The Surreal Life of Wally Cur Book 1

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A Redneck in King Arthur's Court Most people, when mystically transported to a magical land of elves and orcs, would be concerned about screwing up the society as it exists. But rednecks? When they show up anywhere. They KNOW they’re about to f%+k somethin up. Do you remember when you started makin bad choices? Mine started when I got out o the Army. I bounced from job to job for a while. Used some o my college money but none of it interested me. So somewhere along the way I picked up friends. You know the kind. The ones your mom warned you about? Because they’re stupid. Yeah. One day they come up with a great plan to kidnap this kid. The boy’s dad was rich. Jeremy had worked as a handyman on the property so he knew the place. Blah blah blah. I’m sittin there thinkin, the boy’s not gonna be hurt an I needed… Well, that’s bullshit. I WANTED the money. So I said yes.

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Chapter 1

Well I was drunk, the day my mom, got outta prison...

~ “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” - Voltaire ~

Do you remember when you started makin bad choices? Mine started when I got out o the Army. I bounced from job to job for a while. Used some o my college money but none of it interested me. So somewhere along the way I picked up friends. You know the kind. The ones your mom warned you about? Because they’re stupid. Yeah. One day they come up with a great plan to kidnap this kid. The boy’s dad was rich. Jeremy had worked as a handyman on the property so he knew the place. Blah blah blah. I’m sittin there thinkin, the boy’s not gonna be hurt an I needed… Well, that’s bullshit. I WANTED the money. So I said yes.

The job goes smooth. Everyone’s happy. We contact the dad an he’s all about gettin us the money. No problems. Me an another guy go to the pickup an get the money. All looks good. We head through a very complicated route back to the house to find… Jeremy has killed the boy. He said it was the smart play.

My other two “friends” try to get between me an Jeremy. I didn’t even realize it when I’d broken their arms on my way to him. Unlike in the movies, when you bend someone’s elbow the wrong way. They do not continue to fight you. I was ballin like a baby an still beatin Jeremy’s lifeless skull into the floor when the cops rushed the house.

The Judge was merciful an gave me life instead o the chair. That was actually nice of her. A hell of lot more than I thought I deserved. What -did- suck was five months later when the prison Doc’s tellin me I have cancer an only a year to live… well, shit.

A few months after that I hear about this new science study bein funded by the government. They were askin all the death row inmates if they wanted to sign up for it. They came to me cause we all knew I wasn’t long for this world. The survival rate o the volunteers was not gonna be real high.

...Why the hell not.

A week later I find myself strapped to what looks an feels like an electric chair. As if that wasn’t enough to convince me o this bein another bad decision. The “Docs are pointin what looks like Megatron’s dick at me. They were testin a new magnetic shieldin for spacecraft an I was the lucky test monkey. Well at least I’d die doin somethin useful. Lord knows that was a first.

Then, one o the scientists leans out an yells to me, “Have you made your peace with God?”

“Say what now?”

“Sorry.” He laughed. The prick. “I meant, are you ready?”

I nodded incredulously. “Fuck it, Doc. Let’s kick this pig!”

I saw him nod an laugh as they started flippin switches back behind the device. A few moments later I saw Megatron’s dick start to light up an pulse. I heard it make a sound like it was powerin up just as a bright light began to form at the head. Several ‘dick’ jokes came to mind but the hum was so loud they wouldn’t have heard me anyway. Then everythin went white. And tingly. And… metaphysical?

I saw myself pulled slowly up out o the chair. Up an out o the room. Things moved faster as I was pulled out o the buildin. Gainin speed as I was pulled up an away. I was racin as I was pulled through the atmosphere. Faster an faster through space. Until I saw myself bein pulled out o “me?” I watched what I think was my cancer bein dissolved from the “Me” in front of me. The blackness o space had changed to the bright whiteness I had seen at the start o this peyote trip. And then I was dumped unceremoniously face first on the ground.

