Mastering the Fire

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Back to my Room

After I shrunk the plant down I was feeling extremely tired. Yassie said it had to be the fact that I used my powers so much that I probably just tired myself out. She then took me back to my room so that I could relax and take a break. I didn’t have the energy to fight her and the only thing I could think about was getting under the covers and taking a nice long nap.

As we walked I noticed that there was not a lot of people around here. When I was dropped off there were a lot of soldiers so I was quite confused about that and stored it in my mind to ask about later. We were soon at the door to my room and I opened it indemnity realizing that it was not locked. Yeah, that was going to be fixed asap.

“Can I have the key to my door?”

“Umm I don’t think that your door actually locks sweetie but I can definitely ask for you”.

I had not even noticed that. My freaking door does not locke. I had no privacy in this place whatsoever and I was not happy about it at all. That thought took me back to where I was. I was not at my friend’s house sleeping over for fun. I was taking on a job. I was at a government building not by choice but because I needed to be. I was beginning to like Yassie, Danny, and A- yeah not Ash so much yet but I was sure we would get there. Yet it wasn’t enough I was still in a building with overpowered people by myself. If I came down to me and then I had no problem believing that they would go against me. Suddenly I felt very lonely and even more tired then I had felt before. I pushed open my door and waved bye to Yassie. I walked to my bed and laid down looking for the remote. As I got more comfortable I turned on the t.v. and checked the time. It was still late in the afternoon and I had time to relax before dinner. My eyes shuttered closed and I soon I was fast asleep.

I woke up with a start and looked around me. The t.v. was still turned on and when I checked the time I realized that it was late. It was not quite dinner time, but I had not been expecting to be sleep that long and was surprised at how tired I was. I moved to get up and pee. I sighed as I stretched on my way to the bathroom and decided to go ahead to get in the shower so that I did not have to take one in the morning. I hoped in quickly with the hot water and took a quick shower. I walked out and grabbed a fluffy towel. I loved this fluffy towel, in fact, I might take some of these if I left one day. With that thought, I moved to the closet to find some comfort to wear. I settled with a pair of black sweatpants and a tank top. I figured that the dinner would be casual more than it would be formal and my outfit would be appropriate enough. If it wasn’t well… I didn’t care too much about that. Others opinions don’t matter to me too much unless I cared about the person deeply. There wasn’t much to do in my room and I found myself quite bored. All I had ever done is eat, sleep, and watch t.v. I missed my actual room with my books and my old phone. I sighed and decided to do some quick workouts. I started out simple doing sit up, jumping jacks, and push-ups for about 20 minutes before I went to go check the time.

It was still pretty early and I decided to wander around. The only time I was out of my room was when there was someone with me and if I was going to stay here for a while then I was going to have to learn my way around here by myself. I threw on a pair of sneakers and grabbed a jacked wrapping the sleeves around my waist. I did not like to be cold and unprepared.

I opened my door and stepped out taking the hallway that leads towards the training room. As I walked I did not see anyone around and it was slowly starting to creep me out. I kept walking until I heard voices and laughing. The sounds were jarring from the silence that I had just experienced. I walked towards the voice until I was in front of two double doors. As I looked inside I saw people from most likely from the age of 13 to mid-’30s. There were both men and women and as I looked around the room they seemed to be eating dinner and playing games. I walked into the room and noticed that some of them sniffed the air and turned to look at me. They were most likely shifters. What I did not expect was them to all turn and began to whisper to their friends and point. It was soon really quiet as everyone turned to stare at me. I stared back since no one taught these people that staring was rude.

The silence did not last long as everyone began to whisper as they stared at me and I decided to move on. I turned and walked out of the room I had better things to do than to be stared at and whispered about. No one stopped me as I walked out and left I kept walking down the hallway until I saw a pair of glass doors that looked like they lead to a greenhouse. I pushed my way through and began to walk along a stone path. The fathered that I walked the thicker the trees got until there seemed to be no path at all. I was beginning to debate to walk back before I was too far in to find my way back I broke out into a clearing. If I didn’t think this place was impressive before I sure as hell thought that it was impressive now. They had a whole god damn forest in one of there rooms. I walked around and let out a surprised gasped when I saw a cottage.

“I’m glad you finally made it” I heard a voice from behind me.

I jumped and turned around preparing myself for a fight and was surprised to see a girl most likely my age in a pure white dress. She had ginger hair and was quite pale.

“Is this your house?” I questioned.

“This is the whole place is my house”.

“You mean the greenhouse?”

“Come to my cottage we can have a talk”

My common sense was telling me that following some girl into her house was not my smartest idea, but something was pulling me to her and so I decided to follow. As I walked behind her and into her cottage I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any shoes and wondered if she had any.

“Yes I do but I prefer to go barefoot”.

Hmmm, I don’t think that I said that out loud but I was not going to think about it too much because it would only creep me out more. Also, we were already in her cottage and I felt like there was no way that I could turn back. The inside was warm and simple. There were a couch and a few chairs. There were a staircase and a room that I assumed lead to the kitchen.

“You can sit on the couch”. I moved to the couch and sat down and watched her as she left coming back a few moments later with two cups.

“Here is some tea”.

“I only drink peppermint tea” I stated to her while grabbing the cup. I wondered why she had two cups of tea up and ready to go. As I sipped the first thing that I noticed that it was, in fact, peppermint tea that had a hint of honey in it. Just like I liked it. Now I was concerned. Something was up with this girl and I was not sure if I wanted to stay to figure out.

“I won’t hurt you I am simply here to give you information,” she said looking at me. I sighed and looked at her with a questioning look not sure if I quite believed her but what the fuck I was already here.

“So what information do you have to tell me?”

“Have you tried to shift yet?”

“No I have not tried to shift yet, but you did not answer my question. You said that you had information for me so are you going to give me the information for me or not”.

“I will give you information that you will shift”. It wasn’t a question it was a statement. I guess that is the only option that I had for this. I patiently waited for her to start to speak to me.

“You wish to know who you are going to fight. Your mission will be hard and it will be long. The people coming after you have evil in their soul and you will not be able to defeat them initially”.

“Okay Okay that is nice but you just gave me a whole bunch of information that is not really useful to me. Can you give me a name maybe?” She giggled at me and then simply said “No”.

“What do you mean ‘no’? That is not helpful information at all”.

“I can not give you everything that you need to know because it would not help you. Okay, you’re going to shift not”.

“I’m going to what now”.

“Shift,” she said.

She leaned in and touched my forehead. When she tapped me I suddenly felt lightheadedness and while I was falling over I noticed that her eyes were glowing.

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