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“So then it just came out I’m a vampire?" "I asked her what she would expect of a vampire in today’s age.” “I take it she said someone like you?” “She asked if we were on drugs or something.” Book 7 of the Amaris series. if you've got to Book 7 you know the story. A quick recap. Princess Alysa was stolen as few months old baby, her father (unknown to him) searched for almost 16 years to find her. he eventually found her and brought her back into the world of the Amaris. where her story just begins. Since she has been found her life has been a mess of adventures love fear and death, she's now married to Prince Derek this time properly and about to become queen. but will being a queen of people who want to see you dead be easy? being a princess sure wasn't. With the loss of her friend Peter she knows that life really can be short, even for an Amari

Fantasy / Adventure
Katy Rayne
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There comes a day when what is green turns red with blood, the Royal child will decide if there is to be a time of war and a world of darkness. Or the beginning of a better future and an era of harmony. Only the child can decide if she is to be the destroyer or the healer. It shall be then when the darkness rises once more. That her choice will see the combining of 2 worlds into one. Only she can renew the Amaris’s humanity.

Sometimes having your life as a prophecy spoils it. No one should know what they have to do. As it stops them doing what they should. Live your life for you and enjoy it. Do what makes you happy, follow your own heart. you don't have to be the best at something to enjoy doing it. life is about making yourself happy. after all fail itself stands for first attempt in learning.

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