A Reaper's Touch

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The wolves are moving on with their lives deep in the forest far away from any human contact. Reaper is one of the few wolves who hasn't found his mate, he is pretty sure that he never will, until now The wolves are happy with their lives in the forest as far from human contact as they can get with the exception of the supply run. Reaper is pretty sure he is going to be alone for his entire life, that is until he goes on the supply run and finds himself face to face with Cora the only other girl, and person, he has ever been able to touch. Now that he has found Cora he doesn't want to let her go, They come together but how long can they stay together before Cora's destiny comes for her? Can Reaper save Cora in time or will she choose a different live upon an offer for it? Will Reaper hold onto his happiness or will it be taken from like everything good always is?

Fantasy / Romance
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Bonus Chapter

"You shouldn't be here son, none of you belong here, that place was evil and none of you deserve this!" Dusk and Crane's father demands for the hundredth time since me and many of my pack-mates arrived here, where ever here is.

"We don't want to be here sir, trust me." I reply to him and my pack carries sorrow around like a wrecking ball, memories filter through us mine are off Dusk at my tombstone.

"I think it's time you return home Noah, you all should return home." Dusk's mother says to me and she has a wolf with her that I do not recognize.

"We could do that?" I ask hope very obvious in my voice.

We've been gone from life for a year already, being able to view their lives here is difficult but also a blessing. I got to see Dusk birth our beautiful son Cujo, it makes me smile but not a full smile because the truth is I wasn't at my sons birthing.

Do you know who I am? - The wolf with Dusk's mother asks me and I shake my head though I feel like I should know who she is.

Suddenly the wolf sprouts wings as it's paws leave the ground and light blinds my eyes. Dusk's mother and father reach out and touch my shoulder each smiling both happy and sad.

"The wolf goddess says it's time to go home!" They both say in unison.

"Wait! What do I tell them for you?" I call out but I think I'm too late, I can't see anything but white light anymore.

"Tell them we love them, we miss them so much but we are so proud of them!" Their father's voice whispers in one of my ears.

"Tell them we approve of their mates and their decisions. Tell Crane this wasn't his fault, we understand and we love him. Tell them their mom and dad are watching and always have been!" Their mother's voice whispers in my other ear and suddenly the white light blinding me becomes harsh sunlight as I gasp in a deep breath, breathing is a little hard I haven't done it in a while.

My eyes adjust and my mind feels foggy, I don't know what I'm doing here. I do know I was dead and now I'm not, I'm also supposed to deliver two messages. I look out over the forest taking note that it has grown since I was last here, it has grown and changed, it has become more wild. I turn and catch sight of the bare grass where my tombstone should stand, this was my grave, the grave doesn't exist anymore. The sun feels so good against my naked skin, my muscles twitch. I shift and it's been far too long since I've been running like this. I loop into the forest searching for a specific scent as other's fall in behind me, it's hard everything has changed so much, there are so many scents. I smell on that I recognize deciding to follow it as it leads us straight to a huge mansion. We look up at the mansion in awe because this place was once a run down relic deep in the forest, now it is amazing as it looks like a part of the forest yet it doesn't, it is alive. Growls echo in my ears and I snatch onto voices but nothing is clear which causes terror to fill me, I run until I find what I was looking for as paw steps thud behind me. I have lost my companions they stay behind waiting to see how the pack reacts to me. Crane sits on a stone pad with Hayley who is curled in his lap with a huge belly. Something pushes at my mind, I remember I am a father, Dusk was pregnant when I died, by now she has had the baby I watched her do so. I have a son.

"Noah?" Crane gasps out as he spots me causing me to whine at him as a group of wolves with hackles raised circle me letting out menacing growls until they recognize my scent.

Dusk? - I ask Crane alone and he nods in the direction behind the wolves.

I turn just in time to see a huge black wolf prowl through the others midsts coming my way, when she sees me she stops dead in her tracks sniffing the air while studying me.

Noah? - She wonders and hope is there but she doesn't believe.

My Dusk, I finally found you! - I respond happily and suddenly we are bounding forward to each other.

We crash into each other licking and loving each other. I embrace her as we fall into human form going from our feet to our knees are our arms hold onto each other.

"How?" Dusk asks me as she looks at me with happy tears streaming down her face out of her beautiful green eyes.

"Your parents and the wolf goddess." I explain as I kiss her cheek, I than fill her and Crane in on the message.

They both smile at each other and Crane tears up.

Daddy? - A young male voice pops into my mind and my eyes widen as I pull away from Dusk.

I watch as she moves standing protectively in front of a little black pup. The pup shifts and his eyes look up at mine, his grey eyes blink excitedly, he has my eyes. I swallow as I realize how quickly he is growing, he is no baby, no he is more like a toddler.

"Cujo?" I ask as I lean down letting him come to me sniffing me over, when he is done sniffing he stands in front of me smiling.

"I really do have your eyes! Mommy always told me that I had your eyes but I was never sure because I didn't get to met you, now I do! Hi daddy!" He says his words quickly as excitement pours off of him.

I correct the term to adorable child who is articulate as she flings himself into my arms, hugging me tears escape from my eyes as I squeeze him.

"My little Cujo and my Dusk, we are whole again!" I explain and howls rise up around us as we embrace as a family.

Eyes widen as my companions come forward, all those who were lost are now found. I smile, we are truly whole again, things are the way they should be. We are alive and here with our families the way it was meant to be. I send a thank you to Dusk's parents and the wolf goddess, thanks to them I get to live my life the way a family should have. I kiss Dusk and she smiles against my lips.

"I missed that." She whispers to me.

I get to love my girl and my son until we grow old and die together. Smiling Dusk rests her head on my shoulder as Cujo hugs my leg and we look out watching our pack reunite with one another feeling happy. Finally we can be happy and safe. I catch sight of Reaper trying to wander off and I command him back with one look.

"I'm...." He starts but I cut him off, none of this sorry bullshit.

"Reaper, thank you. You did what needed to be done and now the world has righted that awfulness that was put upon you." I tell him and he nods at me with pure appreciation in his eyes.

"If only the world would right your lack of a mate!" Dusk jokes and Reaper laughs because he doesn't think he will every find a mate.

Personally I think someone will eventually come along and surprise him, the stories Dusk has told me about his past makes me believe it is true however right now this information is doesn't need to know. Today is about reunion and life, tomorrow will be about Reaper's past.

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