~ “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” - Winston Churchill ~

I pushed myself up an out o the weeds an puked. Yep. Definitely peyote. I leaned back on my knees an caught my breath. I looked around expectin to see a Comanche dancin with Coyote but all I saw were woods.

“OK! Reality check!” I thought. “Hallucinations aside. The shieldin must have protected me as the ray blew me through the buildin an out into the forest.” That made a kind o sense so which way was back? The ray seemed to blow me backwards so straight ahead should be the facility.

I shrugged. Stepped over my vomit an started walkin back. The weather was nice an sunny. Which was good. All I had on was my D.O.C. orange scrubs an a pair o baby blue flip-flops. I had to go around some o the scarier underbrush. But kept headin in the general direction o where I thought the scientists were.

I’d been walkin through the forest for about an hour when I heard a noise. It sounded like metal on metal. I listened closer tryin to figure out where it was comin from. I could hear people yellin. I think. I followed the noise. As I got closer I could tell it was a fight o some kind. It sounded bad. I moved faster until I crested a small hill.

There in the low ground beneath my hill. I saw fifteen mounted knights in bright shiny armor with bright blue shields an cloaks. They were fightin what appeared to be forty black armored… orcs.



Obviously, that ray had made me crazier than a shithouse rat.

Nope. Cause if I was crazy, it never would have occured to me that I might be crazy. Shit...

It’s a movie set!

Nope. Cause there’d be a crapload o camera an sound folks down there an there weren’t any…


Nope. That orc’s head just flew about ten feet from where that dude cut it off his body.

Well, there wasn’t anythin I could do. I was standin in what amounted to my pajamas. The situation was untenable. The knights had formed a circle to hold back the enemy. They appeared to be doin a pretty good job of it too. They’d only lost two or three guys. While there appeared to be several dead orcs. Those knights did look impressive. Well all except for that one pussy in the middle o their circle with the gold trim on his armor. He was busy barkin orders. Apparently he was VERY concerned.

I couldn’t understand what he was sayin but lookin closer. You know? He didn’t look scared. An he was holdin his shield funny. In front o him instead o to the side. I studied him a moment before realizin there was a kid sittin in front o him. A kid he was tryin to keep safe. A little boy...

I stormed down the hill.

The orcs were so focused on the knights they never even noticed me. Not that I stopped to think about it. I pulled a dagger from each o the two orcs in front o me an stabbed em in their necks. They fell gurglin to the ground as I moved on to the next two. I dropped orc after orc until I got to the end. Then kept knifin my way back, The knights bolted the moment a gap opened in the orcs’ line. They forced their way through an headed off as fast as they could.

The orcs still hadn’t notice I was there. Which was good! Cause I was so pissed that I didn’t notice the cavalry had fled. The orcs chased the knights. I chased the orcs. An no one realised there were only a few orcs left until the knights were long gone. The last four orcs gave up the chase as the horsemen disappeared in the distance. Only to be roused from their disappointment to the sound o me throwin their dead friend to the ground.

I saw a range of emotions sweep across their faces as they turned to face me. Confusion, then horror an finally, terror. The last four ran off into the woods screamin like children. It wasn’t until I looked down that I realised why. I was covered in blood from my shoulders to my knees. The knives I’d been usin were coated from their tips all the way up to my elbows.

I looked like an orange psychotic blood drenched nightmare.

I was exhausted.

I was thirsty.

I turned back to the scene o the fight to look for some water. That’s when I saw five orcs wrestlin with another knight. Everythin had been so hectic that I had missed em somehow. Two orcs were holdin the knights arms while three more were workin his pants off. I shook my head as I ran closer. The knight was screamin an yellin like crazy. Not that I could blame him. And as I approached I could see that ‘he’ was in fact a ‘she.’ They had torn off her helmet, chain coif an cap. She was a very beautiful ‘she.’

Long blonde hair. Dark blue eyes. Slim build. Great tits… I imagined.

Hey! I hadn’t been laid in four years alright?..

