Beast Of The Moon

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"We've all seen hot dudes magically transform into werewolves on T.V but trust me when I say, this is real life kid" "I still don't understand this" "What's not to understand? I laid things out pretty simple" "I just-I don't understand what I am" "Easy, you're a werewolf now Kid" ============== "I've always like to think that time doesn't change, we do, the earth is immortal, but we are the ones that make it better in our own image. We go around spreading our thoughts, making time age with us" ==============

Fantasy / Romance
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I woke to sirens all around me, I opened my eyes to see the night sky above me. I tried to sit up but I was forced down by hands on my chest, “He’s awake, we need to get him into surgery NOW!!“, a female voice yelled, I looked to my side and saw a smashed car and people looking at me in fear and shock.

I wanted to talk but I couldn’t, something was stopping me. A lady with blonde hair stood over me, her face was blurry, so I couldn’t make out details. I heard a mans voice in the background say, “He was hit by a car???“, the woman looked to be nodded, then the man said, “Wait, how did he get those bite marks??!!!“.

‘Bite marks?’ I ran over that detail in my head, I didn’t have enough energy to freak out or question the strangers around me. “Have you found out his name yet??” the woman asked, “No, but were trying to call a few people on his phone to find out and tell the family”.

‘family’, that thought rolled in my head too, suddenly I didn’t have the energy to think, then I heard in the background, “hello, I am deeply sorry to tell you, but your son has been hit by a car”, my eyes got incredibly heavy. “No, no, no, he’s going out again, where is the damn ambulance!!!!“. Soon everything around me went black.......


I woke to a bright light hitting my eyes, I hissed and closed them tightly. I heard light whispers all around me, I slowly opened my eyes and looked around, I was greeted by a pure white sealing, which was much different from my bedroom at least from my distant memory if it.

I looked over to the left side wondering where my window was with the blue drapes, more distant memories. I turned my head and looked over to my right, there was a table full of bandages and medicine bottles with tiny white pills dyed a light orange color.

I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion, I didn’t think to lift my head, I was too caught up in my sudden change in scenery. The door soon open, allowing me to see a women with darker skin, she wore her dark hair up in a tight bun paired with a tight, white coat with blue scrubs.

She looked kind from a far but I wasn’t feeling too trusting of strangers lately. She smiled at me, showing her pure white teeth. “hello, my name is Miah, I need to explain some things to you young man”, for some reason I was nervous for what she was going to tell me, before, I used to not care much about doctors or hospitals.

She just gave off a strange vibe. I looked at her silently, like I’d be prepared if she tried anything. She smirked and placed her hands on her hips, she gave off a motherly persona, reminding me of my own mother, who’s image wouldn’t come clear in my head, no matter how hard I tried.

She walked over to me slowly, speaking in a soft tone, “I know you don’t understand yet, but you don’t have to be scared, I’m not gonna hurt you, I want to help you”. I tilted my head at her, she held her hands up in defense, like I was going to hurt her if she didn’t calm me down.

She then reached over and picked up a small mirror from the table by the door, which I noticed was covered by white curtains. She held it to her chest then walked closer to me and handed me the mirror, I reached out and took it in my hands which felt different to me. I was confused but I assumed she wanted me to look at myself, the reason, I didn’t know.

I held it up to my face, but I was wasn’t me in the glass where my reflection was supposed to be. There, stood a wolf head, golden brown fur and eyes that reminded me of how the sky looked at midnight. I jumped back, an animal like growl erupted from my mouth, and the mirror smashed on the floor.

I looked up at the doctor for an explanation of what that beast that stood in my place in the mirror was. She looked over at me sadly, then spoke in her calm tone, “I know you’re scared but breathe, you’re more powerful than you know”. I tried to speak but it only came out in a dog like wine.

Once again she gave me a look of pity, she walked towards me and grabbed my hand, and held it up to my gaze. She held a paw covered in that same golden fur, it was much bigger than my old hand and hers combined. “This is you now, not forever, you need to learn” I looked up at her confused.

