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Chapter 21

My instincts kicked in, and my fire wings exploded from my back. I was able to catch myself before I fell too far, and I saw Raphael and Kalama a bit below me, Raphael holding Kalama as he flew.

We had stepped right into a ravine, the portal just closing on the side of the ravine. Raphael and I started flying up to the edge of the ravine, landing on one of the sides. In the distance, I saw a small village, smaller than the other cities in the other worlds. Raphael and I got rid of our wings as we started to make our way towards the village.

We made it to the outskirts and kept our eyes out for any creatures from Elamantti. Although, I had a feeling Kalama already knew where they were. I wanted to scout out the village to set up our headquarters here before we started surveillance.

When we entered the village many villagers looked at us warily, and Raphael soon started talking to the locals, asking questions and easing the villagers suspicions as to why we were at the village. Raphael waved us over to him, and we followed him as he led us into a building closer to the centre of the village. He led us inside, and started talking to a person at the desk.

I examined the room and decided we were in some sort of motel. It was too small to be considered a hotel.

“Blaze,” Raphael got my attention, “Could I have the pouch?”

It took me a second to understand what he wanted but then I realized that we had to pay for whatever rooms we had. I had to rummage through my bag to find it, but once I found it I handed it to Raphael.

He conversed a bit more while Kalama and I stood behind him. Once he was done paying and talking, the person handing him a key, he led us to a room with two beds, and a bathroom. Both the bathroom and the room as a whole were quite modern.

I started searching through our equipment to find anything that we would need to survey the creatures camp. I didn’t find much except binoculars which I found in Raphael’s bag. When we had entered the room Kalama had flopped onto one of the beds, literally flopped, and she was still there now with her eyes closed. Raphael had started to investigate the room, looking for any materials we could use.

Unfortunately, I had to wake up Kalama to ask her where the creatures had chosen to set up their camp. Hopefully she could give me a direction and a description of where it was so she could rest.

I shook her shoulder. “Kal. Kal, you need to tell me where the camp is.” She stirred but didn’t wake. I kept shaking her shoulder until she opened her eyes. “Hey, you need to tell me where the camp is. Then you can sleep to your heart’s content, ok?”

She nodded. “Right. The camp is on the opposite side of the ravine, in clearing in the middle of the forest on the other side. They’re a good twenty metres away from the ravine.”

“Thanks, Kal.” I gave her a small smile.

I left her alone to grab some easily concealable weapons and the binoculars. I couldn’t go waltzing around the village with swords strapped to my back. Once I had my weapons concealed, I let Raphael know I was going and started on my way. I left the building, following the path we had taken from the ravine to the building we were staying in. Luckily I had a good sense of direction and had remembered the roads we had taken. When I reached the ravine I summoned my wings to fly over it, landing just before the forest started.

I landed, and let go of the magic the kept my wings out and gave me the ability to fly. I made my way silently through the forest, going straight from the ravine. A few minutes into walking I heard noises ahead. I froze, peaking through the trees to see what was making the noise. The campsite was just ahead of me, creatures milling about the clearing. I stepped forward a few more steps to get a clearer view of the campsite as well as staying concealed in the leaves and shade of the forest.

I circled the clearing looking for a good spot to camp for however many hours I would spend here before Raphael came to take over the surveillance for a few hours. I found a tree that had a branch big enough and hidden enough that I could see everything. I tried to stay as silent as possible as I climbed the tree, settling myself into the tree, and angling myself so I can see the camp, but the can’t see me.

Once I was settled I used my binoculars to examine how the camp was set up. It was similar to the last few camps they had set up, with their prisoners in the most defensible area of the camp, which happened to be in the middle of the camp. Then there were several tents surrounding the prisoners in the middle. Their prisoners. Camden. Storm. God, I really messed this one up.

I settle back into the tree and keep my eyes and ears open for any information. For a few hours, at least six, I sat and watched, paying attention to the routines of the creatures.

As it was nearing the seventh or eighth hour I saw a flash of red in the corner of my eye. Before they could any further into the forest I jumped off of the branch, as it wasn’t too high off the ground, landing silently in front of them. It was Raphael.

He looked surprised, but I put my finger to my lips. We needed to be quiet this close to their camp. I handed him the binoculars, pointing up at the branch above me, mouthing ′best spot′ to Raphael. He nodded, starting to climb the tree with the binoculars around his neck. As he did that I made my way out of the forest, and back over the ravine. When I made it back to the room Kalama was still asleep, and I went to the other bed to do the same.

I was out like a light, fortunately.


Sorry for the late update but I was at my cottage with my family and didn’t have wi-fi. I hope you enjoy the chapter, and, again, I’m sorry for the late update.


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