My Immortal

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Rayne is willing to do anything to save her father's life, even becoming the bride of a vampire prince.

Fantasy / Romance
Frannie Bultstra
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Chapter 1

My Immortal

Chapter: I

The wind blew quite hard as it was pelting rain outside, the weather had changed, as it had grown colder now, especially in the evening. The autumn leafs covered the paths on which Rayne walked upon. She just came back from the village which was hours of traveling away from her house. She was heading home and walked in a swift pace, trying to get home as soon as she could. Rayne had gone to the village to get some herbs and food for her sick father. She had spent nearly all of her goods to trade for the stuff she needed. Rayne walked swiftly through the rain as it pelted down upon her, soaking her completely.

Even though the rain was loud around her, raindrops hitting the tree leafs loudly, she was still able to hear other sounds around her. Like birds panicking in the sky, as if something dangerous was approaching. Rayne was almost certain that she was no longer alone in the cold and dark forest. The long walk exhausted her and her lantern was dying out. Rayne realized she should have left the village much sooner to get home a bit on time, but as stubborn as she is, she never listen to what others are telling her.

Rayne heard footsteps behind her and turned around in panic, holding up her lantern, trying to see something, but as good as her sight is compared to other people, even at night, she didn’t see anyone, only trees and bushes.
Thinking she had imagined the sound and turned around to continue her travel, she suddenly stood still. Her large brown eyes stared up at the tall dark figure who had slipped quietly in front of her.

‘Are you lost?’ He said softly, his voice barely a whisper. It made her shiver.

Rayne shook her head slowly and when she walked backwards she nearly tripped over a rock and the lantern slipped from her fingers on the ground, with the glass broken the small flame died out completely. The tall figure stepped closer to her, reaching out his hand towards her and touched her face gently. His hand was cold as stone. Rayne panicked in her mind, she wanted to run, but somehow felt like he was stopping her from doing so.

‘Are you scared, little girl?’ He whispered and stepped even closer to her.

Rayne didn't dare to speak to him, she gathered all her courage and slapped his hand away from her and ran off as fast as she could in the opposite direction, towards the village.

Rayne ran as fast as she could go until the tall dark shadow caught her in his arms.

‘What do you want from me!? Let me go!’ She shrieked in panic. Rayne knew what he was. Her father had warned her countless of times but she was stubborn and didn't heed his words. They both needed food and he needed the herbs.

‘Calm down.’ The tall figure spoke, his voice sounded gentle.
He lifted their feet from the ground and rose through the trees and high into the dark rainy sky. Rayne wrapped her arms tightly around his neck out of fear for falling down. She had her eyes closed tightly and didn't know where he was going.

‘What do you want?’ Rayne dared to ask the man again, her arms were still wrapped tightly around his neck, frightened that he might let go and she would fall down to the ground below.

The man had a smug grin on his face as he flew faster and faster over the tree tops. Both his arms were wrapped tightly around her body, tightly pressing the fragile woman against his frame, like some desire was dying to come out.
Rayne turned her head to a side and looked to where he was going. With the moon shining through the clouds as some areas were already free from the rain. Rayne could see a castle on a hill; it was surrounded by woods, bush and gravestones.
Rayne looked up at the man, she had trouble admitting that he is very handsome, she still had no idea what he wanted from her; if he wanted blood he would have already taken it? But he has not touched her like that yet, she wondered what he wanted from her, if he wanted to keep her as pet, she knew that it was quite common.

Rayne looked into his eyes; they were light purple, almost white. His skin white as snow, and his hair was long and black and tightly tied into a pony tail, with some lose strings hanging in his face, from what she could see, his hair is quite wavy.
It was obvious to her, she knew for certain. This man is a vampire and perhaps she became his diner or worse a mindslave.

The vampire brought her to the castle, that looked like it would fit perfectly in some horror story. He landed on one of the many balconies and gently let go of Rayne. The frightened woman rushed over to the balcony doors and sat on the ground tightly pressed against one of the doors and stared up at the tall vampire. She never felt this frightened before and she still had no clue what he truly wanted from her, but whatever he wanted, so far he’s pretty gentle towards her.

He walked over to the doors Rayne was leaning on and simply opened the door without saying anything or even looking at Rayne. Rayne moved to the other side quickly to make some room; She did not want to get pushed away by a wooden door. The man passed her while she sat there quietly in the cold with only her soaked cloak covering her.

The tall vampire lightened up the room with only a wave of his hand. The room looked very old and dusty; it appeared to serve as a bedroom. Rayne peeked from behind the door; many candles were lit in the dusty bedroom and she could feel the warmth soaring through the room.

‘If you stay out there you'll catch a cold.’ The vampire said with a smile curled up his lips and sat down on a chair.
Rayne only nodded and got up her feet. Slowly and cautiously she entered the room to the bed and sat down. She looked at the man and held her soaked cloak tightly around her, she didn't care if it was cold or not, she felt the need to protect her body.