I ran up behind the three squattin down to pull off her pants. They had already worked off her thigh plates, grieves, boots an chain pants. I stabbed the two on either side o the middle guy in their necks an draped myself around the center one. I touched the tip o the knife in my right hand under his chin. While pressin the left one against his exposed cock.

I gently rested my chin on his left shoulder an whispered, “What ya doin?”

He became very still. The two holdin her arms became very still. Maybe it was the blood all over me. Or maybe it was my huge fuckin smile. But even the girl looked scared o me.

“...Grmm - barr - frmth - ay?” The middle one asked cautiously.

My eyebrows rose in mock interest. “Oh?”

“Barra srm ka ay?” He queried.

I mocked another look o interest to the one on my left an said, “Oh.” Just before I pushed up. Sinkin the right dagger into his skull.

The last two orcs, {and the knight}, screamed in fear before the two orcs raced off into the woods. I pulled my blade out an threw him down to the ground. I watched as she tried to catch her breath. I shoved the orc’s legs out o the way an stuck my knives in the dirt.

She looked apprehensive as she tried to gage what I was about. “Teen va sool.”

“Gezondheid.” I nodded.

“Lorrif?” She said as she shook her head in confusion.

I shook my head at her. “Forget it.”

The orcs were green sweaty slobberin nasty things. There was no way I was gonna drink from what I assumed was a water skin on the corpse next to me. But I would wash some o this blood off. I took off my bloody D.O.C. shirt to use as a rag before she reached down to pull her pants up. All that time workin out in prison served to impress the little lady. Cause she was certainly takin her time coverin up her naughty bits. I didn’t get the impression it was an invite, per se. But she was distracted.

I got my hands as clean as possible before smilin at her. She smiled with embarrassment as she finished pullin up her pants. I started tryin to talk to her but her language, Well I’m not a damned linguist. OK? I continued to wash as much o the blood off o me as I could. She spent her time puttin her armor back on.

I could feel someone watchin me.

I looked up to my right an saw an old orc with a few others watchin from the woods. They jumped a little when I spotted them.

I kept starin.

The Knight noticed an drew her sword an shield. I could see out o the corner o my eye that she was lookin to me on what to do. So I stayed still. Waitin to find out what they were up to. After a few minutes o watchin each other the old orc slowly began to walk toward me. He looked ancient. Bowed over. Unsteady as he leaned on a thick walkin stick. He wobbled to just out o arm’s reach before he spoke.

“Shrmf grrm barra.”

Apparently Dame pantsless didn’t understand him either.

I shook my head. “I can’t understand ya, old timer.”

He nodded an hobbled over to last dead orc. The old orc sat down an pulled a knife off the corpse before forcin the mouth open an cuttin out the tongue. He leaned over an did the same to the other dead orc just to my right.

I checked his friends but they were scared an not about to move. The old feller pulled out a small lidded wooden bowl. Inside was some kind o blue powder. He put the tongues in the bowl an mashed em into the powder then flipped em over to do the same to the other side. He did this several times. All the while mumblin what sounded like a prayer.

He removed the blue tongues. Replaced the lid an put the bowl away. Then he put the tongues into small pouches before handin em to me an the knight.

“I’m not really lookin for a trophy.”

He gestured for me to take it. I didn’t have anythin to lose so I took the pouch. Suddenly, I felt I’d made a mistake. My vision began to tunnel. As a sensation o someone pryin open my skull an pourin hot molasses inside seemed to overtake me.

“Just hang it around your neck and it will let you understand me.” He said.

I looked at the pouch an back at him. “Huh.”

“How long will this last?” She asked.

“For as long as you wear it, woman.”

She didn’t seem to like his tone. Which I thought was funny. My laugh garnered me an angry glance from her. I tried to look contrite as I hung the pouch around my neck. “Alright. What could be so important that you’d risk your life to talk to me?”

He nodded. “We hoped you would lead us.”

My stunned expression caused him to give an embarrassed shrug.

