A Sublime Echo

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Mix of high fantasy and contemporary fantasy with lots of action, adventure, and romance. This book alternates between the characters' pasts and present. Lets start at the beginning, with the death of Her, The echo of futures, even the Gods could not deter. Her dead body ripped away, from the arms of love, her mate, To a reality, one she could only hate. While Her memories were locked, she struggled in her new forsaken life, His memories tore him to pieces, her death, his love, only strife. With memories of Them, in battle, bed, and all that life offered, His family worried, his heart and mind to suffer. Two warriors, two hearts, forged together as one were they But now they battle alone- until that glorious day. In a quest born of hope and pain, he found the truth, For the end may not be the true, once the Gods get to you.

Fantasy / Romance
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15 years ago

As he stares intensely down at me, Kyre’s hair cascades around my face, shielding us from the too bright light. My body shudders at the warm sensation as he brings his lips to my ear whispering, “I never thought I could love someone as I do you.” He runs his hand down my bare torso, spreading the warmth that his touch creates. He takes in a shuddering breath as he scents me then pulls back, his copper brown eyes locking onto mine again. “After everything we have lived through,” a menacing laugh erupting, “in spite of the many times we’ve almost been taken from each other,” his mouth connects with my neck, tasting me as his teeth scrape along my jaw. “I have you now, Ezry.”

“You had me quite a while ago, Kyre,” I smile warmly at him. His response is to bite my shoulder, leaving another mark and making me groan as I move beneath him.

“I love how you taste,” he says in a low growl as his body trembles against my skin. “Not sweet, but spicy. So fucking good.” The saliva and air mixing causing me to shiver myself.

“I love it when you use that foul mouth of yours so eloquently,” I tease him before I reach up to bite his bottom lip. I trace his jaw and neck with my hand as he leans into my touch.

Drawing him closer to my mouth, I stop just before our mouths meet. I trace his lips with my thumbs, “I love this mouth. I love the wicked words that come out of it. And I love the things you do with it,” I say softly against his lips as I lean in and bite his lip again, tugging it towards me. The soft bed gives way beneath our weight as his bare body, hard and unyielding, covers mine.

He leans into me as he takes my mouth softly. We have been married for several days now, and both of our lips are swollen. Too swollen for anything other than soft kissing, at least for now.

I love my feral Fae. Kyre. My husband. His title within the Realm means nothing to me, other than the fact that it means we won’t be able to stay secluded for much longer. We have fought side-by-side. Lived together amongst armies, faced death, and buried friends together. But it is the way he looks at me, as though his vision has just cleared and I’m the first thing he has seen in too long. Blind to the others that surround us. This look often brings me to my knee’s, both figuratively, and to please my now husband. I smirk as we kiss, my thoughts digress.

Pulling back, I stare at him and see the tenderness that is only for me. Some have difficulty seeing beyond his untamed appearance. But never me.

He smiles at me, his teeth showing, and I run my fingers over their jagged points. He closes his eyes, breaking the intense heat of his stare for only a moment. He woke up one morning long ago, his teeth permanently disfigured to be sharp and terrifying from his previous nights’ transgressions. They thought he would be upset, but he has always used their appearance to his advantage. He does command the entire Kings and Queens army, and having teeth that look like they could tear your throat out, in addition to the usual Fae fangs, does wonder’s to the mind of those he fights.

I trace his ears as he groans and slowly throws his head back, exposing his throat. Sacred fuck, I love his ears. He hates them, and I teasingly called them deformed. But he knows how highly I regard them. Perhaps our children will have them? One of the warriors that walked beside us as we traveled made the mistake of laughing at my teasing of his ears not long ago. The male didn’t know that only I can tease him.

I reach up and gently trace those ears, feeling the double points at the top, instead of the usual single pointed tip. He shudders, breathing heavily and buries his face into my neck. “Ezry,” an almost pained whisper against my skin as he starts to kiss me as he makes his way up, reaching my mouth.

The softness of our kiss gives way, and yields to a fiercer hungrier embrace, regardless of our lips’ swollen state. Our tongues meld, tasting. He uses his teeth, pointed, but not too sharp, to grab my tongue. Gently scraping it, causing me to moan into his mouth, and dig my nails into his back as he reaches behind me to pull me as close to his body as he can. Then, pulling back he gives me that wicked grin, crooked and full of menacing ideas.

