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Chapter 29

As soon as the creatures saw that we had drawn our weapons they attacked. As my sword clashed with a claw aiming Camden’s head I yelled, “KALAMA! DO IT!”

Then I used my ability to create a wall between me and the creatures on my side of them. Then I withdrew some of my knives and started throwing them at the creatures trying to attack Kalama as she opened the portal into Elamantti.

She went through first, and the circle we had made around her shifted as the next person, Camden, goes in. I started to expand the wall of flame I had, but creatures were still coming through the fire as I had extended the wall but had to lower the temperature. I still had a long way to go using my power. I started using my swords in earnest, ditching throwing knives since our circle was getting smaller and smaller.

As Storm is about to turn to make his way toward the portal a few creatures take him off guard and start to absorb him into their ranks. Before he can get very far I let go of one of my swords and grab his hand. Then I let go of my other to send a stream of fire into their ranks. Most of them let go of Storm, and I’m able to tug Storm behind me, towards the portal.

“Go,” I pant out. “I trust you to take care of them.”

He nods towards me as we make eye contact, then takes a split second to lean in, and kiss me. I push him away and roll my eyes as I see him smirk. Then I’m put back into the fight as more creatures attack me, and Storm disappears into the portal.

Raphael and I end up back to back, and before either of us can start toward the portal Raphael’s legs are swept out from under him, and a sword is sent through his shoulder. The creatures swarm us, and I send out a wave of flames that sends all of the creatures staggering back. Before they could recover, I slung Raphael’s uninjured shoulder over mine and dragged him toward the portal. He groaned a bit at the movement as it jostled his injury. Before I threw him into the portal, I told him, “Take care of them for me. Keep them safe.”

Raphael looks at me, a sort of panic in his eyes. He struggles to say something, but steels himself, and nods his head. Then I help him to his feet and shove him through the portal. As soon as he’s through I try to use my ability to close it. I struggled a lot as I had never tried to open or close a portal before.

I became more and more desperate as I felt the presence of the creatures coming closer and closer. Desperately I pull at what I can with my ability, trying to close the portal. Finally, it did as I was overrun by creatures who took me down and restrained me.

I didn’t fight to get out. This way I could see who was in charge, really see, and there was no way I would be able to fight all of these creatures, not without hurting them. I knew some of them weren’t here because they wanted to hurt people, some of them just wanted equality, so I didn’t want to burn them all into dust. Although I knew I could, I could feel the well of my power already replenishing, barely exhausted as it was.

They put handcuffs on me with my hands behind my back, and heave me up onto my feet as several creatures fall into step around me. There are two on each side of me, one holding each arm as they lead me into the building. I try walking with them but they’re walking at such a punishing pace I can barely walk with them, which leads me to be dragged along with them, my boots dragging along the ground.

They led me through a grand hall that looked like a stereotypical villain’s lair, all black, and gloomy, and sharp. There were candelabras and other decorative items that were black and covered in spikes. Like, super cliche. It made me a chuckle a bit, which resulted in one of the creatures at my side digging their elbow into my rides. I hissed in pain as they did.

There were grand doors at the end of the hall that led into a throne room with two thrones on a raised stage. Only one was occupied, a middle-aged man on the throne with a glass in his hand, and a crown on his head. There were several darklings surrounding his throne, waiting on his every whim.

He perked up at the sight of me, turned his head towards an entranceway behind the thrones, and said, “Oh, look! She’s here!”

Someone came through the door, a woman with almost white hair, and ice-blue eyes. She was wearing a shimmering black bodysuit that had small decorative knives around the waist, and a crown filled with blood-red rubies in swirls decorating the whole outside of the crown. She sat down in the throne beside the other man, the bigger one.

“Well, hello there daughter,” she said, smirking. “You know, it’s considered proper to bow to a Queen.”

One of the guards holding me, already bowing, hit the back of my knee so it gave out. I landed on one knee, and it sent a wave of pain through me, grounding me in a weird way as I processed the information she had given me. This was my biological mother in front of me. And I looked nothing like her, there was nothing that could give her away as my mother.

I looked straight at her, baring my teeth. “Go to hell.”

She simply laughed, putting up a hand to cover her mouth. “Oh, I probably will eventually. But until we get the proper formula for the serum used to control you, you’re going to have to deal with a hell-like cell, a hell-like pain every day. I may be your mother, but I also do not breed weakness. Make me proud little Blaze-y. Help us find this serum.” She did a little wave at me, and smiled, giving the air a little kiss as she did. I snarled, but she ordered the guards to take me to the cells.

They lifted me to my feet, wrenching me in the direction they were walking. I went willingly with them although I still wasn’t sure where we were going, and I really wanted answers. What was this serum she was talking about? And why was it so important?

But for the moment I needed to get ready for whatever they were going to do with me. From last time, I already knew it was going to be brutal, but I was ready.

So, I shut off every part of me that was scared, that felt anything as I was led into the darkness of the dungeon.



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