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Chapter 22

I woke up a few hours later. I was having restless, half in and half out of sleep. I was unsettled and couldn’t settle my mind enough to fall asleep. I sat up, seeing Kalama sitting at the table that was littered with food. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, swinging my legs over the side of the bed to get up.

I walked over to the table, grabbing something small to scarf down. Since I had only taken off my weapons and boots when I had come into the room I re-concealed my weapons and put on my boots.

Before I could leave Kalama spoke up. “Where are you going?”

I turned to her. “I’m going to find a spot in the forest, away from the creatures camp, to work more on my ability. I’m not even close to mastering it, and I gained the new ability to manifest Angelfire. I need the practice.”

She nodded. “Fair enough. Just, be safe. We don’t need to lose another one of you.” She smiled sadly at her statement.

“I will. If I’m not back in time to relieve Raphael, come and get me.”

She nodded exaggeratively, going back to the food on the table. I rolled my eyes, my lips quirking up into a smirk. I walked out of the room, closing the door quietly behind me. I made it quietly out of the building and followed the sight of larger trees in the distance to a forest beside the village.

I found a nice spot, out of the very thick of the trees, quite far into the forest. I sat down cross-legged in the forest, closing my eyes and clearing my mind. There was a deeper power I wanted to access, the Angelfire I hadn’t been able to access since the battle against Chloe. I needed to develop my ability to help save all universes, parallel and otherwise.

I was supposed to be the one powerful enough to stop this war, against my biological mother no less. Not that it mattered that she was related to me. I barely knew her, let alone cared about her.

But then there was everyone else who had their own families to protect. I had already lost so many in my family, I didn’t want this war to be the reason so many people lost their loved ones. So I had to find some way to master Angelfire, and all of the other kinds of fire, really.

I cleared my mind again, searching for that flicker of power inside of me. I could feel it running through my veins, the blood that made me so powerful. I wasn’t just powerful because of the prophecy either, I had angel blood, and one of the most powerful Ignisa’s blood running through my veins. I’m sure the other Chosen had ancestor’s that they had gotten their powers from.

I refocused my mind onto the task at hand, reaching for that power. It was shrouded even though I could see it, feel it. And I kept reaching and reaching, and the power kept moving away. There were too many thoughts clouding my mind.

You’re not good enough, strong enough. It’s your fault they’re gone. It’s your fault. It’s your fault. IT’S YOUR FAULT. IT’S YOUR FAULT. IT’S YOU-

My eyes snapped open, my breathing heavy. I couldn’t deal with this. It was my fault. They were gone. I stood up, my breathing still heavy and laboured. I saw my vision blurring, tears welling up in my eyes. I wouldn’t let them fall.

I had an overwhelming urge to punch something. So, I punched a tree, gritting my teeth. Pain surged up my arm as my fist hit the tree. And I did it again and again, my teeth still gritted. Tears still infuriatingly blurring my vision.

It was my fault. The emotion was too much. It was all bottled up from everything because all I do is bottle up emotions. It was overwhelming, and I couldn’t keep the tears back.

So they fell from my eyes as I fell to my knees. They fell, and I let myself cry. For Storm. For Camden. For the guilt and shame of getting them captured.

I leaned back against the tree, wiping the tears from my cheeks. I grabbed the sides of my head, bowing my head as I curled my knees in. I didn’t want to cry, I didn’t want to feel. But my best friend and my... whatever Storm was to me, were both in danger because of me.

I heard someone walking through the forest, and my head snapped up toward the direction I heard the footsteps. I slipped a knife out of a sheath in my boot, poised for attack. I didn’t even think about the tears still drying on my cheeks, and my bloodshot eyes. I stepped into the shadow of a tree, staying out of sight of whoever was walking this way.

Soon, the person stepped out of the trees, and I saw who it was. It was Raphael. Kalama must have told him where I was, in the forest to the side of the village. That meant she was probably watching the creatures camp.

I climbed the tree I was hiding behind, quietly, planning to scare the shit out of him and show him that I could kill him if he betrayed us. He looked around, spotting the tree I had been punching that had some broken bark on the trunk. He knew I had been here, in this area. He continued into the forest, passing right past the tree I was perched in. Once he was passed the tree I jumped down silently, walking up behind him, and pressing my knife to his throat. He startled, staying as still as he can so as not to get cut.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. “I told Kalama to come and get me.”

“She decided to come and take my spot until I found you. She said to come and find you. She thought you’d be sulking about it being your fault that both of your friends have been kidnapped. Doesn’t seem like it though.”

I felt my face flush. Kalama knew me better than I thought. “Let’s get back. Kalama shouldn’t be working so much after exerting all her energy to open the portal.”

I took my knife away from his neck, turning before he could see my bloodshot eyes. I walked towards the village, letting my hair down to conceal my face, and tucking my knife back into my boot. I heard Raphael following me.

When we got back to the village, I split off to go towards the ravine, but before I could go any further Raphael grabbed my wrist, turning me around. I wasn’t ready for it, making my bloodshot eyes visible. He had a knowing look on his look when I faced him.

I scowled. “Fuck off.”

I ripped my hand out of his grip, stomping my way to the ravine. He didn’t follow me. I didn’t know if I was happy that he didn’t or not. I was aching for a fight, and I couldn’t fight the creatures. There was too much on the line for me to do that.

When I reached the place I had picked for us to watch from I saw Kalama in the tree. She saw me and I motioned for her to go. Then I settled into the spot, eyes bloodshot, and finally able to wipe the dried tears off of my cheeks.


Finally done Chapter Twenty Two. So sorry for the wait, but writer's block has been hitting me like a train, and my laptop hasn't been working well.

I will try to get another chapter out on Sunday. Hope you enjoy this chapter. So sorry, again.


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