I push his chest hard; making him lay onto his back, his long straight chestnut hair falling wildly around him as he falls. My sable hair brushing against his bare chest. I rake his body with my eyes; I can never have enough of him. His has high ethereal looking cheekbone, with a strong jaw that compliments his almond-shaped eyes perfectly. His body is strong and fierce, and a force to be reckoned with. His skin is an odd mix of softness and scars. The things I am going to do with him...

“Kyre.” We hear a stoic voice as there is knocking at the door.

We both look at each other, scowling, before turning towards the heavy wooden, and thankfully locked, door. We were not to be disturbed for several more days unless we decide to leave, which we only did for food.

“Draeslu,” Kyre growls as he nips at and scrapes his teeth on my collar bone as he pulls me down, “you know what is happening in here. Leave now, or I will send star fire through that door and burn you where you stand.” He smirks up at me as I suppress a laugh, knowing he never would.

“Apologies, My Lady Ezry, but I need Kyre,” she seemed terrified, which is unlike Draeslu. She trained and overlooked all royal staff, and is practically an aunt to Kyre... “You need to go down to the training field now, there was an incident, and Rhydian needs you.”

Rhydian would never send anyone to interrupt during the sealing. The days after a wedding ceremony that no one interrupts the happy, and insatiable couple. No one wants to be near a couple during the sealing, so I’m reasonably sure some priestess asked her.

“Blood sucking pigs, soon to be dead idiots! I will tear someones heart out for this,” he gets up quickly, and in two quick strides, he is at his clothes getting fit for battle. I start to climb out with him. We have fought together for some time now, and where he goes I go.

He pulls me close to him, “I like that you are still naked. If you come with me, and that temper of yours mixes with mine once we see what is wrong, it may keep us dressed longer.” He pulls me close and kisses me deeply. “Unfortunately, I am a terribly selfish husband. Think of a suitable punishment for me. Stay here, and wait for me?” I glare at him. He knows better than this, the bastard.

“Give me something to hurry back for,” he pulls back and stares longingly into my eyes, his eyes always looking wild and intense. This male is strong, brilliant, determined, and capable of such pain to any who wish to harm those he loves. He is able to love with such ferocity that his enemies would rather kill him than any of us, his wrath is notorious and equal to mine, should anything happen to each other.

“We have fought so long, and so hard. I promised you time to just be together, no pressure, no fighting. Fighting and battles will be our life, let me give this to you. Please,” he takes my hand and kisses my palm before placing it on his cheek. His smile is full of love, promise, and fire. “Enjoy this time, and I will be back soon.” He kisses me sweetly, running his hands through my hair, and down my body. “I love you, Ezry,” his hands on my cheek start glowing, throwing thousands of balls of starlight around my face and his, illuminating us in an intimate way that only we share. Memories from the beginning.

I pull his face down to mine, “I will grant you this stay of your vows regarding our new blood bond just this once Kyre, but do not disappoint me.” He gives me his crooked grin as I kiss the side of his mouth. “I was promised a full week, uninterrupted, and me being by your side throughout. And always,” I kiss his neck tenderly, causing him to moan and lean his head against mine as his arms keep me tightly against him. “You don’t want to anger any gods or your wife for that matter.”

One more kiss, our mouths claiming each other as devotion pours from us. Then he is gone, leaving me to stare out the window.

After some time, he is taking longer than I had hoped and start to worry. I am already dressed in a lavender dress with white flowers. Kyre likes how it makes my green eyes stand out. I walk onto the balcony, unable see the training fields.

I don’t see anything, but I hear a knock at the door, seeing Draeslu walk in. I smile at her, as I have come to care for her as all of Kyre’s family does. She doesn’t smile at me though. She looks at the ground, tears in her eyes, but I can sense a steal determination about her. I don’t even think, I go to her. No one I care about suffers this way.

“Draeslu, tell me, what is wrong?” I grab her shoulders, being shorter than her I have to look up slightly to see her. She won’t meet my eyes, and I tense, knowing something is wrong.

“Ezry?” She looks at me without meeting my eyes. Her voice is broken and hallow. “I want you to know, that I’m sorry, and sometimes our lives may not go as we had thought, but maybe in the end...we might get a different version of the blissful ending you wanted, but it’s better than nothing.” She takes a deep breath, still refusing to meet my eyes. “Love, bliss, determination, and everything that makes up an ideal life can’t always be, without desolation and despair to know what happiness really means. Don’t you think?”

