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The Huntress: Welcome To Duslik (Book 1)

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Kiawah was told her whole life Magic existed, but she didn't believe it until her fourteenth birthday when something happened... Updates every Monday Imagine...that you were a normal 14-year-old girl attending school. Or, well, as normal as you can be with parents who abandoned you with little more than an amulet with your name imprinted on it. To top it off, you have weird black eyes flecked with gold. That was Kiawah's life. While she had good adoptive parents, she had to deal with bullies, alienating stares and boring teachers. All that changed when she was kidnapped by a mage and taken to a strange new world. Welcome to Duslik.

Fantasy / Action
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The Prophecy Of The One

When the One is born,
Tragedy will befall.
She’ll remain hidden
Until she hears the call.

Then she’ll come hither,
Through treacherous actions.
Two shall then find her,
Giving her a faction.

One’s former hideout,
To which both shall leave.
From that secret place
The Five they will retrieve.

They will then return,
And unite the Thirteen.
A pact will be made,
The results to be seen.

At the final end,
Love and hope make their plea.
The life of the One,
Vengeance claims as its fee.

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