“You know, we don’t have orcs where I come from. But from what little I know o em, they despise humans.”

“That is not true.” He looked offended. “We have always tried to live peacefully with the humans.”

“Oh, bullshit! How do you explain this then?” I motioned to the battle scene around us. I could hear her laugh but she did sheath her sword.

He looked around an nodded in defeat. “Our last War Chief acted foolishly. And now we find ourselves forced to ask a human to help us keep our small ones safe.”

“What happened?” I asked the old orc.

He shrugged again. “Not long ago we had >many< warriors.”

My eyebrows shot up. “That’s a lot.”

He nodded. “Our chief sent them to raid a town and it went well. So well. That he did it again. And again.”

“The same town?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “And then one night, only twenty of them returned.”

I gave him a “no shit” kinda shrug.

“He took our gold and everything valuable from the raids. Then hired more warriors from other tribes. Twice as many warriors as we had lost. But they were all ambushed on the way to our home. The humans had been waiting for them.”

I nodded. “Yeah. You’d pissed em off. So they were out lookin for you by then.”

He nodded again. “Then the humans found our home. We lost many of our people. Women and children and the old. We were forced to flee to these woods.”

“Whatever happened to your War Chief?”

He looked at tongueless then back at me. “Somebody put a knife in his head,”

The knight laughed again. “You know about this?” I asked her.

She nodded. “A few weeks ago in Surmil County, It’s several days ride from here but he is not lying about what happened. Though we were not aware that they had come here.”

I lost my flip-flops somewhere in the fight. Not that I missed em. I looked around an noticed orcs an me had somethin in common, Neither of us had boots. I stole a pair o high boots off a dead knight.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” She exclaimed.

“Gettin dressed.” I smiled.

“By stealing his boots?!”

“Of course not.” I said defensively. “I’ll be stealin his leg an arm grieves too.”

“Sir Warnim fought and died with honor. He should be treated with respect.”

“Well, HE is gone. Nothin left but the shell. An the shell don’t need boots.” I replied. She was unimpressed. “Where were we?.. Ah! So what was this fight about?” I asked the old orc as I outfitted myself.

One o the orcs was wearin a thick studded leather kilt. So I ditched my orange pants an put that on. Then the boots an the leg grieves.

“The War chief said the Baron wanted us to kill the boy. There was supposed to be two boxes of gold in the carriage with him.”

The girl looked like she wanted to say somethin but she stopped herself. I’d have to ask her about it later. “But there was no gold.” I stated with a knowin smile as I stole a shirt an chain mail from another knight.

He shook his head.

The orc weapons were crap. Too damned heavy for what I needed. But thankfully I was able to find several decent tools amongst the refuse. Two short swords, a broadsword, a pair o hand axes an several knives. I like knives.

I pulled a water skin off o one o the dead horses. I took a big swig off the skin an spewed it all over the ground in a coughin fit.

“Goddamned! Grain alcohol shit!”

“Heh.” I heard from him. The knight was smilin. When I looked at old orc, he looked like he was tryin not to laugh.

I frowned at him before handin him the skin. He took a big drink.

“Wooo!” He exclaimed. He offered it to the girl but she declined with a shake o her head.

I dug through the horse’s saddle bags for a water skin. When I found one I took a drink. “Ahhh. That’s better. What’s your name?”


“How long we got before those knights return, Grmfik?”

“It will be long past dark.”

I looked to her an she seemed to think for a moment before noddin her agreement. I didn’t have a watch but it looked to be a little passed midday. “How long for the women to come from your home to scavenge this field?”

“Not long.” He shook his head.

“Can they conceal their tracks after haulin all this stuff?” I motioned to the scene around us. He gave me a confident nod.

I took another drink o water an nodded. “Send for the women.”

“You will help us?” Grmfik asked.

I nodded as I took another sip o water. “Send a runner to bring the women. Pick four men to start buildin drags to carry this stuff. The last man needs to start slaughterin these horses for their meat an finally. I need you to take me an her to this wagon you mentioned.”

