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With a blink of my eyes the other 4 Hunters are dead. With another Blink I transport them to my home Limbo. With another Blink I am almost dead. And with the Last blink I have there hearts. Hunters. Vampires, Werewolves. Witches. Hybrids. And More. The supernatural community is falling to the end of there existence and the only thing to save them is the one that ruining them with every blink she dies a little. She needs the blood of Vampires so save her, but its not enough anymore she wants more power its become a drug. And so the game has begun.

Fantasy / Other
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Murder Scene

The beat of there hearts start merging into one, they all beat the same rhythm. Thump, thump, thump like the beat from that song Thunder. Its quite compelling and I stand hidden on the roof tops watching these Hunters circle the vampires as if it was a game. The Hunters seemed nervous and I could understand why these vampires had already killed multiple of there own.
And to be perfectly honest If I didn't need the vampires help I would be thinking of helping the Hunters. But i'm not I came here for the Vampires. I need there blood.
I watch a little longer more out of amusement than anything else. One of the Hunters speak. A girl with black hair in a ponytail high on her head and a large tattoo covering half her face and shoulder.
I miss what she says but I hear the laugh of the vampires, oh they are so naive they don't even recognise the fact that she's one of the best hunters. And that if given the chance she would capture them.
She makes a move while the Vampire is laughing, she would have gotten him to. If I hadn't blinked my eyes. She's dead now. Her head laying in an awkward angle, I try not to laugh as both Vampires and Hunters search for what happend. This is when I float the there ground level.
They are staring at me now, and with another blink of my eyes the other 4 hunters to fall dead their heads in the same awkward angle. I sigh.
"I must admit killing a Hunter without getting this outfit dirty is such an advantage," I smile towards the vampires. They are shocked I can tell. And well while I am only a rumour to the supernatural community. I still laugh and there pathetic faces.
"Oh come on, seriously you's a vampires. The first natural born vampires, and not to mention twins and your shocked to see me?
Can we get going? I'd like to get out of this murder scene," I say. They still stand there shocked, gosh they really are as stupid as the books say.
Rolling my eyes with a sigh, I blink my eyes and transport us to my home. Limbo.

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