The Lacuna Chronicles

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Chapter One: Secret Melancholy

THE GOLDEN JEWELED cup slammed down against the table.

The blood red liquid that was once filled to the brim with delicious wine was no more. “I didn’t even notice I had none left.” My sister said waving down a servant.

“You shouldn’t drink so much. That’s your seventh one.” I told her even though I knew she wasn’t listening.

She was almost as bad as Dionysus.

The human quickly rushed over bowing her head shakily lowering the vase of red liquid into her cup. It didn’t take a genius to notice how she visibly quaked with fear.

Her body was so thin, the throw on gown practically engulfed her small frame. Her skin was a sickly pale with green veins crawling over her flesh, her emotionless face was almost fake as if she tried to hide the pain behind her eyes. She had waves of auburn hair that flowed down her back but it was dull and stringy. I wondered maybe if she had been treated properly, could she have been beautiful?

“Wine is good for the soul.” Dite purred, admiring one of the many rings that decorated her fingers before taking a sip of her wine. She waved her hand and without a word, the human scurried away.

I drank the rest of my own wine, standing from the table.

“Where are you going?” She asked, a frown stretching across her beautiful features.

“Its getting late and I’d rather sleep off my sore muscles after all my training today with father.” I trailed off, the lie hidden behind my stoic features.

“But what about tonight,” She whispered with a sad undertone to her voice. I rolled my eyes, inwardly cringing. There were other things I’d rather do than have male genitalia swinging in my face.

“We can go another time.” I lied again. She pouted.

Someone cleared their throat and my head snapped to the boy with an gold metallic arrow tatted on the exposed skin of his chest. His dark hair was swept back with light waves falling in front of his glowing violet eyes.

His brows were creased as his eyes shifted to his mother, his question ringing through the air.

Bless his heart.

“What’s tonight?” Cupid asked but it was clear she wouldn’t tell him. Their relationship was very close but like any parent she wanted to keep him pure forever.

“Nothing.” She said. It was obvious he didn’t believe her.

Nothing sounded more like Adonis Peak. It was a club for the high ranked Gods to exploit their sexual needs. I didn’t have any sexual needs since my virginity was still intact so there was no reason for me to go.

I could see the questions swimming as she scrutinized me with the same violet eyes as her eldest son. She was always thirsty for secrets.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I’m fine.” I dismissed the conversation leaving the mother and son alone.

The sky was dark as I walked down the open hallway. I enjoyed the feeling of the wind caressing my skin and blowing through my long curls. I admired the place I had grown up in, the purity of all things not pure, the gold feel of everything, and the art that decorated the walls and ceilings with gold linings.

I stepped out from the Pantheon, a smile grazing my lips. It was rare for me to smile but I was suddenly in such a good mood. Gods gave me weird looks but I shook off their stares, enjoying the peace I currently felt.

The closer I grew to my room I couldn’t help but admire the exquisite flowers that blossomed across the ground. Beautiful rose petals the color of a blood moon and chocolate cosmos that were the shade of death bloomed together, brightening and whispering to me as I walked between them.

I had Persephone grow me these specific ones close to my room.

My heart warmed as I felt the pureness of nature speak to me. My feet felt her beneath me, calming me as my eyes closed breathing it in for a moment to show my love for her.

My fingers lifted towards the sky bursting with energy as I felt the cackle of thunder above me, feeding nature, it’s cries of joy filling my ears. The rain wasn’t hard but soft as it pelted down on them. Slowly the current of electricity blurred around my arms, sinking into my skin. As I walked further between them, I heard the sound of someone panting as if out of breath.

“Hey!” A voice called out from behind me. I didn’t have to turn to know who the voice belonged to. “Will you slow down!” He yelled and I gritted my teeth as I stopped, the flowers crawling back into their petals.

“Did you want something?” I asked the worthless God in front of me. His dark hair was stuck to his head with sweat as he leaned over catching his breath. He had always been terrible at cardio.

He only had an off white chiton covering his lower body and his chest was on full display showing off his useless body. He was way too skinny for my liking. I gave him an peevish look, tapping my foot on the ground.