She must have understood because she said standing back, “Go into the bathroom and think of your human form, your hair, height, skin, eyes, all that stuff and then come out” I nodded my hand and went to walk off the bed, I ended up falling head first. I moved myself to walk on all fours and I slowly walked to the bathroom, slipping once or twice on the tan, tile floor.

I used my new found large teeth to close the door, I caught my image in the mirror. I looked like a mega version of a wolf, I wined looking over myself, I felt like a monster. I then did as Miah said and I thought about me, how I looked, dark hair, hazel eyes, 5,10 height, freckled skin. Soon I felt my size grow smaller, the golden hair on my hands disappeared and was replaced with my skin.

I looked over at the mirror and saw me, I stood up and ran to the mirror, I ran my hands over my face, just to make sure it was me. I ran my hands through my hair, I was back, or the human version was. I looked over at the shower and saw shorts hanging over the side. I walked over and picked then up and slipped them on.

I grabbed the door knob and twisted it, slowly walking out. Miah was sitting on the end of the bed, she looked up at smiled at me and said standing, “You passed the first step into this new life, it seems your wolf agrees with you” I walked over to her and said in a scared tone, “Mind telling me what the hell is going on??“.

She laughed lightly and said, “Ok, you might want to sit down for this” I sat down on the end of the bed, looked at her, “Well, there’s no easy way to tell anyone this----” she took and deep breath and then said looking to the floor, “When we found you, you had just gotten hit by a car, on your way home from what we’ve been told was your girlfriends house”.

‘Girlfriend?’ I questioned in my head, I don’t remember her. “Well-um- you see that bite on your side?” she pointed to my chest, I looked down and I saw deep inset teeth marks, that went over my side, I ran my hands over them slowly, I sighed heavily. I looked back up at Miah, “You-you were bit, by a werewolf”.

I looked at her in disbelief, “What-what do you mean?“, she swallowed hard and said, “You were bit by a werewolf, which is a human that can change into a wolf on the full moon, unless you’re a Lycan, which mean you’re a true born wolf that can change at any time, and due to your sudden change, I can only assume, a Lycan bit you, making you a lycan, allowing you to have more advanced smell, larger wolf and more strength”.

I listened to her intensely, trying to make since of everything, I was a werewolf, like the ones I had seen in movies, like Teen Wolf and Twilight. I looked over at her, “How can you be around me then??” she was human, looking at a werewolf, she smiled and walked over to me, she took off her coat, then exposed her shoulder, showing a burn like mark, in the shape of a crescent moon.

“You have the same” she pointed to my shoulder, I grabbed my arm and looked over my mark, it was similar to hers, she smiled and said, “You are one of us now”. I looked up at her and said, “There are more?” she nodded and said, “Much more, and you are one of us, we take care of each other, like a family, you are apart of that family now and it is my job now to take care of you”.

She gave me a motherly smile, then she said, “But until you learn to fully control your wolf, you can’t be around human kind anymore” I looked at her in sadness, “So, with your permission, I am going to tell your loved one you passed away from internal bleeding, and then I will take you to learn about yourself and what you are now”.

I looked at her and said, “Why can’t I remember my family or my Girlfriend?” she looked at me sadly, “A wolf bite can do that to you, when I had my first change, I forgot about my friends, and it doesn’t help that you were bit by a powerful wolf”.

I nodded to her then looked down, I was leaving a life I had already forgotten. She stood up and dusted off her hands on her coat, then said, “We’ll I’ll have a nurse go report the news to your family, then we’ll get you set up”.

She walked toward the door, then abruptly stopped and turned back to me, “I forgot, sorry, what’s your name??” She laughed at the end, I swallowed, trying to remember, man a wolf really does a number on you.

She frowned and and folded her arms over her chest,

“I’m sorry, here, I’ll call you-hum-North!“.
First chapter up!!!!
Thank you all ❤️ and by the way, the other chapters wont be this long, I just had motivation :)

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