Darkness Lingers Beneath: A Twisted Turn (Book 2)

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Chapter Seven

Days past and nothing happened. My mother and her goons stayed away, most likely planning something awful. Ethan would make appearances at the house, but never long enough. I went to school, hung with friends, and kept Sam by my side. Everything actually seemed normal. I was happy, until everything went down the gutter.

I came home from school and felt the coming pain of a vision. I made it up to my room, barely able to lock the door, as I collapsed onto the floor. I clutched at the carpet as everything faded away. I was suddenly in the school, but it was pitch black outside. Everything was so dark.

I began walking down the hall, my footsteps echoing in the halls. I noticed a calendar in one of the classrooms read Wednesday; tomorrow night. I analyzed the calendar as a scream rang out. I looked into the hall to see a girl running away from a shadow.

I followed after the pair and wound up in a supply closet. I came to door to find the figure in front of the girl. I looked down the hall at a clock and saw the time of eight. “Get off her!”

The figure turned toward me with a sneer. The girl collapsed and her body slammed into the cement floor; her eyes forever open. The figure appeared before me and my stomach dropped, “Ethan?”

“The one and only.” Said Ethan

I wanted to know more but before I had the chance I was brought back to reality. I was again in my bedroom, laying on the rough carpet. I laid there for several moments thinking of what to do next. Ethan was going to kill tomorrow night and I was the only one who knew. I had to stop him before it was too late.

My mother turned him into a vampire, but I wouldn’t let him become a monster. He was just a kid and he didn’t need this on his conscious. I had to stop this and keep it from Sam. If Sam found out then he’d stop me and that would ruin everything.

I got up from the floor and looked through my old yearbooks in search of the girl Ethan would kill. Her name was Sarah Treader; a classmate of his. I had to make sure Ethan got nowhere near her. If I wasn’t fast enough the least I could do is try to save the girl’s life. No one was gonna die as long as I could stop it.

The next morning I wrote the girl’s name on my hand and headed out the door. Sam was waiting out front and I climbed into his car. We drove in silence and I pretended that everything was fine. I told Sam I had to grab something before class and he went on his way.

I searched the sophomore hallway and found the girl talking to a few of her friends. The others went off and left Sarah on her own. I fast walked through the crowd and appeared next to her locker. “You’re Sarah Treader, right?”

“Who is asking?” Asked, Sarah, with a hint of sass.

“My name is Carly, I’m Ethan Carlisle’s older sister.” I said as a look of recognition went across the girl’s face.

“I didn’t know he had an older sister. He doesn’t really talk about his family much, but it’s nice to meet you.” Said, Sarah, shaking my hand. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering if I could talk to you during lunch. It will only take a few moments of your time. I need to talk to you about Ethan.” I said

“Yeah, we can talk at lunch. Ethan is a really good friend of mine and I’d love to meet his family. See you at lunch.” Said, Sarah, as she pretty much skipped down the hall.

I watched her turn the corner and then I headed to class. Luckily I made it right before the bell rang so no nosey teacher. I sat in my seat and waited for class to begin. I looked back at Sam and he smiled back at me. He didn’t notice anything was wrong and that is just what I wanted.

When lunch finally came around I told my friends and Sam that I had some homework to finish. I waited outside until Sarah came around the corner. Her friends went in and I pulled her into the hall. “Why are we gonna talk out here?”

“Because I don’t want anyone to hear us. I need to tell you something about Ethan.” I began as I noticed the scarf around her neck which was loose enough just to see two puncture holes. “But you already know.”

“Know what?” Asked, Sarah, as she noticed my gaze. “It’s just a hickey. Your brother and I are closer than I said this morning. We’ve been dating for a few weeks and he is quite good at hickeys. It’s like nothing I have ever felt.”

“You need to stay away from him.” I said

“Why?” Questioned, Sarah, with a look of confusion.

I bit my tongue and reworded what I was gonna say. “He’s dangerous and I’m worried he might hurt you. He isn’t who he seems to be. Did Ethan invite you to stay after school today with him?”

“Yeah, he did.” Said Sarah

“Don’t go. For your safety I beg you not to go. Please, just trust me.” I said grabbing onto her arms.

Sarah looked at me with anger and she pushed my arms away. She looked at me like I was the devil. “You just don’t want him to be happy. You want to push me away from him, but it won’t work. We love each other.”

“I am not trying to ruin his happiness. I am trying to save your life. He is planning on killing you tonight, don’t you get that? You need to stay somewhere he can’t get to you. Please just listen to me.” I said as the one and only had to come and join the conversation.

“What’s going on here, Sarah?” Asked, Ethan, putting his arm around her shoulder.

“You’re sister is trying to break us up. She keeps saying your dangerous and planning to kill me tonight. You need to talk some sense into her.” Said, Sarah, as Ethan looked from her to me.

“Why don’t you go inside and save me a spot? I’ll talk to my sister and see if I can work something out.” Said, Ethan, bending down and kissing Sarah on the lips.

