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Chapter 4

When I awoke I expected him to be there. But he wasn’t, so I pushed him out of my mind. But Iris was there, and Camden was too. I tried to sit up, but couldn’t, hissing in pain when I felt a pain in my back.

“Woah, take it easy Blaze,” Camden said, putting pressure on my shoulder to push me back down. I couldn’t even resist him. “You just woke up. Do you need anything?”

“Water,” my voice came out raspy and weak. I hated how I sounded. “Food.”

Camden grabbed a glass of water from the side table, and handed me the glass of water. I reached up my hand to take the glass, struggling to bring it to my lips. When I handed it back to Camden I saw the pity on his face. I ignored it and asked, “Did everyone get out of the city safely?”

“Unfortunately there were a few casualties,” Iris answered, “ But most civilians got out safe. All of the children are safe. Thanks to you Blaze.”

“What?” I asked, bewildered.

“The wave of Angelfire you sent out,” Camden said, “targeted all of the creatures attacking everyone, but didn’t harm anyone else.”

“What’s Angelfire?” I asked, confused.

“I forgot that you hadn’t gotten to that part of Elamantti history,” Camden said. “There are six types of fires, and one is Angelfire. It’s one of the hardest to manifest, and only the strongest can control it. The reason Ignisa have this ability is because Tempest, the Fire Goddess, is an angel. Literally. She came to this world with angel wings, and an ability for fire. She was the only one who, as we know, can do all six fires. But, since I don’t know too much about it, you can go to the library and learn more about Elamantti’s origins.”

Wow. I had made a fire I didn’t even know existed.

Camden and Iris stayed for a little bit longer, talking about unimportant things like grades and friends. And that Lana, Aline, Arden, and Clay are fine. They had a few injuries, but overall made it out of the battle unscathed. I was happy that they had because I liked them. I had actually made a connection with everyone of them even if it was small.

Eventually the doctor came in and they both left, letting me have some privacy with the doctor. I asked him to help me up, and he complied after some convincing… and threatening. When I stood up I had to use the wall for balance, and I walked around my room until the feeling, the movement was familiar again. When I laid back down I was so tired that as soon as the doctor left I fell asleep almost instantly.

When I woke up the next morning I went through the same routine. I talked with Camden and Iris for awhile, and then they left when the doctor came in. Then I ate, drank water, and walked. I did it for four agonizing weeks with frequent visits from Iris, Camden, and sometimes Kalama. But never Storm.

I did it until I got strong enough to walk on my own. I had walked the whole school by the end of four weeks, seeing little things, like the different creatures that we have here at the Academy. There were a mixture of dark and light creatures, but the dark creatures were that by name only.

Once I was discharged from the infirmary I was able to go back to my room and my classes. When I walked into my room it was more or less how it looked when I had left, messy bed and everything. But my bag from the trip to Aquaia was on my bed, still packed.

I walked over to it and started unpacking. There was my current read, and all my clothes. I unpacked everything, and when I was done Camden walked into my room to get me for dinner. I readily agreed, still starving. Especially since I had to build back up my stomach’s normal capacity for food. It was hell restraining myself from eating too much, but the times that I did I felt like hell.

Camden gave me some privacy so that I could change into sweatpants, that I had to roll up at the waist to fit into, and a loose t-shirt. I was so small. And weak. It was unbearable being this weak. I couldn’t do anything.

When I exited my room I saw that Camden had adopted the sweatpants and t-shirt look, and Iris had donned casual jeans and a t-shirt, very different from her usual look. When we started walking I asked, “What happened to ‘I’m breaking the rules, and we have to get dressed up for everything’?”

“Dad got rid of the rule when we arrived back home,” Iris said. “The day we got back I sent in a very convincing letter proposing we get rid of the dressing up. Now, as long as you’re wearing your colour to distinguish what ability you have, you can wear whatever you want. And you would be surprised how many people wear jogging pants to dinner.”

“Wow,” I said, “You really convinced Headmaster Azalea to get rid of that silly rule? That’s awesome. But, why?”

“Well, after I got to know you better, I realized that the reason you wore jogging pants everyday wasn’t because you didn’t like your body or that you couldn’t dress up. It was for the opposite reason. Your confident in who you are, what you look like, and you just prefer being yourself. So I decided to be more like you, in a way. I love my body and who I am, but I do need to learn to relax more often. And although I’m not completely on the jogging pants trend, I’m wearing jeans for once.”

I nodded along to her explanation, and it made sense. Also, I was little flattered that she wanted to be a bit more like me. I may be moody most of the time, but I guess I did have some good traits. At least these guys though so.

When we walked into the dining hall I was actually surprised by all of the people wearing casual clothes. Even the teachers were. When I walked in I immediately spotted Storm, and my mood soured. He was sitting with a girl. She was conventionally beautiful with long black hair, and pale skin. And she was sitting in my spot.

When Iris and Camden saw what I was looking at they shared a look between themselves. Then they ushered me towards the food, Iris breaking off to go and talk to the Headmaster.

I dished up some food, making my face indifferent. When I walked up to our table, Camden trailing me, I said to the girl, ice in my voice, “I think you’re in my seat.” She turned to look at me. She seemed shocked to see me, even though I didn’t know her at all. Storm looked surprised to see me too. I levelled a glare at them both, saying, “Get out of my seat before I make you get out.”

She stood up, a flash of anger going across her face before saying, “You must be Blaze. I’m Brook, Storm’s ex girlfriend. We were just talking about something, but I guess you should sit. You must be exhausted. Being that weak I’m surprised you’re still standing.” I closed my eyes to calm myself, and she continued. “Oh, hit a weak spot? Sorry sometimes I have trouble keeping my mouth shut.”

I looked at her, cold rage in my eyes. Yes, my explosive rages could be scary but my cold rage was even worse. I took a step towards her, and I saw fear come into her eyes. “Hold your tongue Brook,” I said, “I’m not currently in the greatest mood, and remember I still have one thing against you.” I took another threatening step toward her, holding my palm up towards the ceiling, fire appearing. “I still have my power. And I’m more powerful than you.” The fire formed into a knife, and I threw it at her. She flinched but didn’t move out of the way. The knife skimmed her cheek, leaving a small nick. The knife embedded in the wall behind her, landing with a loud thunk, getting everyone’s attention. “That’s to remember me Brook.”

I turned away from her, and smirked at Camden, Iris and Storm. Then I sat down in my spot, beside Iris, and across from Storm, digging into my food.

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