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The names of Gods, of Kings and Lords

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A story passed down from times now old, of men that lived the weak and bold, if this tale is read it shall unfold, The names of gods, of kings and lords. The Nameless Mythos is a collection of poems written to expand the understanding of entities that are written in my works. The stories are treated as clues to the identities and motivations to the characters and beings that are commented on or referenced thereby allowing for speculation or theories about the stories history.

Fantasy / Poetry
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Akul Anoth

When the sky was new and the Earth was bare,
When mothers wept at their child's blank stare,
There was a shadow that cast from the clouds,
That shrouded farmers as fields were ploughed.
Some would sing and others would dance,
The wise would run the weary walk last,
If one survived against the odds,
Their mind was shattered by Akul Anoth.
His eyes are blind His lips are sealed,
His mind is sharp His skin like shields,
His voice is mute His mind is blank,
His heart is cold His ego is swank.
When skies are dark don't look above,
for our human mercy's He's devoid of,
For He sees not man but a mere sludge,
That stains the throne He's forbidden to touch.
It is said that once in the darkness of old,
Where legends were born and myths were told,
That one stood firm against the arcane,
He gazed at Him his mind stayed sane.
Impressed at last at a mortals conviction,
He offered him a gift of the man's volition,
The man thought hard but could not decide,
For 108 desires burned in his mind.
To wish for women's lust, gold, power or glory
Or to be more humble and teach through his story,
He chose the latter for he deemed himself smart,
And so Akul Anoth tore out his heart.
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