She sneered at me and walked into the cafeteria drama queen style. Once she was out of sight Ethan grabbed ahold of my shirt and slammed by back into the lockerbank. The metal dug into my back as he pushed me against it. “Why are you involving yourself in my business?”

“Because I had a vision about you killing that poor girl. I can’t just sit by as you kill someone who doesn’t deserve it. I don’t want to watch you become a monster.” I said

Ethan laughed aloud and turned his attention back to me. “Mom told me about those visions of yours. You see the bad and try to fix it, but you can’t fix everything. I need blood to survive and mom said that killing is part of it.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to listen to her. You don’t have to kill, Ethan. Please don’t be the evil that she is. Don’t stoop to that level.” I said

“Mom is not evil.” Said, Ethan, squeezing my arms enough to make them turn red. “She is my savior. Without her I’d still be the kid who gets beat up for the fun of it. No one can lay a hand on me now. I’m powerful. I’m a god.”

“You are no god, Ethan. You’re a kid who got turned into a vampire when he shouldn’t have. This whole situation should never have happened. You don’t deserve this type of torture.” I said

“Are you saying you don’t think I can handle it?” Asked Ethan

“That’s not what I was saying. I meant to say that you’re just a kid Ethan and you will forever be one. You won’t grow old, have kids, or eat your favorite foods again. You’re trapped in your own hell and I just feel bad for you.” I said

The wall he had built up around himself faltered for only a second before returned. If I just kept at it I might get my brother back. I wanted to have more time, but Sam had to show up and pull Ethan off. Ethan pushed Sam and headed for the doors, turning back to say one last thing. “Leave me alone, Carly. I won’t be lenient next time.”

He stormed out and Sam checked my arms for damage. Luckily, finding none. “Why did you start a fight with him?“Because I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.” I said rubbing my arms. “We were in public and cameras are everywhere. I just wanted my brother back and I just wanted to try to get through to him. But it didn’t work.”

Sam sighed and pulled me in for a hug. “I heard everything you guys said the minute he showed up. I just didn’t want to interfere too early in case you got to him. But when his hostel nature got to be too much I had to pull him away. Even if you are the strongest girl I know.”

“Mentally yes. Physically no. But that’s your job.” I said with a smile.

“So I’m the brawn and your the brain. Is that it?” Asked, Sam, with the same kind of smile.

“Oh, for sure.” I said as I leaned up and gave him a peck on the lips. He kissed me back, but stopped me before I could go back into the cafeteria.

“Don’t interfere when I am not around, please. I won’t be able to save you if something goes wrong. I’m heading out of town for a blood bag run which means I won’t be back until late tonight. Please stay away from the school tonight, for me.” Said Sam

“I won’t go, I promise.” I said

Sam nodded and put his arm over my shoulders as we went into the cafeteria. For the rest of the day I pretended like everything was fine, when it was far from it. I had to interfere tonight to save the girl and save Ethan’s soul. Even if I put my life in danger.

Sam drove me home, I said goodbye, and went to my room to plan. I had to get there early or he would kill her. I looked through my room for anything I could use for a weapon, but the only thing I had was a wood broom. I didn’t want to kill him and I wasn’t gonna let it lead to that.

All I had was the hope I could distract him long enough for her to escape. If he killed her then Ethan would always have that on his consciousness and I couldn’t let that happen. He was still my brother and I wasn’t gonna lose him to this darkness.

I lied to Amy and Dad about why I was leaving the house. Something about leaving a sweater at Christina’s house or something. I got in my car and drove a little over the speed limit. I arrived and pretty much ran out of my car toward the school.

I walked through the main doors and found the halls eerily quiet. I made my way across the school to the part where I saw them in the vision. I made it to the hall to see Ethan follow the girl into the closet. I ran, almost sliding, as I appeared in the entrance of the tiny closet.

“Ethan, stop!” I yelled as loud as I could. It took him a moment to register who I was, but then he understood. Ethan turned to face me as the girl ran for her life. His eyes followed her down the hall. He took a step forward as I put my hand on his chest.

Ethan’s eyes traveled down to my hand and anger smothered the features on his face. He grabbed ahold of my wrist while grabbing the other. Then with one quick motion he pushed me up against the wall, pinning my arms next to my head. You could almost see the smoke rising from his ears.

“I told you to stay out of my business! I need to feed to survive, don’t you understand that?!” Yelled, Ethan, as he squeezed my wrists; hard.

“You might need blood, but you don’t need to kill to get it.” I said

“What do you want me to do, Carly? Kill cute fuzzy animals? Or maybe steal from a hospital?” Questioned Ethan

“Yeah, Sam does it.” I said

“But do you think it lasts, Carly? Since I’ve turned I have tried animals and hospital blood. Both taste bland and old. Fresh human blood tastes like nothing else. It is like getting high off of speed without the chance of dying.” Said Ethan

“All you need is time.” I said

“Time? Time?!” Yelled, Ethan, as he let go of my wrists and wrapped a hand around my throat. “Carly, this isn’t some sickness I can get rid of. I need blood to survive and I will stop at nothing to get it. I am not a pansy vampire from some movie. I am a predator who needs to feed.”

