn’t want her to strain herself too much. And I hated having to rely on someone to do this for me, even if it was someone I trusted.

She opened the portal, and we stepped Kalama stepped through first, quickly followed by Camden, Raphael and then me. I was hoping we could see them still, the creatures, but they were already long gone by now. I looked around, at what was surrounding us, and was happy we hadn’t made our portal a few feet to the right.

There were big craters covering the ground for miles, and we happened to land a few inches to the right of one. We maneuvered our way through the craters, eventually making it to flat ground, where it led to another city.

This city was an expanse of people and tightly packed buildings. We decided to search the city first since that was the closest place for a large group of people to hide. There was only a bare expanse of land, and craters surrounding the city.

Before we did I put on civilian clothes to hide my suit, as well as taking off my swords, packing them back into my bag. The others also prepared to walk into the city, looking as unsuspicious as possible.

“Remember to be as unsuspicious as possible,” I said to everyone. “We don’t want anyone to be alarmed at our entrance into the city. We don’t want the kidnappers to know that we’re here yet.”

I secured my bag around my shoulders, heading towards the city. We entered the city from a back alley, splitting up to look. And somehow I was stuck with Raphael. I tried to ignore him, looking at all the stands in the stand-filled streets. It was set up like a marketplace, small stands set up along the edges of the street, people selling their products.

The products ranged from what you’d usually see, like food, and more unusual things. I saw a stand selling mangoes that supposedly gave you strength. The man that was selling them was unusually short, and he was also unusually pale, standing out from the tan-skinned people surrounding him. I was surprised to see a man of his colour in this area, as most were tanned from the sun, which was beating down on everyone in the area.

There was a dark alley behind the man’s stand, where I saw some movement behind him. I started to walk closer to the stand, pretending to look interested in a particularly oddly shaped mango. I looked at the man, asking how much one was. Before he could say anything I saw a tail slither into the darkness. I followed that to see a flash of teeth in the darkness, quickly followed by the feeling of warm, sticky blood spraying onto my face.

I closed my eyes quickly, and when I opened them I saw the man, his throat slit open, lying on the ground. And a shadow standing over him.

It was just a shadow, too. It wasn’t another person’s shadow, it was a person with no face or other defining details. It was only a silhouette.

It attacked a small knife, covered in blood, in its hand. It went to stab me in the gut. I grabbed its hand, turning the knife against it. I stabbed them in the side of the neck, instantly killing them. I walked into the alley, in a defensive position as I inched forward.

Except, there was no one else in the alley and they had probably already escaped once the shadow had attacked. Someone touched my shoulder. I grabbed their hand twisting so I had their arm behind them and twisted. They cried out in pain, to which I put my knife up against their throat. Then I recognized who I had grabbed. It was Rapahel.

I pushed him away from me, letting go of his arm. He turned around, rubbing his now sore arm.

“Next time don’t sneak up on me,” I said, “and that won’t happen.”

I walked past him, aiming for the other side of the alley. Now that the mango guy was dead his stand would be getting a lot of questions from passersby, and if we came out that way we would seem extremely suspicious. We couldn’t have that.

When we came to the exit of the alley Raphael grabbed my arm. I glared at him.

“You should change your clothes, they’re covered in blood,” he said, pointing at my clothes. I looked down and saw he was right.

I stripped down to my suit, grabbing an extra pair of clothes from my bag, and cleaning off my boots. When we stepped out Kalama and Camden were heading our way.

Raphael and I maneuvered our way through the crowd, towards them. Once we reached them, Kalama went in another direction, toward what looked like an inn and tavern of some sort. When we entered we were ushered towards a four seated table in the back, as the place was packed.

Kalama ordered four drinks and four meals and started to talk once the waiter had left.

“I found their camp,” she stated. “It’s a bit out of the city, on the opposite side of where we entered the city. They’re set up in a little oasis, and Storm is tied up to a tree on the middle of the oasis.”

I nodded along to her words. We would have to do some kind of air attack then since it was a desert out there. The waiter came back to drop off our food, and drinks. We ate in silence since we hadn’t eaten for quite a few hours.

Once we were done I told them my plan. Since we would be outnumbered we would have to use all of our powers. We would come out of nowhere, and we would get Storm back.

I paid for our food, and we left for the clearing. Before we exited the city we got ready for battle.

I took another look at the oasis in the distance that Kalama had pointed out, anger overwhelming all of my senses. I walked towards my friends, summoning my wings, and took hold of Kalama. We took off, heading into the convenient cover of clouds.

We were going to take these creatures out.


Sorry for the late update, but I’ve had a ton of writer’s block for the past week or so. I’ll try to update as regularly as possible, but I can’t make any promises. Again, I’m so sorry for the late update, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the chapter.


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