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Chapter 25

After patching up my leg, and refusing Kalama’s offer to heal it with her ability, we backtracked to the camp. Kalama started searching for a trace of where the had gone, catching a small trace of a portal a few kilometres away. She opened a portal like she normally did and we walked into a desert-like landscape.

Raphael and I took a few minutes to look around, searching for the best place for cover, and where the creatures have set up their camp. When we realized that there was no good place to go to for cover, we huddled together and started following Kalama as she followed the magical trail that led her to the creatures camp.

They had made a camp just over a sand dune, trying to use the higher ground for cover. It didn’t really work in their favour considering we could sneak over the hill straight into their camp. But we also realized that we couldn’t do what we had done last time where we could observe them, and then approach them. There was no cover to observe them from, and we didn’t really have time on top of that. I’m sure soon they would lead us to their headquarters, whether we teamed up with them or not, but it would be so much easier to have their help leading us there and attacking it together.

Realizing we couldn’t do what we had done last time I made a decision. It was better to just get the talking done and over with. If we couldn’t convince them then I could fight or fly my way out if I had to. And, if it went our way we would be even closer to defeating them, those who actually wanted to fight us.

So, I organized us how I had last time. Raphael and Kalama went to opposing sides of the sand dune, keeping out of sight. They had both divided up the equipment, taking it with them, and leaving me by myself.

I walked slowly down, keeping my hands visible as I go. I didn’t want them to kill me before I even made it to their camp. They saw me when I was a few feet from their camp, and all of the creatures immediately unsheathed their weapons. They relaxed slightly when they saw that my hands were up, and I had no weapons. They watched me enter the camp, three creatures approaching me as I approached the camp.

The creature in the middle motioned toward the creature on the left, the creature then handing him high-tech looking handcuffs. I wasn’t quite sure how they were supposed to be used, or even how I knew they were handcuffs, but it just made the most sense. They were only two circular, cuff-like circles, with nothing connecting them.

I stopped walking at the edge of the camp, not quite entering the circle of tents with a fire in the middle. They continued towards me and the creature in the middle grabbed one of my hands and said, “Turn around.” They basically turned me themself, as they grabbed my hand and twisted it with a lot of force.

I went with what they wanted, although I did grimace when my arm was twisted around. Once they had me cuffed I was turned back around to face the creatures.

They started to lead me back to one of the tents. I dug my heels into the ground. “Before we go any further, and I burn your camp down, I suggest we talk. I may be chained up but that doesn’t make me any less dangerous.”

The creature who chained me up, turned to smirk at me, one of the other creatures at my back. “You think that you could fight all of us chained up?” I nodded. His smirk widened. “Funny. But I’ll humour you, what could you possibly want to talk about?”

I raised an eyebrow in a challenge. “I know not all creatures working under the Lord of the Darklings, and anyone higher than him, want to work for them. I know some just want equality, and I was sort of hoping that you guys were part of that group.”

The creature’s smirk fell as I talked. He hadn’t expected me to know that. I smirked at him as he ordered me to be brought to a tent in the middle of the circle, and was face to face with both Camden and Storm.

They both looked extremely surprised to see me, and as the creatures threw me in their expressions quickly turned to glares. Once the creatures were out of the tent, and there were only guards left outside the tent.

Then Camden and Storm turned to me, ready to, probably, curse me out for getting captured. Before they could say anything else, I put my finger over my mouth, shushing them before they could say anything. I mouthed ‘I have backup.’

Both of then still looked pissed off, but less likely to talk. ‘Ultimatum,’ I mouthed again, pointing at the creatures, ‘wait’. They gave me twin looks of disapproving at the mouthed words but seemed to trust me enough to stay quiet and wait, and somehow understood the mouthed words and vague pointing.

So, we waited. And waited. Until the sun set, and it was nearing midnight. Then the creature who had greeted me when I had first entered the camp, came barreling into the tent, grabbed me, and hauled me out. Before they could fully haul me out I shot a look towards Camden and Storm. Then they were out of sight, and I was lead towards another tent, one that was bigger.

The tent flap was open and I was face to face with another creature, one the others dragging me to the tent bowed to as we entered. Probably someone of high rank, then, someone she trusted enough to send to do this by themself.

“So,” the creature said from where he was sitting, “you’ve come to make a deal with me. Let me guess, we help you with getting to our hidden headquarters, and you help fight for the equality of all creatures in exchange?”

I was actually a bit surprised that he had guessed that but kept my face neutral. I may have been his ‘prisoner’, and I may be the epitome of fire, but I had years of experience of keeping my emotions off of my face. Mostly.

I nodded. “Well, Ruzei (ru-zai) promised us the same thing. Give her our service, and be equals when she conquers the world. But now we’re her foot soldiers, kidnapping teenagers in the middle of the night and leading you on a goose chase. So, what can you really promise us? Convince me, girl.”

I was a bit taken aback by the name but guessed who he was talking about. “Well, although you may already know this, I am the Ignisa from the prophecy. I’m supposed to be the strongest of the ones chosen. So, I can make sure there is equality for all del and lel creatures. I’m willing to fight for it. No one should be discriminated against, no matter what they are. Our choices should define us.”

The creature looks at me with a serious face for a few more minutes before they crack a smile, and let out a full-bellied laugh. I just raised an eyebrow in confusion. Definitely not the reaction I was expecting.

“I like your conviction kid. And I actually believe you, too.” They looked at the creatures surrounding them, and they all nodded. They turned back to me. “Alright, we’ll help you. It may seem odd, but you’re right. We want equality. I’m guessing conditions include letting you and your friends out of your handcuffs?” I gave them a look as I nodded. “Well, it will be done. You can address me as Lieutenant.”

I nod as I feel the creatures behind me start to unchain me as the lieutenant motions for them to start. “Well, as you probably already know, you can call me Blaze. I also have two others outside the camp, allies.” The lieutenant looked surprised that I had people outside waiting for me. I smirked. “You didn’t really think I would walk into the camp by myself, unarmed, did you?”

The expression quickly disappeared. “Alright. Fine by me. Your friends will be unchained shortly, and then we can start planning. We want a plan before we lead you into the headquarters. It’s heavily fortified, and just charging it won’t work.”

I nodded. “For now, I’m going to collect the rest of my friends. they’re just outside of the camp, but will have a hard time navigating in the dark.”

The lieutenant just nodded, and I rubbed my wrist a few times before walking out of the tent. I called on my ability, and a small, bright flame ignited in my palm as I went on a search for Kalama. Raphael could conjure his own light, and Kalama was more focused on her Spircer abilities than her Ignisa ones.

I found her a few feet away, hidden in the sand, and almost asleep. I almost walked right past her until I heard her groan “Blaze?”

She looked at me sitting up and had a questioning look on her face. “Did you convince them?”

“Would I be walking out of the camp looking for you if I didn’t?” She gave me an unimpressed look. I smirked again. “We have some allies, and we are going to take her down.”


Finally done Chapter 25. I hope you all enjoy it! I’m going to try my best to get Chapter 26 out as soon as possible. Also, we are coming to an end to Angelfire, but not to the series. One more book to go!

Also, this is a bit unrelated, but if I created a Patreon account or something of the like, would you be willing to pay for some of my short stories? They would be fully edited and written to the very best of my ability. They wouldn’t be written as raw as Bloodfire, and Angelfire, which are both first drafts. Also, how much would you be willing to pay for it? I was thinking 1 or 2 dollars a story. Please let me know in the comments.

I really hope you enjoy the chapter, and I hope you all have a happy New Year!


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