Claiming Her (#3 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Book 3 of The Southern Werewolves Pack WARNING: Not a standalone book. To claim what belongs to him, there is a price to pay. The Southern Werewolves Pack Series (Book 3): Claiming Her Liam Blake, the Beta of Southern Werewolves Pack, has a secret of his own. He had found his mate long ago but was unable to claim her because of their age gap and the wars were raging on his pack’s doorstep when he found her. Persuaded by Mira, he goes to visit his mate, Jazmine Diaz, a best friend to his younger sister, Anita. Jazmine Diaz is used to be a quiet and shy girl before she turned a popular and party-hardcore girl. She's still living in the same house with Anita as they are pursuing their careers. They have planned to spend their summer vacation together. Everything seems to go well until certain someone shows up into her life again, rocking her peace world once again.

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Chapter 1: Liam

WARNING: This book is an unedited, raw and rough draft. There are going to be grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, misspelling, missing words and all sort of mistakes. This is not the book for Grammar and Punctuation Expert/Police. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK if you are easily triggered with mistakes.

You’ve been warned. Read at your own risk.

These books are connected to each other. The chronological order of the series:

1 - The Alpha’s Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack)

2 - Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack)

3 - Kill or Be Killed (#1 Eastern Werewolves Pack)

4 - Claiming Her (#3 Southern Werewolves Pack)

5 - The Survivor (#2 Eastern Werewolves Pack)

6 - The Blind Bandit (#4 Southern Werewolves Pack)

7 - Our Family (#5 Southern Werewolves Pack Requested book)

5 years ago,

He sat on his Harley Davidson bike in front of the motel, thinking hard. He didn’t know why he agreed to come to the cottage for his sister Anita’s 18th birthday. As he remembered that he hadn’t seen her, he figured out he could spend some time with her before she went for college. Anita attended a boarding school since the beginning. She made it clear that she much preferred surroundings herself with the humans. Much to their parents’ despair, Liam persuaded them to agree to her request.

Fast forward, here he was. He traveled nine hours on his Harley to attend her 18th birthday. Liam arranged everything and made sure all her guests had their own room to sleep in. With him around, he made sure no boys came near his sister. He knew she had a boyfriend who was going to be at the party too.

Liam started his Harley and rode down the road to the direction of the cottage. With trees were covering both sides of the road, the air was refreshing. The air in the city was nothing compared to the sweet aroma of the countryside air. This was why he honored his origin. As a werewolf, he spent most of his time in the woods rather than being in the city. Nature had always been his second home.

He kept riding the motorbike down the road for about thirty minutes until his ears picked the loud music. Cars were already filling the driveway. People were coming in and out of the cottage which had a view of a lake behind it. As soon as he appeared there, everyone stopped, especially the girls. To be honest, he was expecting that. Not to brag, Liam knew he was good looking with six-foot-six height, muscular and tattooed body.

“Liam!” Anita’s eyes met his before she ran and collided against his body. “You made it.”

“Well, I paid for everything.” he snorted and ruffled her cyan-colored hair.

“Hey, not the hair!” she swatted his hand. Then, she pulled his arm and dragged him to the cottage, “Come on, I want you to meet some people.”

“No, thanks.” Liam moved to another direction, heading to the cottage next door. “The real party isn’t here yet so I’m going to spend the time to sleep my ass off.”

He was a high school student once, but he was never been a big fan of his sister’s friends. He knew that not all these teens were old enough to drink booze, but who was he to care? It was their own problem if they got busted.

Anita pouted, “Okay, fine. Wait here.”

She ran back into the full-house cottage and came out with two people. A black-haired woman with grey eyes and a blonde guy that Liam assumed he worked out to impress. But, it wasn’t the guy that worried him. It was the black-haired woman that worried Liam the most because the moment their eyes met, he was doomed. It felt like the whole thing was on pause and it was two of them there.

“Shit,” he cursed under his breath.

She must have been the same age as his sister. Damn it, she was too young to be his mate. He was thirty for Goddess’ sake.

“This is Jazmine Diaz. She’s my best friend and roommate.” Anita gestured to the black-haired girl. “And, this one is River Clooney, my boyfriend.”

Then, Liam’s eyes darted to the hand on Anita’s waist. Quickly, River pulled his hand away and was looking all awkward. Sure, he was a big guy in his group of friends, but his physique was nothing compared to Liam’s. He could break the blonde bloke with a snap of his fingers.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Blake.” River said as he extended his hand for a handshake.

Liam accepted the gesture but intentionally squeezed his hand harder. “I couldn’t say likewise. Not yet.”

“O-Of course,” he stuttered.

Liam broke the handshake and looked at Jazmine, “Nice to meet you, Jazmine.”

Blushes crept on her cheeks, “Y-Y-Yeah, nice to meet you too, Liam.”

His body stirred at the way she said his name. Oh fuck, he was doomed. How was he going to explain to his parents that he had found his mate? And, that his mate was too young for someone at his age? This was proven complicated even if he only thought about it.

“I’m going to rest a bit. I had been on the road quite a while.” He excused himself, heading to the cottage next door. “And, don’t burn down the place, Anita.”

“You’re no fun!” Anita shouted.

Liam rolled his eyes as he made his way to the porch. He took out the keys and unlocked the door before he kicked it opened. Then, he closed the door and rested his forehead on the door. He was groaning in frustration. He didn’t come here for this because he wasn’t prepared to have a mate yet. Not when there were wars threatened his pack. If it was up to him, he would have missed his sister’s birthday. It was Cohen’s persuasion that made Liam came here while there were wars.

He had heard so much about Jazmine Diaz from Anita, but Liam never paid attention to the detail. Now that she was his mate, he needed time to think things through. Obviously, she was a human and didn’t know anything about him or Anita were werewolves.

Liam went up the stairs and entered the master bedroom. Dumping his backpack on the floor, he took off his jacket and shirt. He plopped on the bed, looking to the ceiling. Granted, he had been looking for his mate for quite a long time but this wasn’t how he expected it to be.

He sat up with his elbows on his thighs and sighed heavily. Once again, he saw her. Great, now her bedroom was across his. Liam stood by the window not to show his presence as he watched her. While her friends were partying downstairs, she looked like she was in her own world. Jazmine picked up a sketchbook and began sketching while she was sitting at the window seat. Liam watched as the beauty sat there and ignored the loud music in the cottage. The more he looked at her, the frustrated he became.

Shaking his head, he realized that he couldn’t claim her. No, he couldn’t let her entangled into his world. Being a werewolf in a pack which had so many enemies, Jazmine would be a target if he claimed her. But, he wasn’t so sure himself if he could let her go. Come on, she was his mate.

There were only two things that he concerned the most. The age gap between them and her safety.

He hit his forehead against the wall, “I’m sorry, Angel.”

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