We live in Darkness To see the Light

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Why did this have to happen to me? Why did I have to be born sick? Why was I supposed to die at seven years old? All I know is life has changed and well each day a new advanture.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Welcome to the world of guilt it always happens when you find out that you are going to be a parent. You find out that you are responsible for another human being and that their lives are in your hands, no matter how incapable those hands may be. I found out that my best friend was going to be a father but his wife died and he did not feel that he would be a good father. He brought the children to me and asked me to adopt them. These two precious little babies and boy and a sweet little girl. I look at the male child and notice how much smaller he is and look at my friend. "Is he ill?" I ask and my best friend nods his head. "Will he get better?" I ask and my long time friend bows his head and sees tears falling to the ground.

"Kota please understand me and hear me clearly. The doctors tell me that the boy may not make it to see seven. More than likely he will die. He can't handle even the smallest of meals make him sick. So they have been giving him banana bags of nutrients." Sojen sighed tilting his head down to press a kiss to his Kenji's forehead. He squirmed but did not cry he barely made a sound even. That night I made a vow to be this boys savior either by letting science do its thing or by prayer or what have you one thing will save the boy even if I have to forget who I am.


Five years later:

I have been all over the world trying to learn how to use DNA to repair the human body and sorta hit a snag. I figured out how to use animal DNA to prolong life even give unnaturally long life. Time to start testing on dying or dead children before having to resort to using it on Kenji. I look at my journal and smile to myself as my darling daughter Kemorie walks in. She is only ten now, but she is a sweetheart.

"Daddy Kenji is having and episode," She tells me and holds the five-year boy in her hands while ever the quiet Yao my eldest holds the Aurora the other five-year-old in his arms. The two of them smile as I take Kenji and give him a tummy settling drink and hold him to my chest. He is my special child and I will stop at nothing to save him.



'When life ends and death begins what do you do?' I ask myself. When the days change to weeks and the months to years I just look out my window. The seasons change from winter to spring then to spring to summer and from there fall, then we are back to winter. This is the night tat will change the course of my life. The night that life should have ended and the new life does begin.

As far as religion goes my family was divided on it. My twin and me are Christian, my mother is a witch, my father is an atheist I think, my older siblings follow their hearts. My older brother Yao is a wonderful guy and protective of me. He does not want to harm me, but he will do what my father tells him. Kemorie my older sister does bad dark deeds to anyone, me being the favorite plaything. Aurora my twin sister is sheer perfection. She is always protecting me from everyone and everything. If I survive to fight for her one day I will.

The death bell tolls for all and I was ready to except mine at the moment my body was broken and I opened my heart to the thought. I felt the cold grip of death on my shoulders as the angel of death was about lead me away. But my all powerful father decided that it was time for him to take control of my life. He walked in my room as the others were crying and I was waiting to be brought into the world of were my heavenly father would cradle me to him. I was brought from the darkness that was death. From ice that was lifelessness, and the truth of death.

I felt a new form of cold, a less striking cold instead it was a mortal cold, a true cold. I felt the sharp pain in my head as something that should never be put in a humans body was placed there. "Don't worry my son this animal died to save you," He said mimicking the words of the bible in which Jesus died for all our sins. The next thing I knew I was floating in an embryonic tube. A mask held to my face that was giving me air. The pain of my ears and tail coming in and my human ears falling from my head.



'My twin is laying in there probably in the most pain he has ever felt.' I say to myself looking in at Kenji. He was so sickly and weak when he was still walking around us and talking to us. He is so sweet and I pray that God is here for him through all of this. I protect him so that he has someone on his side.

