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Have you ever felt that you existed in another era? Do you have a look-a-like or a familiar that could alter time? What if it happened? Phil Carmichael has been there, done that and wore the T-shirt. The question has been asked for centuries; ‘Are we alone in the universe?’ Phil Carmichael can supply the answer. Graduated with top honours, Phil pursued his favourite pastime of spelunking in his home county of Gloucestershire, England. His carefree attitude and casual curiosity are put to the test when he has slipped into a time-warp to the eleventh-century. He has been watched and assisted from afar throughout his life; a peculiar race has penetrated him and a voice within, in the guise of Doctor John Watson, has been on hand to lend advice. Now Phil Carmichael has been called to make things right for both human and extra-terrestrial Beings. Unbeknown to him, his dormant abilities have been waiting to explode to assist in his survival and determine a method for returning to the twentieth-century. But how can he help the people of Estmundwall? The voice is a guide with perhaps a selfish motive; is it for good or evil? Phil must realise interfering with history can prove to be disastrous but is he meant to be there; is the past linked to his future; is he his own forefather and therefore his beginning? What if he has a relationship in the past? Or has it all been a dream?

Fantasy / Scifi
Pat Kane
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Alric’s Hill, 14th July 1138 AD


Philip, Lord of Estmundwall, commonly known as Phil, hereby declare that the Chronicles of Clan Devereux have been composed and scribed in detail comprised of recorded tales by family, friends, acquaintances and myself. Words, sentences and phrases have been written to simplify explanations of thoughts, deeds and tales of all those that have contributed to the extended volumes.

Many of the original manuscripts will remain under lock and key to protect the privacy of families that have not been named within the chapters. Private historical events must remain hidden; these occurrences would ’upset the apple cart’; therefore, the present knowledge of history will remain in place.

The exact location of planet Lyonus[1] was not and will never be revealed. It is true that my clan’s second planet remains hidden behind a protective gaseous shield. The Lynist race will only reveal themselves to those whom they deem deserving of their knowledge. My alien family have records of visits along with their version of occurrences. They have announced that my extended family on Earth will progress naturally; therefore, have no need to recruit other humans. Their race has been fully integrated with my offspring and will continue to do so.

If you happen across any of my clan, you will find that they are all approachable and will help any cause; no matter how trivial. A warning though; do not anger them; although peaceful in nature, and would rather negate a dispute, my kin can be dangerous. We cover all societies, working, middle and upper classes along with royalty, yet we are equal and will remain so. We are a European clan and have no wish to settle in other continents. It is perhaps a strange concept; however, my Lynist brothers preferred Europe as they had suspected many centuries ago that the peoples would discover and settle in the new lands.

They had chosen an allegiance with Egypt as a stepping-stone because of their advanced knowledge. The Lynists had become curious as to how and why Egyptians had an affinity with them and the stars. They had revealed themselves in the third dynasty to Pharaoh Netjerikhet. His wife, Heterphabti, is said to have influenced her husband in learning from the friendly Beings. They appeared in the royal palace at night and taken him on a journey to the stars. Netjerikhet had learned much from the Lynists; however, the aliens soon realised that the human brain could not withstand their advanced knowledge and cleared his mind of many memories.

The pharaoh progressed naturally and created the step pyramid at Saqqara. It has remained a mystery as to how he had come by such knowledge of mathematics. Depicted upon the walls are small Beings that have been mistakenly named as his wife and her sisters, Intakaes and Amunet. The latter had been removed from ancient Egyptian records and no explanation was found as to why her name had disappeared. Amunet, whose name means ’the female hidden one’, had in fact become besotted with Penbat, a prince of the Lynists. Her pale features and fair hair enchanted him. He had taught her many things of his planet’s life and they had become inseparable during the aliens’ stay.

Before departure, they met secretly and joined as one. Penbat left Amunet a device for contact should she become distressed. His leaving was greeted with great sorrow for the princess and she retired from public life to the palace. Six months later, Amunet gave birth to a strange child. To hide the shame of giving birth to such a Being, the midwives attending her were cruelly put to death. Her daughter had pale green-scaled skin, blond hair, tiny ears, nose, and a wide mouth. She struggled to breath at first but adapted quickly to Earth’s air. Amunet’s sisters cared for her and the child. During the initial months, her milk satisfied the rapidly growing nameless babe; however, Amunet had become drained and appeared to be losing much weight.

When the child was born, Amunet used Penbat’s device; it was a cry for help. It was perhaps fortunate that the Lynists craft had not travelled far; the prince appeared four months after the birth. They talked of their child’s health and prospect of life on Earth. Penbat suspected that his daughter would not survive whereupon he took Amunet and newly named Azeneth, ‘she belongs to her father’, to the craft. So began the unity of Lynist and man.

I have enjoyed a long life and I will leave soon knowing that my clan will forever grow in mind and soul. I leave behind a dynasty that had been ordained to begin with me and develop within two ages. Alas, something is missing; a link that will surely explain the unity of the two ages. I have an uncanny feeling that I may exist elsewhere; I do not think that I have been told all by my alien brothers…or do I have to write to my future self.

Well, I have to put this away in the hidden place amongst the other numerous accounts of my life and clan Devereux’s written by relations, friends and acquaintances. What do I hear you ask? Is this the end of the tale? No way! Read on and get your tissues out.

Farewell to you all; it has been wonderful and I hope that you find your own way in life… though it won’t be better than mine.

Take care,

Phil, Lord of Estmundwall’

[1] Lyonus; the Lynists' home planet.

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