“Sam, doesn’t hurt people.” I said

Ethan moved his mouth to my ear while keeping a grip around my throat. “Sam, isn’t different then any other vampire. He might be able to control his urges for a time, but eventually that fades. Sam has killed in the past and in the future he’ll do the same. Don’t think that because he is strong around you that he isn’t a killer.”

“Ethan, you can control this. Talk to Sam and work on it.” I said

“Carly, I can’t. I’m past that.” Said, Ethan, letting go of my throat and taking a few steps back. “I think I will leave you now. I still smell that girl and I am...starving.”

Ethan began to leave the closet and I knew this was a bad idea. I wasn’t gonna let him hurt that girl and I couldn’t let him starve either. It was the only way, it was the best case scenario. Sam would be mad, but it was a last resort.

“Ethan…” I began as he turned back to look at me. “I want you to feed from me.”

“Why are you suddenly offering?” Asked Ethan

“You are still my brother. I know we’ve had our fights, but I want to help you. If that means offering my neck so some innocent girl survives then that’s what I’ll do.” I said

Ethan appeared right in front of me while I moved the hair from the right side of my neck. His eyes widened and his fangs extended to his bottom lip. He hesitated for a moment and looked into my eyes. “Are you sure about this?”

“No, but do I have a choice?” I said

“Thank you.” Said, Ethan, as his face neared my neck.

I could feel the heat of his breath on my skin, causing me to shiver. His left hand slid up to the other side of my neck as he sank his fangs deep into my throat. I gasped at the sudden pain and clung to his sweatshirt.

He took enough for me to be weak legged, but I would be fine by the morning. He backed away and wiped the blood from his face. “I have to go find Sarah and kill her. She knows too much.”

I got up from the floor and held a hand over my wound. “You don’t have to kill her, Ethan. Just compel the girl. She’ll forget this ever happened.”

“I can’t control it yet, Carly. Even if I compelled her it most likely wouldn’t work. See you later.” Said, Ethan, vanishing out of thin air.

“Ethan!” I yelled as he was already gone.

I walked from the closet and looked down both sides of the hall. I ran toward the way Sarah ran and continued until I saw her outside the front doors; back to me. I wrapped a scarf I found from the lost in found around my neck and slowly approached the girl.

She stood there like a zombie. I walked around so we were face to face and she just stared ahead. I snapped my fingers and she broke right out of it. “Sarah, are you alright?”

Sarah blinked and her body came to life. “Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?” I asked

Sarah thought for a moment and answered in a monotone kind of voice. “Ethan and I snuck into the school. We made out for awhile and enjoyed a nice date. Then we split ways and I went home.”

I wanted to continue asking questions, but she just smiled and automatically walked to her car. I watched her get in and drive off as if nothing had happened. I knew someone had to have compelled her, but Ethan said he hadn’t learned to do that yet.

“I compelled her.” Said, Mom, as she suddenly appeared in front of me.

I jumped at her sudden presence and fell on my butt. She reached out her hand to help me, but I pushed her away and got up myself. She didn’t like my mistrust, but she tried to keep a smile on her face.

“Where’s Ethan?” I asked

“I told him to head back to my estate. That way he can be safe and not hurt anyone else.” Said Mom

“Why did you tell him killing was the only way?” I asked with anger. “He is only 16, Mom. He shouldn’t have to learn about any of this stuff. Why would you do that?”

Mother looked at me with a serious look. “I never said it was the only way. I told him fresh human blood was the only way to feed if he wanted to be powerful. Killing is a side effect that happens. I never said he had to kill the girl. He decided that on his own.”

“That is complete bullshit and we both know that. I know Ethan and I know he would never kill someone. He might be a little broken, but he’s not a monster.” I said

“Every vampire has killed, even your precious Sam. Sometimes the urge to feed becomes too much and you lose control. It’s only natural, Carly. Most of the time you don’t mean to, other times you mean every part of it.” Said Mom

“You’ve only been a vampire for a year. Sam knows a lot more than you about control. He might’ve killed early on, but he isn’t like that anymore. He isn’t like you.” I said with venom soaking my words.

My mom looked at me with anger, but held it back for my sake. She wanted to gain my trust, even if it meant dealing with my hate.

“Thank you for letting Ethan feed from you.” Said, Mom, tugging on the scarf. “Even if you ruined his first meal.”

“I did it for the girl and nothing more. I don’t like seeing others in pain when I have the power to stop it. I would rather see myself in agony then those around me.” I said

“You can’t save everyone, Carly. Some may die like Bill, Olivia, and Jessie. Even if you try your hardest, you won’t win. You are a mere human fighting against things only horror movies know. Broken heroes can try, but in the end they will lose everything.” Said Mom

“If I have to die to protect the ones I love then I do. I have made my piece with that and I will fight to the end. I am not going to give up fighting for what is right.” I said

“I know you won’t.” Said Mom

I felt a breeze go through my hair and my mom was gone. Part of me wanted to be angry with her, but another part was thankful for tonight. She saved Ethan from killing and that meant a lot to me.

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