‘My name is Vincent Beaumont, and you are my bride.’ He stated simply and looked at her with the same smug on his face. He got up and walked over to the fragile woman, his large frame shadowing over her.

‘I don't want to be your bride and I need to go home, my father is sick.’ Rayne spoke softly, her voice shaky and hoarse. Rayne was so scared of him and didn't dare run off again, he could easily kill her if she did.
‘P-please… bring me to my father.’ She felt tears burning in her eyes, her voice was still shaking; all she wanted was just to go home and take care of her father.

Vincent watched her. He sensed her fear and worry.
‘No...’ He grinned down at her.
‘You stay right here.’ He said calmly. Vincent then left the room, he locked all the doors and windows without even touching them, he controlled everything with his mind, this scared Rayne even more.

Rayne sat there alone, thinking of ways to get out of room, but everything is locked and the glass appeared to be breaking proof, she is stuck in there.

Shivering from the coldness of her wet clothes. The fire and candles were burning warmly, and somehow after a while she started to feel much safer now. Rayne removed her cloak and hung it over the chair to dry. She noticed a wardrobe and walked over to it. It was made of dark brown wood, and it had a beautiful rose carved in the doors. Rayne opened the wardrobe and saw several dresses hanging in it. They looked new, like no one had ever worn them yet. Rayne sighed lightly; her dress was soaked from the rain. She really needed to change or she would get sick, so she ignored the fact that these dresses were not hers and picked out a beautiful dark dress and changed.

Once she was done changing, Rayne walked around the large room a little, getting more information from her surroundings. There were many bookshelf’s all filled with old books. Rayne picked a few from the shelves and read a bit to keep her mind of her troubles. One of the books was pretty interesting. It was about Vampire Hunters. Rayne sat down on the chair near the fire. The chair Vincent sat before he left.
Rayne read the book quietly. There was no escaping for now so all she could do is sitting there reading the thick book to entertain herself a little.


5 days have passed since she was brought to the castle and so far Vincent has been nice to her, he visited her once a while, brought her water and food, but never let her out of this room. He had not fed on her yet, all he did was sitting close to her, asking questions about her likings and disliking.

Rayne sat in the same chair again and read a new book. She heard a knock on the door, it must be Vincent again. Today she was going to ask him again if he would bring her home. Rayne is worried about her father; She had to go home now.

Vincent opened the door and stepped in.
‘I see you're still entertaining yourself with books, good.’ He spoke softly and walked over to her. He kneeled down and rested his hands on Rayne’s lap, his eyes staring right into hers.

‘I want to go home’ Rayne spoke and looked back into his eyes. Getting straight to the point. A faint smile curled upon Vincent’s lips.
‘Alright but I'll stay with you when your father dies and then bring you back here.’ Vincent said coolly. He took hold of Rayne’s hand and gently helped her on her feet. She looked surprised at him when he said 'I'll stay until your father dies' that sounded as if Vincent already knew her father was going to die soon, but how? Rayne had to go to him as fast as possible.

Rayne looked up at the tall vampire.
‘Bring me to him, now.’ She demanded. Rayne was angry at Vincent for taking her away from her father when he needed her so badly and refusing to bring her back before when she pleaded Vincent to bring her home.
Vincent moved closer to her and his lips was close to her ear.

‘Fine…’ He whispered, his lips moving slightly over her skin. The vampire swung his arms around her and lifted her into his arms and flew out the window and brought Rayne to her old family farm. It took several minutes to arrive; Vincent landed on the ground and put Rayne softly back on her feet. She walked over to the door and opened it.

‘Rayne?’ Her father's voice sounded with fear and worry, responding to the sound of the shrieking door. Rayne entered the house and was followed by Vincent who joined her in her father’s bedroom.
‘I'm back, father, but I lost the herbs.’ Rayne said softly, remembering that the basket with herbs were still at the castle and were no longer useable.

Rayne noticed her father’s gaze turning to Vincent; his dark eyes were wide open from shock.
‘Get away from him! He's a vampire!’ Rayne’s father exclaimed. He would know better than anyone. He is the famous vampire hunter; named Vadim Enis. He killed over 100 vampires and protected his daughter her entire life, until he got ill. An incurable virus hit him.

Rayne went to the village often to get herbs and other medicine that might help to ease the pain but they would not cure him. Rayne nodded shamefully.
‘I know.’ She spoke softly and walked over to her father and sat down at his bed.

Rayne’s gaze turned to Vincent who walked closer to her father.
‘I know you, you are that damphir who killed many of my kind. It seems like I don't have to kill you myself, the virus will do that for me.’ Vincent grinned. He walked over to the woman and placed his cold hand on her shoulder, touching her dark brown curly hair

‘And after that, this young woman will be mine.’ Vincent kissed her cheek playfully and glared with hateful eyes at Vadim.

Vadim glared back at Vincent.
‘I won't let you have my daughter, Vampire Prince!’ He growled and looked at his daughter, who sat uncomfortable in the stool between the two men and looked worried at her father.

Vadim wanted his daughter to be happy, but his vampire blood ran through her veins as well, there is no way Rayne could be happy with a normal human man. Maybe it was destiny for Rayne to be with a full blood vampire?

