Claiming Her (#3 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Chapter 3: Jazmine

She walked into the kitchen and stopped abruptly. Anita and River were sharing saliva and oblivious to the third person in the house. Jazmine grunted silently before she went out by the back door and entered the garage. River had been with Anita since high school. But, they didn’t look like the type of couple that would settle down soon.

As far as Jazmine could remember, these two broke up more than the parties they attended together. And, that wasn’t a small amount. Every time, they got back together and then broke up the next day. Jazmine could never understand what their problem was. They didn’t fight or argue about anything. Jazmine thought River and Anita were more like friends with benefits. Even so, Jazmine was hoping that her best friend would get the guy she deserved. That girl was a golden heart to everyone despite her wild lifestyle. She forgot how many times Anita had sacrificed for her. If it wasn’t because of her, Jazmine didn’t even think she could make it until today. Anita was her rock.

Jazmine started the black secondhand Sedan and drove away to her workplace. After graduated a year ago, Jazmine took an offer at the local interior designing company. It wasn’t a big company. There were 50 people worked there and honestly, she liked what they offered her. Besides, she didn’t have to move out. She had been living with Anita since they were in boarding school. They were roommates until they graduated high school. Then, Anita’s older brother, Liam, took the initiative to buy it for them.

Speaking of him, Jazmine still remembered every bit of the hottest guy at Anita’s party. Jazmine was kind of a girl who preferred much older guys. That was proven when she always dated men older than her. But, even with those guys around her, she still couldn’t forget about Liam. Granted, she was shy and quiet when they first met. Even the quietest girl could make the loudest sound ever. Everything about him was stirring her body in a very sexual, and hot way. If she had to be honest, she soaked her own panties when he spoke to her. It hurt her when she saw him avoided her after that as if she was a contagious disease. When she heard he left after the party, her heart sunk as she realized that she didn’t get a chance to know him. Ever since that night, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She knew she was out of his league. He was hot and sexy. And, she was a normal girl who had a weird choice in men. A girl could always hope for her Prince Charming. Liam wasn’t that person for her. Who knew what happened to him nowadays? He could have been married and lived happily with his wife and kids.

Jazmine didn’t want to ask anything from Anita about Liam. The Blake sister never spoke of his personal life but she spoke about the things that he did to annoy her. Jazmine didn’t want her best friend to think that she was obsessed with her brother. Any girl would turn obsessed when a hot and sexy man like Liam walked past by.

Just right after she parked her car, her phone rang and Anita’s name flashed on the screen.

“Yo girl, where are you?” the purple-haired girl asked.

Anita always dyed her hair in different color. Jazmine knew she was a natural blonde, but it seemed like Anita didn’t like her natural hair color.

“I’m heading to work while you and your fuck buddy are in the kitchen,” she replied.

Then, she was greeted by the sound of moaning and grunting before it was followed by a series of heavy breathing.

“Are you calling me when you’re screwing him?” Jazmine rolled her eyes.

“I was...oh shit...yes...err…saying that—”

Jazmine hung up before the girl could finish her words. With the thin walls in the house, she could always hear Anita and River were screwing each other. After lived together for so long, this was a normal routine. There was nothing new about this.

She picked her bag and got out of the car before she locked it. She didn’t usually work on Saturday. This time she had to make an exception because, for the next two weeks, she’d be on summer holiday with Anita. They had promised each other to spend the early summer together. But, works took over their time.

“Morning, Jaz!” Rowan, the front desk guy, greeted her happily.

“Hey, Rowan. How was your trip?” Jazmine replied as she was signing her attendance on the computer.

“You know, family drama.” he shrugged as he reached for something under his desk. “By the way, the boss man left this for you.”

A bouquet of red roses, a box of heart-shaped chocolates and a letter.

Jay Bernard, the company owner, had been trying to win her ass since she started working here. Jazmine, being a professional, rejected his approach many times and still he didn’t give up. Granted, he was a very good looking man with the dark chocolate hair and beautiful blue eyes that would drown any girl, but Jazmine didn’t plan to screw her career.

“Keep it.” she shook her head. “I had enough shit to deal.”

“Girl, you know how to break a man’s heart!” he exclaimed and followed her fast walk into her office.

Rowan’s hands were carrying the bouquet, chocolate box and letter for her.

“There’s no heart to break if he doesn’t have the heart, to begin with.”

From what she heard, Jay had slept with all his female employees except for her. And, she rather tried to hold onto that.

“When was the last time he actually likes a girl instead of wanting to bed her?” she was getting annoyed by his effort.

Rowan made a calculation with his fingers and stuck when he didn’t have more fingers to keep counting.

“I don’t know.” he shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe never?”

“Exactly.” Jazmine booted up her computer. “Anyway, any call from my client?”

“Yes, Mrs. Ferdinand is coming to see you after lunch to discuss her nursery design. You can use the meeting room. Bossman will be out to meet another client.”

“Got it, thanks.”

“Always got your back, girl.” Rowan grinned and left her office.

Jazmine checked the letter in the bouquet of red roses from her boss.

Dinner tonight? - Jay

She grimaced. She dumped the stuff into the trashcan. He could never take a no as an answer. Guess what, he could suck up his own ass for all she cared.

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