I look at her worried, “No. I do not need such utter despair to know how much I love Kyre. What is going on? You are worrying me.” I’m processing her speech, she never talks like this. She asks me to look her in the eyes, and I do. Why wouldn’t I? I see one more look of pain, sorrow, but determination before I feel it.

A soul decimating pain explodes from within stomach. I look down, and there is a small knife, however, this is nothing like I have ever experienced. There is magic. It’s dark, and sinister and pulses around the blade and into me. I have been injured more times than I can count, and my body regenerates quickly. This is different. This feels final. I have never felt this horrible sense of dread, and my only thought is that Kyre may be dead as I soon will be, or that he will find me like this.

The pain is so intense, and as the shock wears off, I scream. Never looking away from my stomach. I’ve been tortured. This is so much more. The hole where the knife is imbedded is bleeding faster than it should. I can’t survive this. On my knees, the pain too much, I fall back. I’m too weak to be graceful as I thud, making the room shake.

“One day, dear girl, I hope you forgive me,” I finally look up to see my murderer looking at me with such sorrow. I’m confused, between hatred and my own sorrow. Why?

“Ezry?!” I see him, copper eyes focused on me, my blood, my face. Confusion turning into panic. “NoNoNoNo! This can’t be happening! This,” he looks closer at my stomach, feeling the magic that I feel, he gasps. He stares into my eyes, I see his devastation. He knows, he has to know. “HELP! I NEED HEALERS, SCHOLARS OF THE DARK ARTS! EVERYTHING!!!” He grabs my face and kisses me hard, a desperate man. He pulls back and screams as he draws me onto his lap.

I see him look at Draeslu, panicked and confused, “I’m so sorry,” she whispers, and is pulled into a portal. Kyre glances from where she was to me. I nod. My death will destroy him, but her betrayal will destroy everyone.

I reach up and touch his beautiful face, I love him so much. I don’t want this to be it, and this wasn’t supposed to be it. After everything, for this to be the end, I couldn’t help my sobs anymore than he could. The pain is so intense, breathing and moving is a new type of agony. “I love you, Kyre,” I gasp, pain lancing up my body, staring at his horror-struck face as he holds me tightly in his lap, brushing my hair out of my face. He is trying healing spells, but they can’t work. We aren’t healers, and this magic is beyond even us. I whisper, “You will always be mine, and I will always be yours. You have my heart and my soul. They haven’t been mine for a long time.” I stop as my body spasms in pain; Kyre bellows again for help and for me to stay with him, agony and rage mixing. His eyes are so beautiful, and seeing them before I die will be the only blessing about this because everything about this is just so fucked up otherwise.

He’s rocking me, staring at my face, “I love you. Please don’t die. Anything, I will give anyone anything, please,” he speaks to me as his eyes remain locked on my face now.

I hear his rage-filled cry, as his body shifts to shield mine from something, and see Ankou appear near me. “Take me instead, please” his voice is raspy and strained. He grabs Ankou by the shirt and pulls him close as his nostrils flare. Ankou, the Fae that presides over the souls of the dead and brings them to the afterlife, and our dear friend, looks tortured. He doesn’t want to be who he is either. His eyes look from Kyre’s to mine as Kyre tries to keep him from me.

“I do not want this either, please friends, forgive me,” Ankou’s jaw is clenched so tight; I can hear his teeth grinding. He turns to stand in the corner, waiting.

“Ezry, don’t leave.” His voice, so deep and soft, many have known fear just from hearing his voice. For me, hearing my husbands voice before I die both makes this easier and more unbearable.

He tells me how much he loves me, and talks about all of his most cherished memories, there are too many he says and tells me I need to stay as long as it takes for me to tell them all. I know that I won’t be able to though.

The healers run in, followed by two scholars and the sorcerer that has helped so many times but can’t this time. I know they are there. I know their voices, but I don’t look away from Kyre now. They all come towards me, the healer’s start to try everything. The scholar is raking his hands in his hair, white from age. Everyone’s at a loss.

I am going to lose Kyre, them, everything. Kyre and my family will lose me. Kyre keeps telling me he loves me, his eyes never leaving mine, they are unyielding in their demands that I survive. I hate knowing that I will die disappointing my Kyre.