This time was different he was hurting still she could feel it. There had been more children put through this treatment only Kota our father had figured out a new way since Kenji's imprisonment in that tube. The injection is now an inhalant that just does the transformation in a matter of minutes. A few seconds of pain for a life time of being a freak. My turn is coming and I know it. He walks up and smiles to me. His mind is twisted by the demented treatment of his own children. "My child it is not like a twin to not to look like their twin my pet." He said and held an inhaler to me and sighed. "Don't you want to resemble your twin?" He asked and kissed my forehead and held the inhaler to my nose and mouth. I nod and take this upon myself to bare this with my twin. The fire that stirs inside me and burns away every ounce of humanity except the shreds I hold onto and keep hidden with in my heart of hearts my human ears fall off as two jut from my head and a tail breaks free of my spine. I cry out as the pain wreaks havoc on my body. I fall over and the cool of the tile floor heighten my senses as I send a fire ball at the first person through my father's labs' doors.

My father picks me up and lays me in a bed as I thrash about crying in pain and rage. The bitter twinge in my body of poison bubbles up as fangs appear in my mouth and a firey liquid seep from them. I bit my pillow to stop the stuff from burning my mouth. The pillow burst into flame as the venom-like substance burns it. I am unharmed though because this power is mine.



I wake up to the sounds of my twin screaming in pain. She has fire in her eyes I sense her strength growing. She is fueling her anger with each second of the fire building inside her. She looks at the others in the room. The nurse that works along side our father tries to restrain her. The girl reaches down and as she does Aurora bites her arm. That is a new one for my twin. Then the girl screams in agony as if her insides are burning. "Leave me be," She growled. When twin gets mad she is scary.

The tube I am in drains and I am sat on the ground the mask being removed from my face. The tube lifts from the ground and I am put into a towel. I slowly fall asleep though from the exposure to fresh air. When I wake up I feel that familiar cold steel under my body. I am naked and the air is cooling and I start to sit up, but I am restrained. Yao walks over to the bed my small form is latched to. I feel him crawl on it and I blush because of him. I never knew him to look this way. To make me feel this way. Why do I think he is cute? I hate this no stop body don't react that way. I am too young for this.

I am handed some clothes and put them on. I am given a hoodie and-and nice t-shirt with some blue jeans. I walk to the room they made for me and my twin. From this day forward we are in cages and that scares me. Because I will miss my mommy, she is so sweet and her voice can send away any nightmare. I whimper to the scientist that pushes me in. Aurora is brought in her eyes hollow looking because of the severe pain she is in. I walk over and hold her close and she leans into me.

It finally hits me. "Wait I don't feel weak anymore. I feel like my body is healed." I whisper to her and kiss her cheek. This is how I am supposed to feel I realize. A smile tugs at my features and looks at her. "Twin I am cured." I say and she only nods.

Soon she wakes up with a spark of life in her eyes that makes me the happiest. That is until I hear them walking down the hall. Yao and Kemorie walk up to our cell and open it. Yao picks me up and holds me to his chest. His scent is nice. Kemorie grabs Aurora and smiles to her. We are taken upstairs to the house. Mother holds up a necklace and places it on me and an identical one on Aurora. "Tonight to ensure you survive my son we will place your soul in your twins body," She says sweetly. She begins to sing a spell to us. I learned all of them just as fun songs when I was little. This one was the one that always helped me sleep.

Soul oh soul

find your home

in this vessel

Still and Quiet

Heal her and share her

Kenji is one with Aurora

Aurora is one with Kenji

Be still through this night

For you both have a fight

Break the chains

And seal away your pains

From this hour on

You shall own

the truth of each other.

I felt something a form of emptiness and I fell to my knees watching my soul leave my body and enter my twins. Yao held me close and forced me to watch as she writhed from my soul and her soul battling for space. Then I saw it the knife my mother always carried with her. She walked over and bent next to me. She looked at me then at Yao and nodded to him. He nudged my head to the side. I knew this one all too well. She took the knife to my birthmark. She cut the circles around them and poured the ink on them. I passed out from blood loss.

I awoke in my bed and clutched my neck running to the mirror and looking. On the side of my Neck was my now tattooed birthmark. They had always called me the chosen one whatever that means. I look at the mark and trace it. It is so dark and cool looking. I smile to myself and walked over to Aurora who instead of being in her bed was on the floor. I lay next to her. She nuzzles into me. Her body is so warm I love the feeling of her heat.