Rayne’s grandmother fell in love with a vampire, and from that Vadim was born, but her grandmother was later murdered by the human man she had left to be with the vampire.

Humans are unfaithful most of the times, and Vadim learned that vampires were different, they are faithful to the ones they claim, a vampire would never cheat on their mate. Even Vadim’s human wife, she was Rayne’s mother and cheated on Vadim, so he left her and took Rayne with him to be certain that his daughter didn't grow up to be like her mother.

Rayne knew their bit of history. So she was aware about the human males and females and because her father is half vampire that makes Rayne a quarter and so she too have vampire blood but Rayne don't have the same desire her father and other vampires have, the desire to drink blood.

Rayne looked up at Vincent, and then at her father.

‘You are staying with me.’ Vincent said calmly and looked straight into her eyes. His cold gaze pierced right into her. It felt like some desire, not the desire to drink her blood but a different one.

Rayne heard her father sighing. He stared at the ceiling for a moment; he knew he was no match for a healthy vampire. He also knew that he would die soon anyway.

A sigh left Rayne’s lips looked at her father, she then rose up her feet, stepped over to the window and sat on the nearest chair.

‘Vincent… Can you cure people's sicknesses?’ Rayne asked the vampire, she looked right into Vincent's eyes. He answered her question with a simple nod.

‘I can, but I won't cure this man.’ He said and walked over to her and touched her dark curly hair.

‘Why not? are you afraid of him?’ Rayne asked. She knew that her father once was a powerful man, even the other vampire Princes were afraid of him.

‘No, I’m not afraid of that old fool, but he deserves to die!’ Vincent snapped and glared at Vadim. Rayne suddenly remembered something her father had told her ten years ago.


‘Father, can a vampire cure sicknesses?’ Rayne asked. The ten year old child looked curiously at her father. Vadim walked over to her and smiled.
‘They can, if they want to.’ He replied.
‘What about the royal vampires, can they do that, too?’ She asked.
‘The royal vampires, the first vampire race have amazing healing powers. Those who drink the blood of a royal vampire will be cured of any sickness; it doesn't matter if it's not curable for humans.’ Vadim said and sat down at the edge of the river bank.

Rayne looked at her father, and asked. ‘What about their brides? will they have the same ability?’
Vadim laughed softly. ‘I'm not sure, I'm not really into the royal vampire history, but if they have a blood exchange, then maybe they would have the same ability.’ Vadim answered and then hugged his daughter.


Rayne looked back at Vincent.
‘Make me your bride.’ She said and rose up her feet, she looked right into his eyes. Vincent grinned down at her. Rayne knew what she was doing, she needed to save her father. Only if she become this man's bride, only then it will be possible.

‘I was already planning to.’ Vincent answered and walked closer to Rayne and kissed her lips unexpectedly.

Vadim looked shocked at what his daughter had said; he didn't expect her to say such a thing. This wasn't like her at all; Rayne never wanted to be a vampire's bride. Rayne decided to kiss Vincent back and after he broke the kiss, Rayne couldn't help herself from glaring at him.

‘What's with the glare, woman?’ Vincent asked teasingly and took hold of her waist and forced Rayne to come closer to him.

‘It's nothing.’ Rayne said and kept glaring up at Vincent. She placed her hands down on his muscular chest and tried to push him away from her but his grip on her was to strong.

‘Your father needs to die first, only then I'll make you my bride’ Vincent spoke. He wasn't going to claim Rayne until after her father is gone. But Rayne can't let that happen, She'll just try to seduce him and make her drink his blood and he'll drink hers.

‘I know what you are thinking, woman, and it won't happen.’ Vincent said and kissed her forehead like a child.

Vincent's gaze turned to Vadim. The all mighty vampire hunter, he is over hundred fifty years old, and even with the vampire blood in his veins he was still vulnerable to human sickness, and because he was getting older and weak, he isn’t able to cure himself.

All Rayne could do was glaring at Vincent. He wasn't going to let go of her that easily unless he wanted to let go of her, not because she wanted him to.

‘Let my daughter go!’ Vadim demanded and glared weakly at the Prince.

Vincent smiled more gently at Rayne and kissed her lips again.
‘Don't worry I won't hurt you.’ He assured her.

Rayne looked into his eyes, his eyes looked different, perhaps more gentle towards her, it gave Rayne an odd feeling inside. Vincent kissed her again and then walked toward the door and disappeared through it without opening the door.

Rayne stood there confused; she didn't know what was going on. The kiss he gave her was like he said. 'see you soon.'

‘Good, he's gone for now, the sun is coming up soon, so he won't bother us during the day time.’ Vadim said and smiled slightly at his daughter.
Rayne simply nodded and sat down on a stool and sighed, she was exhausted. It had been a long night for her. Rayne closed her eyes for a moment, and the flashback of Vincent kissing her came back into her mind.
‘I hate that man.’ Rayne spoke softly, although his kiss did felt very nice.

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