The sorcerer, Roderick, steps forward, having conjured a book that emanates a power that both Kyre and myself pull our eyes towards.

“Ezry, love, you don’t have much time left,” he says gently kneeling next to us. He glances over at Ankou, who nods once.

“NO!” Kyre screams in a vengeful rage, his tears falling and mixing with mine. This breaks me. His agony crushes me in a way that death its self can’t.

Roderick leans towards us, “I can’t save you.” I nod, knowing.

I hear Rhydian come running in as I hear his strangled gasp as he takes in the scene. He is one of the best healers, and he moves to me. He senses it. This knife canceling out all magic near it. Ensuring I bleed, and that healing won’t help.

“It’s in her blood. Whatever this is, it spread, and I can’t heal her,” Rhydian sounds desperate, his eyes a light blue and as anguished as everyone’s. All of the other healers have already come to this conclusion. I was not supposed to die like this. A battle, maybe? Childbirth, hopefully not. But this? The woman, who delivered the queens two sons, has now betrayed them. And I die lying on the floor...at least I have Kyre here.

He’s holding me so tightly to him now that the pain of his hold is a nice distraction, but I want to see him. “You are my life, and I don’t want it without you. Do you remember what I told you that night in the caves? I will find a way to travel to the afterlife, I will rip you away from it,” he cradles my head, the pain and blood loss keeping me from holding it up. “And I don’t care if you even want to come back, I don’t. You are coming back with me, and I will tear open the ground to drag you out,” he practically snarls. Most people are scared of his snarls. I love his violence, but I hate doing this to him.

. I can barely manage a whisper, “I don’t know whether to warn you away, because I want you safe,” lifting my hand I cup his soaked cheek, feeling the sharp lines, “or wish you well,” I choke back a pain filled sob, “because I don’t want to leave you either. I love you.”

“I will do anything, and will endure everything for you, while you do everything you can,” he stops to catch his breath, “to...please not die.” Even he knows how ridiculous going to the afterlife is.

I nod, my voice failing at the moment.

Cradling my head and brushing my hair back softly, he leans down and kisses me softly. Our tears mix, my blood covering every part of him. I try to put everything I have into our last kiss. My love for him, my hope for what we could have been, the despair we both feel, but the love that eclipses even the despair.

Something is happening, and it’s the overwhelming feeling that my failing body is at the end of its capacity to sustain me.

This is the end, and I see my husband. My bloodbound mate. My Kyre. The darkness starts to creep in. Soon all I see are his eyes. So much pain, so much more love. He is as devoted to me, as I am to him, and I wish that had been enough. With Kyre, my family, everything we promised each other only days ago at our wedding, I don’t want to leave, but I don’t have a choice. I close my eyes, but for a few short moments, I feel his warmth, his body is shaking with sobs, he screams a deafeningly loud sob, and that is the last thing I hear.

(Unknown deities third person pov)

“You did well, Draeslu,” he tells her after he pulled her away from the chaos. He knew this might happen. He’d seen echoes of the future and saw this was the most likely outcome. She needed to die before he could take her, to avoid any retribution from the Others. He was ready for the last part of Ezry’s death. He should comfort Draeslu; she’s sobbing, shaking, and there’s something yellow dripping out of her nose and freely flowing onto her shirt.

He shudders at this. ‘Thank myself that God’s and Goddesses don’t need to worry about... those things’- he thought.

Walking up to her, he needs her to focus. She is about to die. At least he is reasonably confident she is. It doesn’t take a God to know what will happen when he thrusts her back in as a diversion.

“Please,” she sobs, “I didn’t want to do this. I had no choice.”

She sobs more, making him uncomfortable...very uncomfortable.

Opening the portal, he strips her of the magic that forced her into her actions, and gives her a not too gentle shove, relaxing in her absence. Then he waits just a moment, long enough to know that Kyre and everyone has probably gone after her, and he can get to Ezry.

Reopening the portal, he can see he was correct. He goes through, pieces of his body disintegrating and coalescing in fractions of a moment, taking in the scene of the room. Draeslu has been run through, with Kyre screaming as the blade pierces her. He takes Ezry, with no one seeing him. No one could see me. None of the other God’s or Goddesses can know. ‘I do this for them, I do this for this entire Realm. But I know that I will still be the villain... until they meet the real one’- he thought.

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