She wakes up first in the morning. "Kenji wake up we have visitors." She said and wake up and look around. A boy with a handkerchief around his eyes, he had ears and a tail and as I got up he sensed it and jumped at me. I knocked him off of me and pinned him to the ground. "Wow, that was weird."I say and look into Aurora's eyes. She smiles to me and I laugh.

The boy with the blindfold gets up and smiles to us. "Not bad I guess you are cool by me," He said and smirked. "The name is Ark." He holds his hand out to me and not my twin. "She is the one who is going to be alpha, not me." I say and smile to her. "I am just her twin I will protect her forever." I state and look at the unamused boy in front of me.

"I won't shake a female leaders hand," He said and jumped over her and then smiled to me. "But you are cool." He said and smiled to me. He walked off to the corner of the room. He laid down and snuggled into himself and began to sleep.



I glare at this Ark kid. I am a wolf a proud creature, not some one's pointless pet. He may just be a tamed wolf, but I am a wild one, all be it caged but wild. I won't let him tell me what to do. I wrap my arms around Kenji who leans back into me and he of-course he is happy in my arms. We are pretty close and now that his soul is in my body, we will only get closer. He smiles to me before letting out his energy, since he finally has some. I smile at him because it is about time he had some fun.

"Aurora watch this I can actually run now." He smiled and ran circles around me giggling. He was so happy to be moving. He was just a puppy now a little happy hyper puppy. He was looking into my eyes a lot trying to see a glimmer of the old me the one he was protected by but for now I will just let him protect me. He seems happy with this idea not to mention he also seems like he feels he owes it to me. I don't feel he does, but it is nice to feel protected.

Soon he is tired though because being sick that long he is not in shape. As far as the boys energy level he will get in shape rather quickly. "Are you tired already twin?" I ask him and smile simply because he is so adorable. He looks at me and nods to me and pats the ground next to him. I lay next to him and snuggle him close. I know soon though once there are more of us I won't be able to lay next to him and keep him warm. We will be on two different sides of the coin. Me I will be the alpha leading the pack and he will be a beta a hunter but not on the same level as me. We will always be close, but he will have to be strong on his own for a while.



I watch her sleep, I cant stay asleep too long. Her small chest rising and falling it makes me smile. I wrap my tail around her protectively. She won't be hurt so long as I breathe. I look over at Ark, he is a mystery to me. I mean looking at him he does not look like he is much more than a strong boy and an ill-tempered one. Although I might be wrong he is nice to me. So maybe he is not that bad of a guy, I don't know but maybe.


Ten years later


I look around I am now seventeen and things have fallen into place for my twin she is the alpha, but because she is a female the pack calls her alphas. I like it better too, in fact if there were ever another leader I would over throw them for her. I flip my short fluff ball head to straighten the hair out of my eyes to get a better look at her. She is so pretty and innocent to the ways of others. She is strong too, her power is feared by all of us. None more so than Ark, though, she would scare the crap out of me too, if I had his blood type. His body is infected with gamma and so he can move things with it. It is weird to watch him move stuff with it, but you know what ever if you are one of the two under dogs of the group what can you do?

She is beautiful her full lips and her body is sheer perfection, she has really come into her own. She knows how to make all of the males in this pack minus Ark fall at her feet and the females of the pack worship her ability to put males in their place. She looks over to me and smiles to me and motions for me to come over. As I walk all of the others smirk knowing why and I sigh also knowing why. I am the only one who can give her a run for her money.

She smiles to me sweetly kisses my cheek and then gets in her stance. I get in my own and we bow to each other as is appropriate, and then we spar. She refuses to use her powers on me because I don't have any powers myself. After the sparring match which is when we are both tired, she smiles to me once more before I go the back of the den where I sleep.

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