He relayed my orders an then motioned for us to follow him. There was a road not far from the scene o the fight. It looked like the orcs dropped a tree across the road an then ambushed the wagon. There were several dead orcs an knights layin around the site o the ambush. Along with six more horses. The wagon, or I guess you’d call it a royal coach. Either way, it was on this side o the tree. It was pretty. A rich burgundy with delicate wood trimmin. I could see one dead draft horse still in the traces, but the other three were alive.

I had the girl climb up into the driver’s seat to take the reins an hold the horses still. I unstrapped the dead horse an then fought the horses into reverse. It was awkward at first but they caught on pretty fast. Soon we had em pointed away from the tree.

I talked with Grmfik while we worked. I found out that our clan, “The Black Cave Clan,” had only lived in this area for a few weeks. They found a man from the town around the Baron’s castle who would trade valuables for food. His name was Corseen. He’s the one that made the Baron’s offer for the ambush. Grmfik didn’t know who the boy was or why the Baron wanted him dead.

“I bet my lady friend knows.” I said while lookin at her. She turned her head away in disdain.

We were almost done strippin this part o the battlefield when I noticed an unarmored man layin just off the road. He’d been killed in the ambush with a few orc arrows in his back. I could see that he was dressed nice in bright red pants an a green shirt with gold jewelry. I pulled out the arrows grateful to see the orcs used metal capped tips. They’re good for piercin armor. I’d been worried they’d be usin flint heads or some shit. Anyway, as I stripped the body of his jewelry an clothin I found a sealed letter.

“Man, I hope you weren’t someone important.”

“Not enough gold.” Grmfik commented.

~ “Hey. I’m fighter not a lover, baby.” - Wally Cur ~

I opened the letter but I couldn’t make any sense of it. The alphabet was too strange.

The orc women had shown up. Thankfully all o em were accomplished butchers, tanners an strongbacks. We loaded the coach with all it could hold an headed back to the clearin. The meat an skins an useful organs were loaded onto drags so as not to cover the armor with blood. The dead orcs were loaded onto their own drags to be buried near our clan.

“What’re your burial rites like?” I asked as we walked back to the clearin.

He shrugged. “We build a stone enclosure and burn the bodies.”

I nodded as we walked back into the clearin. “Alright. Make sure we cover our tracks an let’s get the hell out o here.”

He nodded before leavin. I took this time to finally talk to the knight.

“You alright?” I asked.

She looked at me like I was stupid. “Am I alright?!” She looked around before steppin closer an whisperin. “You are helping orcs!”

I smiled as I said, “These are my people.” She was shakin her head in anger. “What’s your name?” I asked.

Her angry expression ebbed. “Vif.” She cleared her throat. “The lady Vif of Tersmin.”

I frowned. “From the way you’re dressed, I would’ve thought you were Dame Vif. You haven’t been knighted?”

“I have.” She nodded. “But my father is the Baronette of Tersmin.”

“Do you know this Corseen guy?” I asked.

“Yes.” She nodded. “He’s a merchant in Guffershire.”

“Is that where the Baron lives?” She nodded in reply. “Grmfik says Corseen came to see the old Chief. He said the Baron sent him to offer the orcs two boxes o gold that were in the boys coach. An that they could have it if they killed the boy.” She stopped walkin an squinted at me. I stopped as well. “What?” I shrugged.

“You don’t know who the boy is. Do you?”

I gave an exaggerated shrug. “I don’t CARE who the boy is.”

She shook her head an laughed. “That boy >is< the Baron.” She pointed at the people in front o us an whispered. “These orcs are lying.”

I looked at the orcs, “How’d they know what route the Baron was takin?”

She shrugged. “It was bad luck.”

“Me, you and your friends killed 34 o the last 40 warriors they had. So you’re tellin me; the Chief took all his warriors to the same road to ambush whatever came by. Instead o splittin em up an coverin more roads. Then, when they saw a carriage with, what was it? 3 in the clearin… 6 dead knights on the road plus you makes ten plus the fifteen that got away. So they thought 25 plate mailed an mounted knights was a good thing to ambush?”

