Sacred Origin of the Gods: Foresight

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Unnatural Nature

The sky was burning.

The setting was a lively city in the southern part of the peninsula known as the ‘Sunshine State’, so many people would say something to that effect regularly, especially in the summer afternoons. However, this was a really a first. Never before had the sky really been set on fire. A gorgeous array for bright flames burned over a certain part of the city, almost like a mushroom cloud with no stem. It would draw the eyes of anyone nearby due to its outstanding appearance, and yet it caused no panic. The flames were so high, no heat could even be felt. After taking a minute to recover from the shock, bystanders began to take out their cellphones and cameras to take pictures of the fantastical sight.

It was at that point that it started raining. Not water, nor flames, but sparks. Little glints of light floated down a bit quicker than snow, spread out widely so it felt like gently descending glitter. It caused no fear among the bystanders and some were even curious enough to touch it.

“This isn’t good.”

A single figure stood among the crowd, looking around him with a concerned expression. He just so happened to be situated under the flaming sky, right by the roundabout that served as the epicenter. He made it a point to avoid the ‘glittering snow’, looking for cover to take refuge beneath.

He spotted a mother with three kids nearby, looking up in awe just like everyone else. The kids were doing the expected, laughing and jumping in an attempt to grab the glittering snow as it slowly came within reach. They showed disappointed looks when the dark skinned figure strode over and held his jacket over head, preventing the glittering snow from touching the kids or the mother.

“I would take the kids indoors somewhere if I were you.” The dark skinned man advised the mother with a polite tone and an easy smile. “It’s dangerous to touch irregular substances. I guess people around here don’t know that they should avoid yellow snow?”

The mother gave him a look that made it clear that she thought he was crazy, but then she noticed movement around her. The people who had touched the snow were all confused as the light traveled up their bodies and straight to their foreheads, where an odd symbol appeared in blazing red, just like the flames. Their bodies quickly went limp and they just stood where they were, unable to move.

“Warn anyone you pass along the way. And may Christ protect you.” The dark skinned man called after the mother as she quickly ushered her children toward the nearest building. He then grabbed the nearest man who had fallen under the influence of the glittering snow and dragged him off with him, heading toward a safe spot away from people. He’d need a little time—and a Guinea Pig—to find a cure for this spell. He spotted a bus stop with artificial shade to protect those who waited and decided that was the most convenient place—assuming this glittering snow wasn’t affected by wind.

But before the man who head to his newly found shelter, the danger quickly changed. The glittering snow seemed to melt and fall wildly like rain, but its color changed as well. At first, one would think it had turned into real rain but that was be a little inaccurate. The color, consistency, and smell were a little off.

The man caught a glimpse of a figure heading straight for the roundabout in the middle of the street, which was right beneath the flaming canopy. Covered from head to toe in what could only be some costume of a character that rivaled the eccentricity of the Count of Monte Cristo and the Phantom of the Opera, he stood out among regularly dressed people like a sore thumb. It was doubtful that he would be affected by the glittering snow as it was, but now it seemed that this new rain had taken its place and its effects were harmless.

The dark skinned man couldn’t help but grin.

“This city is about to get needlessly loud.”


“It’s raining what? Is that even possible? …Then get out of there! If it’s some toxic rain, you’ll definitely get sick!”

William groaned aloud and he shut his phone with unnecessary force, having ended his call. He turned to the young lady who stood nearby, looking expectantly at him.

“For some reason, the guys who flew in from Oregon got caught in some kind of weird weather phenomenon, so they’ll be late.”

“So their plane got delayed?”

William shook his head.

“They got caught in the weird weather in the city.”

The young lady raised an eyebrow and her smile grew wider. William felt regret shake his core. He could already see what was coming next.

“What’s it raining? Cats and dogs? Money? Men?”

“Blood, Alicia. Blood is falling from the sky.”

“Now that’s unlucky. We can’t leave normal people in a weird situation like that, so let’s go help them out.”

William resisted another groan.

“And by that, you mean help every single person involved, don’t you?”

“Of course. Obviously, this is the doing of a rogue demigod. Being one myself, I can’t sit back and do nothing, now can I?”


‘She’ looked up at the crimson rain and smiled.

“Looks like someone out there has the same idea as me.”

That can be said for all of your kind. What makes you think they’re an ally?

“Either way, I’ll take advantage of them to further my goals, so what does it matter? My ceremony will be a hundred times flashier than this, so it’s better to see how this works out for better reference.”

So you’ll help them, will you? Can’t say I approve. I still hold that we crush any potential opposition in front of us.

“Says the powerless god who can’t do anything without me. Let’s just be patient, okay?”

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