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Ink Eddy

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Chapter 2 Dog Face

The streets were packed, it was lunchtime and everyone seems to have rushed out of their cramped offices and boring old normal jobs to go and enjoy lunch in some cafe or restaurant or sandwich shop.

Oh how Marnie envied them at this point.

Because she at this moment was clinging to Eddy’s arm with a leg oozing blood down her pant leg and into her shoe, all with a limp. Because everytime something remotely touched the wound, her nerves would scream out in agony.

People and other creatures did stare of course but not always at her, no, they were staring at Eddy. He was sort of an oddity, even among other supernatural. Because you see, no one knows what Eddy is, not even Marnie.

“I can’t believe you left me to be eaten by dwegger,” She muttered under sour breath. “All for a stupid shiny rock.”

“And I can’t believe someone took our parking,” He said, Marnie gave him a sharp look “They weren’t gonna eat you. They prefer to eat kids anyway, I hope...” He glanced away guiltily as she glared at him “And this isn’t just a shiny rock, look at the size of this thing, how much do you think it’s worth?”

“You know Eddy, you really should stop taking stuff from murderous monsters, they might, you know, murder you one day. " She replied sarcastically.

“I won’t get murdered, they’ll have to catch me first.” He replied in the cocky manner he usually does.

She just shook her head “Look forget the rock for a second, what are we going to tell Tarrow about the assignment?”

His eyes widened (well the white holes he calls his eyes anyways) “Ooh, I did not think that one through,” He replied nervously, he stopped “Too late now anyway. ”

They were standing in front of headquarters, a rather inconspicuous looking buidling at first, plain grey walls and windows with a flag in front and a glass door.

But it was far from your normal NYC police station, the supernatural department was situated here. They hurried inside.

“Hey Eddy, Marnie, finally came back I see,” Nira, the receptionist greeted, her spiderlike fingers flicking through papers as she did “Tarrow’s waiting for you two in his office.”
Marnie felt a hole form in her stomach.

They both followed past the main office floor containing the desks of the other officers and down the hallway to the left. Straight to Dr. Lumlock.

The small room was brightly lit and smelled strongly of rubbing alcohol, your typical doctor’s office.
Eddy helped her onto the examination table as the small, hunched doctor fetched a bandage and needle to stitch the wound.

“Dwegger you say,” He said as he cleaned the wound, Marnie winced as it stung.
“Odd, they haven’t surfaced in years, let alone attack someone.”
Marnie frowned, she found it strange, why resurface now?

About six stitches later he reached for a small white bottle and smeared some greasy ointment on her wound and covered it with a bandage.

“This will heal up in about a day with the help of the ointment, but don’t put too much strain on your leg until then.” He said as he waved us out the door. They immediately went down the hall and straight to Tarrows office...

“Who thought the door to hell would be this boring,” Eddy remarked as Marnie smiled at his little quip and swiftly knocked on the door.

“Come in.” A deep voice bellowed.

They slowly entered and sat down on the cold leather chairs in front of his desk. The air was musty and the office dark but they could still clearly make out the tall figure in front of them with the long black, jackal like head.

“Have you finished your assignment?” He asked curtly.

“Well you see, we ran into a slight problem,” Eddy began.

“You didn’t do it, did you?” a hint of impatience escaped his gruff voice.

“Let me explain...”
Tarrow let out a deep growl silencing Eddy immediately.

“No let me explain! Children have been going missing in that area for months now!” He said, his sharp teeth glistening with spit as he held back anger “All you had to do was seal the entrances and trap them! We would take care of the rest!” He yelled.

“I’m sorry we got a little side tracked...” Eddy raised his voice.

“Side tracked!” Tarrow gave a fake grating laugh “Don’t make me laugh, Eddy you’re the one that gets side tracked!” He pointed a clawed finger at Marnie and her bandaged leg “And you put her life in danger everytime you get ‘side tracked’ just look at her leg.”

Eddy stood up to face Tarrow.
“I would never let anything happen to her and you know it,” He said vehemently “I made a promise and you know it.”

They stared at each other for a full minute, tension hung in the air. Tarrow narrowed his eyes at Marnie before eventually backing off and sitting down again.

“I’m disappointed in you both,” he said tight lipped “But I still need you two for something else. As you know it’s almost time for Halloween, so the annual harvest festival is coming, tonight. I need you two to act as extra security...”

Eddy let out a long sigh, because the fae absolutely loved festivals but you know what they absolutely hated? Eddy...
Marnie was not pleased either, she had promised Finn they would spend more time together...

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