She shrugged. “Orcs aren’t known for their brains.”

I leaned in. “Neither are knights.” I cocked an eyebrow.

She frowned at me. “So you believe them?”

“Yeah. You know? I think I do.” I thought a moment as we walked. “Where were you headed?”

“Baron Kifgal’s mother arranged a visit for him with Viscount Niml. She thought it would be good for the Viscount to meet him since the Baron owes him his fealty.”

“Why wasn’t she with him?”

She stopped walkin again. “What are you saying?”

I forced a confused expression. “I think I’m sayin. “Why wasn’t she with him?”

Vif looked furious. “The lady Tamiss, is an exemplary woman.”

I nodded. “I’m sure it’ll be… just a -hell- of an honor if I ever get the chance to meet her. But why wasn’t she here?”

She looked furious as she gave a slight shake o her head. “I - don’t - know.”

I nodded an grimaced. “Even for nobility it’s pretty rare for a mother to murder her child.” Vif looked like I disgusted her. I shook my head in thought. “She’s got everythin she wants. He’s too young to rule so she rules in his stead…”

“She doesn’t rule.” Vif interrupted. “Lord Huyr is the Regent for Guffershire.”

“Lord Huyr?”

“The Baron’s uncle.” She nodded.

“Oh.” I nodded with raised brows.

“What?” She demanded.

I shook my head. “Nothin.” I said as we started walkin again. “Lord Huyr’s close to this Corseen fella, Is he?”

“Yessss.” She menaced.

“Mmhm Mmhm.” I nodded. “The Baron… doesn’t have any siblings? I take it.”

She stopped again. “Huyr would NEVER scheme to murder his own kin! He is a man of noble birth!”

I couldn’t help it. I laughed my ass off. I mean, it really was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard. She was not amused. “Alright. Heh heh. Alright. I’m sorry. You obviously believe that an to be fair, I’m not from here. So maybe things work different here.”

“I certainly hope so.” She said succinctly.

“Just so… I can get a handle on how things work HERE... as opposed to where I’m from…” She nodded cautiously. “You have a king?”

“Yes. King Lutim.”

“Alrighty. And is it common knowledge that King Lutim is appointed by God or ordained of God?” She looked at me. “Is… that a thing here?”

“...Yeeesss.” She looked like she knew she was bein set up.

“Oh good.” I smiled. “Things are exactly the same here.”

“How can you say that?!”

I shrugged. “Because it’s bullshit?”

“You! You!...” She was fumin.

“That ordained o God crap is somethin the nobility spout. To keep commoners from murderin em an stealin their shit.”

“That’s not true!”

I nodded. “I’m afraid it’s historically accurate.” She was so angry she couldn’t speak. “You said your father was a Baronette?”

“Yeah.” Her reply oozed warnin.

“He didn’t teach you anythin about the machiavellian crap nobility pull on each other?”

Her fury eased some. “My father doesn’t have any sons. My elder sister is married to a Count so her son will inherit. As the youngest, I spent most of my time learning to fight.”

“Ah. OK. Sooo just to recap. You don’t think Lord Huyr sent Corseen to get the orcs to ambush the only person sittin between him an the Barony. At a time when the orcs’ve been stirrin up trouble across the land. Right?”

She replied through narrowed eyes. “You’re enjoying this.”

I nodded an smiled. “A little bit.”

“You know what your problem is? You’re a cynic.”

“I prefer ‘realist’... They mean the same thing but realist sounds less…” I shook my head in thought, “...cynical.”

We walked in silence for a time until we came to a large clearin surrounded by hills. It was well hidden due to the thick underbrush an trees growin on the hilltops around it. From what I could see it seemed to be a bit larger than they needed. The orcs had built lean to’s for shelter. It was not what came to mind when you thought of an orc encampment. It was almost picturesque. It looked to house about 300 people.

