Finding Reason

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Zero, a cold and unfeeling individual is given a chance to transmigrate. He wishes to find someone who will love and never betray him. But some wishes just don't come true, or do they? Transmigration allows Zero, a 19 year old university student who has an extremely high IQ, yet a habit of never putting in effort and lazing around a chance to redeem his lost faith in love, whilst completing tasks and meeting new people to experience all life has to offer and maybe find someone who will never betray him. Will Zero experience yet another betrayal and close himself off forever? Will he forsake the ideal of love and become even crueler?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Zero had always been the unwanted child, being a youngest child of a family of 5, one would expect him to be doted on, but the truth hurts, and the truth was that he had no way of living up to his parents’ expectations. This was not because of his lack of ability or lack of knowledge, but lack of interest.

To put it simply, if zero put his mind to it he could achieve anything, but this was not what he wanted, he wanted his parents to love him for simply being their son and not because they will be able to use his achievements in order to boast to their acquaintances and relatives.

He simply had no intention of allowing his gold-digging parents the satisfaction of being able to go around and boast about him despite never being part of his life. As soon as he was 18 he was thrown out of the house, having only himself to rely on he worked multiple jobs at a time just to be able to take care of his needs while his older siblings were showered with affection and given whatever they desired. He wanted real love, a family’s love, but sometimes the simplest things are what some cannot have.

It was at the fresh age of 17 that Zero realized how much love can make one suffer. He had fallen for someone he had met at a café and dated the handsome man for 1 year. He had loved the man and offered what he had left of his heart throughout his life without care from anyone, only to be betrayed one day when he arrived at his boyfriend’s house to see him embracing another man, professing his love while gazing lovingly at the unknown youth in his arms after descending from their pleasurable high.

It was then that zero realized he should not have given what he had left of his heart to someone, because human nature as he had experienced in life was cruel and believing someone would love him was ridiculous. Thus, Zero became indifferent, cold and cruel, keeping everyone at a distance. He was no longer the child that would wish for his parent’s praise, he was no longer the child that smiled, he realized he was broken.

Till he was 19 Zero went through life with no real motive, with no real effort. He simply didn’t care for anything. He had thought his days would end without anyone every loving him and never finding a calling in life until one day.

When Zero had finished his day at university, he arrived home to his empty and hollow apartment that was void of any emotion and opened his rooms door. The painful creak sounded loudly within the hollow apartment. Zero’s enticing purple peach blossom eyes narrowed as he stared fixatedly at the foreign object in the room yet staying calm as if nothing was out of the norm and the steel ball somehow floating midair was none of his concern.

The system hovered in the room submerged in darkness. Upon recognizing its potential host it lit up, and its bright flash of light seemed to illuminate the slender youths black midnight hair which erotically descend in waves down to his shoulders and framed his feminine face, combined with a pair of cold purple peach blossom eyes that seemed as if they could see through anything and his caramel sun kissed skin. Ultimately, he was truly a sight to behold.

The youth had a cold, indifferent and dominating aura as if others were not worth his time. He casually leaned against the doorway as his lips lifted into an amused and devilish smirk.

Upon inspecting its potential host, the system seemed to hesitate under his dominating stare before coldly stating [form a contract with me and travel to different worlds to complete tasks, and in doing so you may find what you have always wanted, a reason to live, someone who will love you].

‘Ah it seems reading those transmigration novels may have gotten to my head, well whatever may as well go with it’ Zero mused to himself as he analyzed the floating steel ball.

‘After all it would not matter to anyone if I were to disappear...’

The darkness in the room seemed to blend in with his figure as a small sad and self-mocking smile appeared on his red petal like lips and his cold eyes seemed to become even emptier as he grimly replied, “okay”.

Even if it were an offer from the devil, if it got me out of this nightmare I would take it.

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