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Chapter 4: Jazmine

She reviewed the final design for Mrs. Ferdinand’s nursery after the client had left. It didn’t take long presentation as Mrs. Ferdinand knew what she wanted. Also, she was clear with every request she wanted in the design. Now, all Jazmine got to do was passing the final design to the team.

The knock on the door was making her looked up and masked her annoyance with a fake smile. One of these days, she’d end up with a first-degree murder.

“Did you get my gift?” Jay entered with a broad smile as he straightened his neck.

“Mr. Bernard, I can’t accept the gift. It’s unprofessional.” Jazmine replied as polite as she could while in her mind, she had killed him several times now.

“Come on, Jazmine. A dinner between two friends. I promise I’d send you home after that.”

A dinner between friends? She didn’t recall being friend with him. The only friend she had in the workplace was Rowan because he didn’t annoy the shit out of her.

She gathered her work from the meeting desk and walked to the door, “I’m sorry, Mr. Bernard. I’m not interested to have a friendly dinner either.”

“Jazmine, wait!” he caught her arm.

She shrugged his hand when a colleague was passing by. This wasn’t what she wanted in a workplace. An obsessed boss who couldn’t take a no as an answer.

“Fine, one dinner. Nothing more.” she agreed reluctantly.

If that one dinner could keep him off for a while, then so be it. He’d see what kind of a boring person she was. Then, he might back away.

Jay beamed a smile, “That’s good enough for me. Pick you up at 7?”

“Okay. Should I wear formal?”


Great, another expensive and boring dinner.

“Sir, you have a call.” His P.A showed up.

“I’d see you later.” he smiled again before leaving.

Jazmine resisted rolling her eyes at his enthusiasm. This dinner better not doing anything more than a dinner. She wasn’t like Anita. Granted, they were party-hardcore girls, but she didn’t sleep around like her best friend.

She returned to her office and finished her work for the day. There was nothing else unusual happening today. She was hoping that her name wouldn’t make into Jay’s list of women he had slept with. A workplace like this, gossip traveled like wildfire. Everyone here knew he was pursuing her ass. He looked so desperate though. She considered this as a charity case. She was taking a pity at him. Maybe after this boring dinner ended, then he might not pursue her anymore.

She finished her work for the day as quick as she could. She didn’t want to bump with Jay at all. Enough with her agreeing to his dinner invite. Now, she was escaping him like a criminal was escaping from the cops. Except that she didn’t do anything breaking the laws. She was being polite.

Jazmine scanned through the parking lot and his car was still parked at the usual spot. Quickly getting into her own car, she left the building as if she had planted a bomb inside. About thirty minutes minus the traffic, she reached the house. Anita’s car wasn’t in the garage indicated she had gone out. She didn’t work on the weekend. Anita worked as an accountant at another company.

Jazmine checked her watch and saw she had two hours to get ready. There was enough time for her to soak in the hot bath, trying to get rid the frustration in her. In her room, she stripped out of her pencil dress and entered the bathroom, running a hot bath. While waiting for that, she removed her makeup. She looked a lot tan than usual. This wasn’t her usual skin. She had a light brown skin complexion matched with her black hair that she never dyed. Jazmine didn’t consider herself as beautiful. Well, it was hard for a nerd or an outcast like her to consider themselves as beautiful in high school. In the college was where it all began when she received more attention. Mainly because they wanted to sleep with her.

If only her appearance could hook a certain guy.

“Damn, I’m sounded like a sex deprived woman.” she groaned.

She lowered herself into the bathtub and sighed in content. The warmth of the water seeped into her skin pores. She soaked in the hot bath for about one hour. There was enough time to ready and waited for Jay to come. She was fixing her makeup when the front doorbell rang. Jazmine checked her watch. There was no way Jay came this early to pick her up. Maybe Anita forgot her keys again.

Running down the stairs in a bathrobe, she headed to the door and opened it. Her breath hitched at the back of her throat when she saw it wasn’t Jay or Anita stood there. It was Anita’s older brother, Liam, stood there. He was looking handsome in a black jacket, grey shirt, and black jeans with combat boots. She didn’t remember about his tattoo on his neck though, but she was curious as hell on where the tattoo ended.

After all these years, she still remembered all of him. There were several new additions to his feature. He was bigger than before. He had grown more facial hair. It was evident around his jaw. Damn, he was getting sexier with his age.

“Do I pass your inspection?” a cocky smirk appeared on his lips. “Or do you still need to inspect some more?”

“Liam, what are you doing here?” she asked, letting the door opened wider for him to come in.

“Oh, I’m joining Anita’s summer vacation,” he replied, taking off his jacket and showed off his bulging biceps.

“What?!” she shrieked.

Then, she remembered Anita called her this morning. She didn’t let the girl finished what she was saying on the phone. Was that why Anita called her? To tell that her big hot brother was joining the vacation?

“She didn’t tell you?” Liam spun and scanned her from head to toe. “Going somewhere?”

She wanted to speak something when she saw Jay’s car stopped at the driveway. Jazmine ran upstairs, leaving Liam’s question unanswered. She took off her robe and picked her purse. By the time she was back to the ground floor, Liam already opened the door. There was something unreadable on his face. His lips were tight and jaw clenched.

“I’m Jay, her date.” Jay extended his hand to Liam.

Jazmine watched Liam’s green eyes hardened at the sight of another man here. She didn’t understand why she felt good that Liam felt jealous. Wait, why would he feel jealous?

“Great,” he said instead of accepting the handshake.

Without a further word, he grabbed his bag and went upstairs. Jazmine blinked blankly at Liam’s action. She shook her head to regain her thought.

“That was awkward. Who is he?” Jay asked as they walked out of the house.

“This isn’t a date,” Jazmine reminded him. “A dinner between two friends.”

It made her felt disgusted to even consider him as a friend. They had never been in friendship. Jay was her boss. And, that was it. One professional line between employee and a boss.

This dinner better worth her time.

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