The Lacuna Chronicles

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Book #1 The Golden Series Artemis had been surrounded by the Gods her whole existence. The only thing she had ever known was fighting and wars. She was a born Greek warrior with creatures she loved that filled her heart. No one had ever noticed the loneliness that corrupted her. She didn't have kids or a lover like the other Gods. Her title of virginity had basically forbidden her from wanting to love someone... Until she laid eyes on him. Two different worlds filled with war and hatred. Where darkness lurks around and your most trusted friend can be the one stabbing you in the back simply plotting to kill you in your sleep. A world filled with death and destruction. Death. It's not his name but it might as well be.

Maya Simone
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Prologue: The Ghost Child

THE NIGHT WAS quite ashen.

The young boy had been under his cover, completely engulfed with the bright magic leaking from the his hands, vibrating his body with pure elation that everything around him just melted away. He felt comfort as he swirled his finger above his palm creating a tiny star surrounded by purple mist that looked completely breathtaking.

He giggled at the beauty in his palm but his laughter quickly died down when he suddenly grew aware of his surroundings. The star washed away from his hands and he was only left in darkness.

He peaked from under the cover, straining his ears to listen to how quiet everything was. It was odd for him to be so oblivious to his surroundings but it was like everything around him just seemed to blur whenever he would use his gifts.

The window in his room was open casting down the light of the moon. Mother nature's cries cackled, but the raging storm did little to scare him. He stared at the curtains that blew furiously from the harsh wind and wondered why the house seemed to be so quiet.

"Mama.” He called out into the dark room as he rubbed his eyes under his small glasses.

His small feet landed soundlessly on the ground and padded over to the door that was creaked open. A glow of light was coming from the hall as he stepped out glancing down both ways of the enormous hallway. He wanted to be surprised that they left him all alone but he couldn't.

He was always alone.

With every step he took the old floorboards creaked under his tiny weight. He ran his fingers along the black walls that went throughout the house that he had grown to know was his home, looking up at all the paintings and sculptures that decorated the place. The large painting of his father always scared him endlessly, his little middle finger flickered up at the old painting.

A small laugh rose from within him.

The house was so entirely big that he found himself wondering around and doing things he usually did when they left him at home. After roaming the halls he found himself in a place that was forbidden to him unless told to be in there.

His fathers office practically swallowed up his small form as he looked around sizing everything up. The walls like the rest of the house were painted black and the furniture in the room was as equally dark and intimidating.

His fingers dragged along everything until he stopped. There was a floor to ceiling window that was slightly open. He put his hand against the chilly glass and gazed out the window, realizing that he was up pretty high up.

He could see his reflection—a black haired little boy with eyes that could no longer see the pure happiness he once could. His tiny glasses ensured he looked normal to the watchful eyes but when he concentrated there was the sheer image of his bones through his flesh, the darkness around his eyes and the empty space where his heart once was.

He shook his head watching his true form wash away replaced by his fake one. He pulled the glass window open more and leaned out into the cold storm, his clothes dampened rapidly from the rain pelting against him, wondering if anyone would care if her jumped.

Most likely not.

No one really cared about him except his mom. She was his only companion and he could tell she loved him more than anything. But his fathers judgement overruled anything she said. She liked being controlled by the brutal man who did nothing but disrespect her as a mother, a woman, and a Queen.

After his father killed him, no one expected him to come back from the dead. It was unheard of and no witch had the power to do such a spell. For once in his life he had been free of the torture and pain from the man who was suppose to shower him with love. He had been free from danger and abuse for only mere seconds until his soul completely returned to his body as if he had never died. As if his father had never actually killed him and it was all some kind of dream.

But it wasn't.

He did die.

His father became worse after his reincarnation and tried multiple times to murder the boy but none of these attempts worked.

He shook the horrid thoughts away as he felt himself leaning outward. He kept wondering if anything would actually happen if he were to fall. He was already dead.

He couldn't die again. Right?

He paused at the melody of a beautiful voice that crawled into his mind. "You are more than just a young King, little one. Be brave and think about the lives you will hurt when they see you gone.” He wanted to laugh at that but the sweet voice shocked him so much he could barely form words, his eyes connecting with the bright full moon.

"W-who are you?" He called out.

"I am everything you want me to be." The voice soon replied.

"How do I know what I want you to be?" He asked.

"You will soon my King."

"W-what does that mean?" He called out to the voice again but this time there was no answer. He tried several more times but it was like the women was never there.

He left the office and went down to the kitchen. There was food sitting on the tables waiting for the wolves to come back and ravish it like the beast they were. His fingers hovered over it, itching to just poison the people who hated him.

The voices screaming at him to just end them as he watched black veins surface on his hands filled with poison. They were taunting him to eliminate those who posed a threat to him. The more they whispered the closer his fingers got to the food.

A bolt of thunder rang through the sky and he jumped, his eyes shifting around trying to see if someone was there. He retracted his hand and ran up the stairs as his ears picked up on running feet hitting the ground in the woods not far from his house. The storm did little to block his hearing as they rampaged towards shelter.

Seconds later he heard the front door open and he was back in his room with speed as fast as lighting, closing his door behind him. Multiple footsteps sounded from down stairs and soon the house was filled with loud laughter of the barbaric wolves.

He hurried towards his bed, diving under the covers. The loud chatter was still going on downstairs but he heard the harsh footsteps that belonged to no one other than the beast that he feared would come into his room each night.

He closed his eyes tightly to the sound of the door creaking open causing horror to rush down his spine. He felt goosebumps prickle his skin as a thin line of sweat coated his brow.

“If only you had a heart, I’d be able to tell whether you were scared or not.” The cover was snatched from over him and there stood his father.

The man was burly and packed with muscles. As weird as it was, he didn't resemble his son at all. Everything about them seemed to be a mystery, one that he couldn't solve since he didn't even look like his mother.

His fathers eyes were green and resembled a psychopath. They were filled with so much emotion and hatred where as his son were dead and hollow, two silver voids of endless darkness.

“Come on,” He leaned in close to his ear and the heavy smell of liquor invaded his senses. “I’ve got a surprise for you.” His thick fingers wrapped around his neck and he dragged him out the bed. The little boy whimpered as his glasses fell to the floor and his father didn't hesitate to crush them as he tightened his hands, dragging him further down the stairs.

"Please, d-d-don't h-hurt me." He begged but the man continued until he stopped at this random wall in one of the many hallways. Suddenly the sound of locks were heard and a door opened out of nowhere. Inside lead to complete darkness that the boy knew all too well. "Papa please!"

"Ramon. Jason. Alex." The man called and his three minions came barreling down the hall.

"Alpha." They bowed.

"Take him in there and do what ever you want. He deserves to be punished."

"I didn't do anything!" He cried. He couldn't understand why he always felt so powerless around his father. His fear of him was so strong he felt there was nothing he could do to stop the evil man.

Even when he was sure he didn't do anything.

The men came forward and dragged him down the long dark tunnel. He watched as it started closing and his father was just standing there smiling.

"And if I find out you did any of that magical bullshit, you're going to deal with me." He said as the door sealed shut disappearing completely, from the eyes.

"Papa!" Was the last thing he said before the pain began.

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