“I wanted to know if you and Aphrodite were still going to that club tonight...” I raised a brow.

“Why would you want to know that?” I paused. “Better question, how do you know about that?” I challenged and his cheeks tinted as he cleared his throat.

“I uh, sort of overheard you guys talking about it a few days ago. I thought I could you know,” He shrugged. “tag along since I can’t necessarily get in on my own—” I held up my hand.

“We’re not going anymore.” His face fell.


“Why don’t you ask Dite to help you release yourself? I’m sure she would give you all the attention you need Hermes. Her husband is in The Underworld. Maybe you both can satisfy yourselves with each other.” I continued on my walk to my room not waiting for my desperate half brother to reply.

My sister got around with men more than the average Gods but sadly I wasn’t like her. I didn’t have those things that I had to carry in my womb and push from my vagina nor a husband to kiss every night before bed. There was just me.

I sighed opening the door to my room, my happiness draining a bit. My finger flickered to the candles that were placed along the walls, alighting them with fire that laughed at me. It laughed at my pain and my sadness that I covered from everyone but myself.

My crystal ball glowed from the blazing fire and the moons light that shined through the open boulders. I grabbed it before leaving my room, the fire burning out.

As I stepped down from my room, the moon found my eyes. Only she knew the things that I kept bundled inside. Secrets that were forbidden.

She’d never betray me.

I slipped through the rose bushes and took a seat in the garden Persephone had made but long forgotten about. It shielded me from everyone and I found comfort in knowing that I could never get caught here. The only one who knew about it was Apollo.

I sat the ball in front of me feeling my fingers vibrate with bolts of energy. The ball began to rise swirling with gold dust until the image began to clear.

My breath hitched when my eyes raked the beautiful form of the man who ruled over the werewolf kingdom. I wondered if perhaps it was time I visited him. I did make him a promise when he was a young boy. I guess it was time to hold the end of the deal.

My eyes closed and I envisioned the land of my hounds, summoning the King. It didn’t take long until I felt him walk up behind me. Something in my chest tightened as his scent plummeted through me like a tidal wave that I was not expecting.

I could feel his eyes crawling over my exposed skin. I trained everyday so my articles of clothing were little to nothing.

“I always thought you had the most beautiful hair.” Then I felt his finger pull on one of my long curls watching it bounce back to its original place.

I turned, craning my neck up at him. I tried so hard not to let my eyes linger on his exposed chest and settled on meeting his eyes. He wore glasses that now did little to hide the three long claw marks engraved across his damaged eye.

He was just so violently breathtaking.

My eyes always felt sore every time I saw him. It took me a very long time to realize that these things I felt toward him were purely lust.

Fighting against it was becoming difficult and being a virgin my whole life wasn’t helping anyone. Why not try to give myself to someone I know. Or someone who I find very attractive.

“Hello Valentine.” I greeted. I wondered if the smile he sent me was because he could hear the tremor in my voice.

“Moon Goddess,” he nodded. He was so incredibly beautiful, I could feel my heart beating against my chest almost as if it was trying to get to him. “What’s so urgent that you couldn’t just give me a call. I hate coming here.”

His impressive arms crossed over his large chest and this time I know he didn’t miss the way my eyes slid over the beautifully tatted flesh.

I cleared my throat. “I hope you’re treating my kingdom well.”

“As well as I can.” He smiled and my heart thumped. “Why have you summoned me here?”

Impatient as ever.

“I have kept an eye on you and have finally decided to grant you a mate.”

“A mate?” This seemed to take him by surprise.


“It’s been almost four hundred years. Why now?” He asked blatantly curious.

“No one should have to same fate as me.”

“And what fate would that be?”

“To wonder the world alone forever.” My eyes found the scarlet red polish on my nails and for some reason I couldn’t meet his eye anymore.

“Are you cursed?” He asked.

I wanted to laugh and say no but my title was more than a horrid curse. It was who I was suppose to be.

“I am Goddess of the Moon, The Hunt, and . It is my duty to follow and lead with my titles around my neck. My father would kill me if otherwise.”

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