When Gods Fall: The Writhing of Wyrms

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What can wyrms do but writhe in the mud? Can they move the hand of fate and time? Can they slay the Gods? Ragnarok- the death of the Gods is lurking near and there is one who is foretold to set it in motion. Others have their parts to play as well- both the mortals and their Gods as they struggle against oncoming threats, the grip of fate and their own inner demons.

Fantasy / Adventure
Avintha Fonseka
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The Gods exist. It is known. Though none in Midgard have sighted the Immortals for many aeons, we still see their signs: ‘Sigra’, which, in the old tongue, means ‘victory’, is the name given to magnificent, majestic borealis that spread across the sky whenever the Gods are triumphant in battle.

Far above the sphere of Midgard, the Gods and the other immortals still wage their great wars and bloom destruction.

It is known that the different colours of Sigra signify the victories of different Gods: gold is for mighty Thor, like his radiant golden locks; grey is for Odin, like the hairs on his wise beard; emerald is for Loki, resembling his serpentine eyes; but red...red is for Ragnarok, heralding the end, when the blood of the slain Gods flow down from the Heavens.

The Gods are conceited and proud. Though Midgardians have achieved many feats in science and technology, it has been without the help of the Gods- without their vast knowledge or magick. For this, the mortals resent their creators and on the onset of every Sigra, they quietly hope that it is red.

Our story takes us through all the realms; through the countless planets of Midgard and all its different creatures. Through the frozen wastelands of Niflheim; through Musspelheim, the home of the mighty fire giants; through Alfheim, where dwell the fair race of Light Elves, and Svartelfheim, the realm of Dark Elves or Dwarfs, as they are commonly known.

We will hear the tales of Jotunheim, where the giants live- sworn enemies of the gods. Through the Realm of the Dead- Helheim, our story will take us; and through Asgard and Vanaheim, where the Gods still live in youth and bliss, and look down upon the rest.

We will witness these tales through different eyes- our players. We will see their worlds, hear their thoughts and know their suffering. We will love them and loathe them, as they commit the most heroic of acts and the most appalling of sins. But more importantly, we will understand them- their reasons.

For we are all playthings to fate and the tricky poison called ‘emotion’, even the Gods.

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