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Chapter 2


I was still having flashbacks from the battle. The fire, the dead civilians, the black blood that caked to my hands. The real fear in Blaze’s eyes. And the fire... it was white. Angelfire. Only the strongest Ignisa’s could create Angelfire. And once it had died out she hadn’t been there. She had just disappeared. And no one knew where she was.

Currently I was in a meeting with Iris, Camden, and Headmaster Azalea, along with four of the Council members, Councilmen Helios, and Azrael, as well as Councilwomen Amelia and Ambrose. They were discussing what our next course of action is now that Blaze has disappeared.

“We can’t send out a rescue party,” Helios said, “We don’t have the men to spare. We have to find who’s commanding the Darklings, and then we have to eliminate them. Blaze isn’t needed to do this. Plus, we don’t even know if she’s alive. What if we send out a search party and she’s dead? We can’t rescue her.”

“I politely disagree, Councilman Helios,” I interrupt. “You haven’t seen Blaze in action. With her hand to hand, and blade skills alone she can take out a quarter of the Darklings. And her power is a whole different story. We haven’t yet gotten her to produce Angelfire, but I believe that she can. She has the power. It oozes from her, and it’s something you can’t ignore. Also, she’s insanely tough and resilient, it would be really hard to kill her. I believe we should send out a search party. And I have a clue.”

I took out a note that I had found in Blaze’s room after we had gotten back from Aquaia. It was suspicious, but I think that it’s a clue as to who took her, and where they took her. It said ′I’m coming for you, my little darling. I can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown up since I gave birth to you. You must take after me for your powers, since I am the strongest Ignisa to ever live. Anyway, I hope you’ve had a lovely time in that corrupted place, but I really can’t wait to see you fighting alongside me. Hope to see you soon darling, your dearest mom.′

The note was passed around for everyone to examine, and when Amelia got it she gasped, “This is Sol- This is Blaze’s mother’s writing.”

That was useful information. It meant that her mom sent it, and wrote it by hand. I added, “She also said she would take her, so maybe that’s where Blaze was taken. To her mother.”

“She still isn’t important to the big picture,” said Helios, who was the only one saying that. “We should find whoever is controlling the Darklings, and then we can find her if it’s so important.”

Headmaster Azalea examined the note more, letting Helios dwell on his anger, and left the rest of us to a silence. As he finished reading, and was about to talk a nurse burst through the doors to the Headmaster’s office. Unfortunately we were all crowded in there. The nurse said, trembling with fear, “You have to come now, there’s something wrong with her. With Mya. She’s been babbling on about something, and I don’t know what.”

We followed her out, all of us for some reason. But the nurses usually didn’t get so freaked out.

We all followed her to Mya’s room, where she still was since she had severely injured herself, a broken rib, a broken wrist, several cuts, and a twisted ankle. When we entered her room she was convulsing, and her eyes had turned a crystal white. Councilwoman Ambrose rushed over to her, and grabbed her hand, closing her eyes. Soon enough she started shimmering, and she held out the hand that wasn’t holding Mya’s. A tapestry appeared, pictures and words taking up the tapestry.

When Mya had gone back to normal, and Ambrose reopened her eyes we crowded around the tapestry. It had a white human figure surrounded by black, leaving the tapestry. Like it was going to walk off of it and disappear. Then there was a black human figure surrounded by white, the black and white splitting the tapestry in half, and they were curled up cowering from the white figure. Then there was a red figure in the middle, facing us on the tapestry, like they were looking at us. There were the silhouette of wings behind them, and they were cupping blue flame in their upraised palms. In alternating black and white, letters spelled out ′darkness will hide from light, light will leave everything they hold dear. Fire will Light the way.′

I looked at Helios, smirked and said, “Looks like we do need Blaze.”

Helios had his mouth open wide, agape. I just kept smirking. Blaze was important to this battle, this war, because she was the strongest of us all. She could manifest Angelfire, and no one else in history ever has except the Fire Goddess, Tempest. That’s how we knew about it, at least. Otherwise the white, hot fire would be completely foreign to us. Well, I guess it is since none of us have actually seen it. Except for, maybe, Councilwoman Ambrose, With her prophetic ways.

Then Helios snapped his mouth closed and stomped out of the room, proven wrong about Blaze. Sometimes his resemblance to Blaze, in mannerisms, was shocking. They looked completely different, but had similar mannerisms that almost all Ignisa share, including short tempers. Although, his almost hate of her was unfortunate. It would have been funny to see them together, working against someone. But I guess it would still be amusing to see them going against each other.

I could imagine it. Helios with his angry expression, his face red, and Blaze’s silent fury, that could be explosive and vengeful, with her unbreakable indifferent face. Helios with his broadsword, and Blaze with her throwing knives. She was fast and strong enough that she could do some deadly damage with just her throwing knives. I could see her, triumphant over Helios, without even touching her power. Her piercing eyes, and strong stance. Her beautiful, blue eyes.

I snapped myself out of my imagination, and back to the present where then Azrael, Amelia, and Headmaster Azalea left the room. Ambrose lingered a minute and turned to us.

“She will be back,” Ambrose said, turning to us, then Iris, “And you will have to resist the pull. The darkness is more addictive than it seems.”

She left the room after that. I felt relief that Blaze will be back, but wariness at what she had said to Iris. Was she going to turn on us

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