“What do you think, Chief?” Grmfik asked.

The old orc had snuck up on me. “I think it’s beautiful.” I smiled, He nodded in gratitude for the compliment. “If I’m not mistaken, orcs tend to eat horses not ride em?”


“For now, we need to keep those three plow horses alive. We have more than enough meat an we may need em later.” He nodded in reply. “Let’s get a coral setup an get em some grass an water.”

He left to get started on that. The lady Vif an I strolled down to help unload the goods from the scavengin. While she haranged me about stealin from the dead. The dishonorable treatment o noble mounts bein used for food. An how a righteous man would never besmirch the good name o nobility without proof.

I explained how the needs o the livin outweighed the rights o the dead. An that I never claimed to be righteous.

I’m pretty sure I was not her favorite person.

With everyone helpin we managed to get all o it unloaded an stored in about thirty minutes. We could smell the cooks preparin the horse meat. I’ve never eaten horse but it smelled delicious. Grmfik had us join him once the food was ready.

I took a bite o steak an said, “Roy Rogers shouldn’t’ve stuffed Trigger. He should’ve eaten that motherfucker.”

Vif made a disapprovin expression but Grmfik nodded his agreement.

When we finished eatin I fished out the letter an asked Vif to read it.

“It has my lady’s seal on it.”

“OK.” I said.

She growled. “You opened a private letter from my lady to the Viscount!”

I clapped to emphasise each word. “I - am - tryin - to - save - your - Baron’s - life. What - does - it - say?”

She finally deigned to read the letter. She didn’t like bein asked to read it a second time. She hated bein told to read it a third.

“Why did I have to read it to you three times?”

“Because the true meanin o somethin usually doesn’t occur to you until you’ve read it three times.” I answered. “Case in point, she’s arrangin a marriage between the Baron an the Viscount’s youngest daughter.”

“That was obvious from the first reading.” She commented.

“Even I caught that.” Grmfik commented.

“Yeah. But her choice o words shows this is somethin she an the Viscount have been discussin for a while.”

“Which means?” Vif asked.

“If they’ve been discussin it for a while then the Regent may have discovered her plans.”

We were quiet for a time. Lost in our own thoughts.

“Oh my God!” Vif blurted. “If you’re right about all this. Then my Baron’s in danger. I Have to go!”

She went to stand up but I grabbed her arm. “Not without a plan.” She eased back down. “Can you sneak us into Guffershire so we can talk to this Corseen fella?”

“I’m Leftenant to the Captain. I can just walk us through the front gate.”

I rubbed my face with both hands an growled my exasperation. “IF the Regent is tryin to kill the Baron. There’s a very good chance I’ll have to break his neck an drop him down a flight o stairs. I don’t really want anyone knowin I was there if I have to do that.”

She looked appalled. “You must be the most unchivalrous man in all of creation.”

“Awww.” I rubbed her hand. “Thank you, baby.” She shook her head at me. “Can we get to Corseen without anyone knowin?”

She sighed. “Yes.”

“What about the lady Tamiss?”

“I am NOT comfortable with you being near her.”

“It’ll depend on what Corseen has to say. Will it be possible?”

Another sigh. “Maybe.”

“What about the Regent’s private rooms?”

She shook her head again. “Probably.”

“Well alright. Let’s get those horses saddled an get to it.”

To be continued…

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Vanessa Myers: Something about the writer and her characters keep pulling me in for more and more. Very spicy love

Jade Kaye: Great read, wish there was more 💕

Romara: I love it very very very very very much great events

Eva : I loved it, amazing, please update soon.

Melody Carroll: Excellent story with MINIMUM grammar mistakes. I really enjoyed this story. Can't wait to read more from this author!

eisyaelany: I like the storyline. I always have quite a fond with werewolf stories and it happen to be that this story is one of my favorite.

Jillian Sutherland Cruickshank: So far it's Great I'm hooked

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