Nights and the Sun

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"Do you regret it?" Aquanious asks as he and Sparks watch as a pale wooden casket is lowered into the ground on the outer most reaches of the marshlands. The sounds of crying fills the air as tears merge with the water in the ground. Sparks shakes his head.

"Only a little," the half elemental confesses. His amber eyes follow a young girl in a long black dress with a black veil shading her pale skin form the sun. He snow hued hair falls over her right shoulder and is tied with a flame colored bow. Sparks looks back at his friend with a watery smile. He links their hands together as the wind picks up, sending a spark flying from his hair to land on the body laying in the pale casket before the lid is placed over it and sealed.

That night the only light seen for miles is the light of the funeral pyre as it burns steadily and unmoving. Aquanious holds Sparks as the half elemental cries over the loss of his princeling.

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