Mastering the Fire

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Long Ass Explanation

“I--I spoke to the Goddess about my powers” I muttered.

“You did a what now with a who now?” Yassie said.

“I spoke to the Goddess”. I didn’t really want to give a long ass explanation about the situation.

“I was trying to make a bridge to connect myself to the Goddess and call on her powers… turns out that I called her”.

I turned and looked at them. They all stared back at me and Danny was the first was to recover giving me a cheeky smile. I smiled back at him unsurely and that was my only warning before there was a panther in front of me.

“Holy shit”. I had never met a panther shifter before and I wasn’t sure to be scared or to be excited. I stared at what I was going to presume was Danny. The panther stood in front of me and watched me for a moment. It then moved towards me slowly before pausing looking at me almost like permission. Up close the panther fur was black and shiny. His muscle was strong and prominent. As he got closer his tail swishing we walked around me sniffing me. I looked at Ash and Yassie with a questioning look and they shrugged at me. Well, they were just filled with helpful information today and I would be sure to thank them later.

At that moment the microwave took it upon itself to beep and both me and Danny jumped and he let out a small hiss. I moved to get my food and Danny moved with me. I stared down at him and stood in front of the microwave and glared.

“I don’t share food so if that is what you are walking up with me for you can back the fuck up”. I watched him carefully. He let a noise that sounded something similar to a snort and he laid down his head on top of his paws.

I opened the microwave and took out my rice so that it could cool off. I hated burning my tongue on food.

I turned back around at sat at the table looking at Danny. He was now on his back and he was rubbing himself on the carpet. I giggled while watching him and he stopped and sat back up moving towards me. He pushed my hand with his head until I was petting him.

“Ahhh who is a cute boy?” “You are, yes you are”.

Ash laughed and Yassie giggled loudly.

“Are you going to change back anytime soon Danny?”

“Actually Danny is in Panther for most of the time only changing into his human for about 3 to 4 hours” Ash stated to me.

I tilted my head. The only shifter I’ve heard of doing that is when they were either born in one of the old tribes that believed that it was best to stay in animal form or a shifter that was traumatized to the point where the animal side was more dominant because it felt more protected that way. I peered down at Danny wondering which one he was. His panther looked right back at me and laid back down. I sighed and picked up my food that had cooled down some. I grabbed a spoon and scarfed it down. I wanted to meet everyone on the team that I was supposed to be a part of and I was wondering if I should meet them all at once or one at a time.

“Have you guys meet the other members of the team yet?”

“Yes, we have. Last night actually. We mostly know each other or know of each other” Yassie said as she sat next to me.

“In total including you there are 7 of us and we are all around the same age except one. She is the youngest at 15. Her name is Amathea”.

I choked on my food. The youngest fifteen. She was still a baby practically and they were sending her into Goddess knows what.

“She is extremely powerful doesn’t work most likely right after you” Yassie tried to reassure me.

“That is not my concern. She is a kid she should be doing kid stuff not risking her life” I stated angrily. How could these people put a kid in danger like that?

“You have to understand Siren we train here at a young age. Some people brought here as young as six months. They grow up using their powers and fighting. We all start taking missions at ten years old with someone more experienced to make sure we are safe, but still this our life here age does not matter. It does not matter to our enemy how we young we are either”.

I stared at Yassie and tried to absorb all this information that she had given me. I took a deep breath and tried to understand that this was normal for them. It didn’t make me any more happy about the situation and I probably wasn’t going to be for a while. I decided, however, that I was going to move on but it would definitely be revisited later.

So far I had to meet Yassie, Ash, and Danny. I heard of Amathea which left two more people that I had not met yet.

“You said that Amathea would be the most powerful after me. What about everyone else?”

“Hmmm, Iago will probably be right after Amathea only being slightly less powerful than her. He also will be your second in command since if the situation was different he would be the leader. In fact, in most missions, he has taken he was the leader”.

I nodded my head in understanding. He would be the one I would go to in advice since he has the most experience leading.

“How long has he been here?” I was curious now. They were taken here at young ages and I wanted to know how deep of a connection to this place that Iago had.

“Ummm Iago is different in the fact that he was born here,” Yassie said with a hint of excitement in her voice. I raised my eyebrow at her in question.

“Why exactly is good news?”

“His parents are legends around here and so is he. He was born here and has pretty much been at the top of all the things he has done whether or not he had the most power has not affected him in any way”. I nodded my head and finished eating my rice. I sighed and pushed myself up and moved back to the plant. I still wanted to practice my healing powers and I also wanted to try to do some shifting. I turned to ask for help from Yassie I saw Ash sitting in my place. They were talking to each other and I decided to try to heal by myself. I moved the plant towards to me and decided to break the whole plant. I picked it up and threw it on the floor which caused Yassie to yelp and Ash to stand holding a knife in his hand.

I gave them a small smile and a shrug before turning back to the plant. The dirt was everywhere and the plant looked like a mess and I grinned. This is exactly what I wanted. I was going into this head first. The thought of practicing an hour a day and barely healing had lost its appeal for me. It was all or nothing for me at this moment.

I held out my hands at closed my eyes. I pictured the bridge and power going through it to me. I then imaged the power going from to me the plant healing it. I opened my eyes and gasped. I think that I over-grew the plant just a little bit. The small plant was now covering the entire mat and had vines and flowers growing from it. The plant was also still growing and vines were on my lap as if they were rubbing against me.

“Ummm Siren I think that you used more than your healing powers” Ash stated to me with a chuckle.

“What do you mean I used more than my healing powers?”

“What Ash is trying to so helpfully say is that you used your Earth Elemental power as well. That is why the plant grew so much. So now you need to shrink it back because no one is cleaning up your mess” Yassie said turning to me at the last part.

“Is that I sass I hear in your voice” I teased sticking my tongue out at her.

“Yes, it 100% is love, sass that you hear in my voice” she stuck her tongue back out at me.

I pout my lips at her and turned to Ash. “Asssssshhhh Yassie is being mean to me” I faked whined. Ash simply rolled his eyes at our antics. I turned to the plant trying to figure how I was going to get it to a normal size. I did not want to burn it all. It was kind of cute in fact as the vines began to twine together with the flowers to now was looking like a flower crown. I picked it up and placed it on my head smiling. Then a thought occurred to me.

“Yassie is the plant sentient?”

“Technically speaking yes as it is as it is a part of you. The things you create with your powers will automatically be attracted to you and as a result of that will do things for you without you asking”.

“What does that mean exactly?”

“It means for example if you were in danger that you couldn’t escape and you were using your Earth powers the earth would most likely build a shield around you to protect you”.

My eyes widen and I looked down at the vines. They would protect me like that. I then decided that was enough learning for a day and began to imagine them smaller this time with my eyes open. I probably should practice with my eyes open because I doubt my enemy will care or not if I can see their attack. I watched before me as the plant began to shrink down and smiled. I was getting the hang of this and hopefully everything else would be easier.

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