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Tanith - 7 Years Ago

“Tanny! Get here. NOW!”

Oh oh... She already knew what was coming. Because her Brother was a rat. Just because she shoved him into the lake didn’t mean that he had to go and tell on her right away! Well, there was no escaping it now.

Her Mother was a stern woman, always on the lookout for trouble that her two children might cause. And for good reason. Last week they bumped a merchants cart over while running after each other. But he always got on her nerves and she just couldn’t help herself.

Tanith got to the house just in time to hear her Mother yell again.

“Tanny! If you don’t get here in a second I will-”

She ran into the kitchen so she wouldn’t need to hear what punishment her Mother would think of.

“There you are! Why is it that my son comes home, drenched to his bones and shivering and then tells me that his big sister had nothing better to do than to push him into the lake?”

She looked at her daughter expectantly and Tanith was too eager to explain.

“But Mom! He Stole my Bow!!” She didn’t look convinced. “Mom my boooow! Daddy made it for me! Just for me!” That made her soften a bit.

“Darling. You are right. Daddy made it for you.. But you have to remember that he didn’t get the time to make something for Harry. He is just a little sad about it. You are his big sister, you have to look after him and understand him even if he is being irrational.“, she lectured.

Tanny rolled her eyes, every time he took her bow she had to listen to this. But at least she probably wouldn’t get punished now. “Okay Mum, I’ll try... But can’t you talk to him about it? I’m really scared that he will break it.” After all it was the last thing she had from her Father that was meant for her. Only her. But she could understand the point her Mother made.

An hour later she was outside again, practicing with her bow. Harris walked out and stood beside her, eyeing her suspiciously. “Are we even again?” She looked over to him and made a face. “Yeah.”

She shot some more arrows, Harry standing beside her the whole time. After looking at him for a while she asked: “Do you want to shoot?” She could feel a smile creeping up her face as she watched his eyes brighten. “Yes!”

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