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Chapter 20

They were all disappearing. One by one they left. They disappeared. First Sophie, my childhood best friend, and my first accidental kill. Then Ezra and Isabelle, the people who loved me when no one else would. Then Mrs. Atwater, who showed me kindness when I didn’t show any back. Then Chloe, who was so grief-stricken after her sister’s death that she tormented me, but still ended up here. And finally, Camden and Storm, who was kidnapped and no one knew who was alive or not. They were all gone. And I was left all alone.

My eyes shot open, and I looked around at my surroundings. We were in a hotel room or something similar. I was laying on a bed, and Kalama was asleep beside me on the bed. I couldn’t see Raphael in the room, so I wasn’t quite sure where he was or what he was doing.

I sat up slowly, expecting extreme pain in my abdomen, and bicep. But I didn’t feel anything. I looked down at the holes in my suit where I was stabbed, and where I was stabbed I noticed that the holes had been widened to allow someone to heal it. the skin was clean of blood and I found only scars. Odd.

Then I connected the dots and realized that Kalama had healed me, that was why she was still dead asleep. I got up and went to the bags that were on the corner of the room. I found mine and got out my spare suit. I went into the bathroom closing the door behind me.

I started the water for a shower, which this world thankfully had, and got in after taking off my suit. I had a short, hot shower, washing all the dirt and grit off of me. Once I was clean I got out, dried off, and put my other suit on. When I got back out of the bathroom I went back into my bag to find a hair tie. Once I did I used my towel to dry my hair a bit more, and then french braided my hair.

Kalama was still asleep when I was done, and I looked out the window to see where we were. We were still in the same world, but we were in a different part of the city. I also checked both of my sheaths to see that I had both swords in them, sharpened and cleaned. I set them back down and started to look for a cup. I needed some water.

Once I found a cup and filled it, I sat down beside the bed with my back against the bed, facing the window. I sipped on my water, planning what our next move was going to be. All I knew for sure was that we couldn’t go in, guns blazing. We had to watch them, learn their patterns. Storming in like we had last time led to me getting injured, Camden captured, and Kalama exhausted from healing me.

I heard the door open and knew it was Raphael who came in. I didn’t move. He set something down on the little table in the room and came to sit beside me.

“What happened after I passed out?” I asked.

“Well, I had to fly you two into town, and I hid you and Kalama while I came here to get a room. Then I flew both of you in through the window, and Kalama started to heal you. All of this happened almost twelve hours ago. A few minutes ago I went to get food for us.” Raphael gestured towards whatever he set on the table, which was probably food as he had just mentioned.

Soon I heard Kalama stir, and sit up. I stood up and turned to check on her. She wasn’t awake yet, but she was mumbling in her sleep and moving. She was dreaming, or having a nightmare, but I wasn’t sure which. I decided not to wake her yet and went over to the food. I had been sleeping for who knows how long, and I was hungry.

I ate but left enough food for both Raphael and Kalama. Once I was done eating I stared out the window and started plotting.

We couldn’t do any more attacks. We only had three people, and I couldn’t risk losing either of them. Kalama was my best friend, and Solanna would use Raphael against me. So, we would have to watch them, their patterns, where they kept Camden and Storm, and we would follow them wherever they went.

Kalama woke up soon, and I kept silent until she started talking. “How are you feeling, Blaze?”

I turned toward her. “I’m feeling fully healed thanks to you. Thank you, Kal.”

She smiled tiredly at me, “It was no problem, Blaze, you’re my best friend.”

“Thank you for helping me with this, Kal. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

“Of course I’d help you,” she said walking towards me. “We’re a team. Cam, you, and me. And, of course, Storm.”

I smiled at her, breaking my indifferent facade that I always put up. She smiled even wider when she saw my smile. I looked over her shoulder to see Raphael smiling as well. I didn’t drop my smile but I wasn’t happy that he was seeing me smile. He may have been my father but that didn’t mean I trusted him.

I looked back at Kalama. “That means that you’ll be able to help me with my next plan.” I saw her face drop. “But, no more attacks on the camp. There are too many of them and too little of us. I can’t risk you getting taken either. So, we need to follow them unnoticed, learn their patterns, and where they keep Camden and Storm. Follow them to their home base if we have to. All you have to do, Kal, is take us to each universe, and Raphael and I will take care of surveillance.”

She nodded. “Sounds good. We’ll still have to be careful though. And we’ll have to hide your hair when we can because it stands out. Maybe even dye your hair if we can. Same goes for Raphael since you both have similar hair colours. Probably black or brown.”

I nodded. I hadn’t thought of that but they would probably see the red hair and know it was me or Raphael. “Now it’s just a matter of finding dye for our hair. But we’ll figure it out when we get to the next world. If you feel rested enough we should leave now. Find hair dye as soon as we can, and then find wherever they went.”

“I’m feeling fine, so we can go,” Kalama said.

“Alright, then we’ll start packing up,” I glance at Raphael. “Eat and I’ll pack everything. We all need our strength to open portals and watch people.” I laughed internally at myself as if the two had any comparison. Kalama smiled too, knowing my humour, and getting my joke.

Both Kalama and Raphael started eating, and I took a look at what we had. Luckily we had all of our bags, but it looked like I only had one suit. I was done gathering our things long before they were done eating, so I looked around the room to see if there was anything we could us as we jumped between worlds.

Once I was done that they were both done eating, and I was ready to go. I took half of the bags, and Raphael took the other half. Kalama needed all her energy to open another portal, especially after healing me.

Kalama found her way to the place the creatures had made their portal, and Raphael and I followed her. She opened the portal, Raphael stepping through first, and Kalama followed.

I stepped through the portal last, my stomach going into my chest as I fell.

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