Mastering the Fire

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Well That Was Hard

Chapter 11 - Well That Was Hard

I was literally painting on the floor trying to catch my breath. We were going to start with simple things she said. SIMPLE THINGS. I had only been doing this for twenty minutes and I couldn’t even heal for longer than 5 seconds and that was pushing it. A thought passed in my mind that maybe I should just lay right here and take a nap for a while. Yassie on the other hand was not having it.

“You have to practice this exercise at least one hour a day”.

The idea the exercise was pretty simple. I was to bend a leaf of a plant or use a dead plant completely and heal it. It was simple because plants have a low life force, so they did not require that much of mine. However, my body decided that task was simply too hard for me and I should give up and take a nap. I wish I could with all my heart, but my stupid pride was not going to let me. Not until I got this done and was able to move on to something harder. I still had 40 minutes of practice left for today and I set a goal for myself. I would be able to heal for at least 10 seconds. Was the goal a little out there. 100% it was and I knew that but it I did not push myself I was not going to grow… at least I hope that was the case for me. I sat back up and looked at the plant daring it to not let me heal it. I tool a leaf and bent it. I closed my eyes and put my hand over it and for some reason wanted to trying something different. Yassie told me when I heal that I need to imagine my life force flowing into the plant. Instead of doing that I wanted to text my connection with the Goddess.

Technically speaking these were her powers so to use them I would need her. I try to manage what she would look like and a bridge from me to her. Once I had that image a firm connection in my mind I tired to open myself to her and tug on the connection I had formed. As soon as I did I lost all my breath and opened my eyes to see I was no longer in the room. In fact I as in no room at all, I was floating up in space and in front of me was a women. Her hair was completely white and her skin was dark. Her eyes were purple similar to mine.

“Holy shit it worked! I mean umm… hello Goddess” I bowed my head and took a deep breath. I’m meeting a freaking Goddess and the first thing that came out of my mouth was fucking cursing. To my surprise, however, she laughed. It was a light laugh and it my head spin.

“You called my child”.

“Well I did not mean to call you I was trying to draw on you powers, but I figured that needed to make some type of connection to you and” I continued to ramble on for a few moments before stopping.

“I gifted you with your powers child and all you need to do s have an open connection with me. The bride you created was good. That is all you need to use your powers”.

“Ok,” I whispered.

“It is alright. I am not upset with you. I am quite surprised in fact. The other were not able to call on me until they have developed their powers more. You are quite strong”.

“The others… you mean the ones that had the Goddess powers before me?”

“Yes” she said simply.

I thought this through for a few moments. There was not a lot of information about the others before me that had the Goddess power expect that each of them were extremely good at one of their specific powers. The last Goddess was a male, which was rare as he was one of the two to be male, over 1,000 years ago. From what was said he was extremely good at shifting and was reportedly able to shift into any animal.

“Is there anyway that I could talk to them”.

“You could but that will be for a later time. Your friends are getting worried you have to go back”. As she said that I felt myself being pulled back and everything around went black.

I shot up and saw three pairs of eyes staring at me. I then realized that it was Yassie, Ash, and Danny. They all gasped when they saw me and jumped back slightly. Looked like I surprised them shooting up so fast. They all stared at me like I grew a third head.

“Y-y-y-your hair was completely white and you just feel over”. Tears fell down her eyes as she continued, “I tried to heal but it wouldn’t work and I was scared that you just died and… and …”.

I moved over and pushed her hair out of her face and stared into her eyes giving her a soft smile. “I’m okay it fine. Take a deep breath”. She looked at me and her tears stopped falling down her face. I heard a chuckle then saw Ash grab Yassie from behind pulling her closer to him. He narrowed his eyes and mumbled, “Mine”. I laughed him a preceded to try to stand up.

“I think Ash has some competition” Danny snorted.

“Thank you Danny for that wonderful comment” I muttered under my breath.

“No problem love. Any time you want. I am here all the time”.

I walked to the food in the room and began to make noodles. I felt eyes on me and I knew were going to know what happened. I on the other hand was deciding whether or not I wanted to tell them. I just meet these people and I shouldn’t trust them. Not yet but I did. I trusted them to believe what I said to them even if it was kind of far fetched.

“Well I think I figured out how to have some type on control over my power”.

“What… how?” Ash asked his arm still around Yassie.

“I--I spoke to the Goddess about my powers” I muttered.

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