Mastering the Fire

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I woke up and the world looked really different. Everything was sharper and smelled more intense. It was making me dizzy and I wanted to go back to sleep. Instead, I heard a voice that made me wince. It wasn’t out loud it sounded more like the voice was in my head.

“It’s okay Siren. Try to stand up”.

I let out a whimper and rubbed my face on my paws. That thought sent me into shock and I yelped and moved up sending me to face forward. I cried out again and closed my eyes. It all came back to me then. The girl she made me shift somehow and now I was. I was… I had no idea what I shifted into but I wanted to find out. I pushed myself up until I was on four legs. I took a deep breath and tried to move one leg at a time. Soon I was able to walk slowly without wobbling.

“Turn around Siren” the voice whispered to me. I turned and saw the girl staring back at me. Her eyes were normal now not the bright white they were before she turned me. She smiled at me moving to the side of the room and I realized that she was grabbing a mirror. She moved the mirror in front of me I stared at myself. I had all black fur with white paws, purple eyes, and a pretty cute nose. In fact, I think that I was adorable and I let out a little yip and wagged my tail.

The girl laughed while watching me turn around while still trying to look at myself.

“Yes, Siren you do look really cute”. I turned back around to look at her and let my tongue hang out giving her a wolfy smile. My stomach then decided to tell me that I was hungry. I laid down on my back and whined showing her my stomach.

“You have to shift to eat”.

I let out a whine. I did not know how to shift back, fuck I did not even shift by myself in the first place. I wanted to tell her this but she opened her door and walked out. I followed her wondering where we were going. She wanted me to shift and we were leaving which was not that helpful to me.

We kept walking in the forest until I realized we were walking back the direction that I came in. She was taking me to the door. This was some bullshit. This creepy lady gave me tea, a whole bunch of useless information, forced me to shift, and wants me to leave? I think not. I snarled at her and sat down. She was not doing this to me at all.

“Siren you must go before your friends go looking for you”.

I stared up at her and let out a huff. She had a point since I had no idea what kind of hell would break loose if I just went up and disappeared. I still didn’t like it and I wanted her to turn me back or at least to tell me how to turn back before she just dumped me off somewhere. I snarled at her again and stared back at her again. She got me into this mess she could fix it.

“Your friends will be able to help you I promise”.

I’m sure she was right but that was not the point that I was trying to make but I guess she was not getting it. I got up and she began to walk and I followed her until I saw the glass doors that got me into this mess in the first place. When we got close enough she opened the door for me.

“Bye Siren see you soon”.

This lady was batshit crazy if she thought that I was going to come and see her again. I moved through the door and began to follow the scent of food and the noise of people that I could hear and smell way better now. Once I go to their little cafeteria I made my way back to my room or at least what I hoped was the way back to my room. When I was in front of a pair of doors I recognized I realized that I can not open the door.

I stand out for a moment just staring at the door trying to think about how I was going to get in. After realizing that I was not going to get in anytime soon, not like this anyway, I lay down in front of the door. Yassie did say someone was going to get me for dinner. Hopefully, no had come yet and someone could and help me. Quite frankly I wanted to try by myself but I knew when I shifted for the first time I would be naked so I would prefer not to do it in an open space. It didn’t make me any happier. I hated feeling weak and having to rely on others all the time but there’s nothing I could do myself and there was no use of whining over spilled milk.

It felt like hours before I had finally heard footsteps coming towards me. My ears perked up and I let out an involuntarily yip. Finally, someone that could help me out of this mess. The person that turned around the corner was not someone I recognized but by judging by his outfit that he was someone in charge. In fact, I could feel it as power rolled off of him in waves. My wolf seemed to respect this and although we did not submit we acknowledge him as powerful.

“My name is Ferrutius,” the man said to me squatting down next to me staring into my eyes. He smiled at me for a moment as he seemed to be taking me in my wolf form.

“It seems you have gotten yourself into quite the predicament” he tilted his head and let a small chuckle out. I gave him a playful growl an stood up stretching my body out and let my tail wag. He opened up a door and let me in my room. Once I was in my room I walked over to my closet and waited for him to walk up to my closet with me. He opened up the door and pulled out a dress for me. I then moved to drawer putting the handles in my mouth pulling out a bra and underwear. I carried it to the bathroom and came back for the dress doing the same thing. I then went back into the room and stared at Ferrutius. I wonder if he could teach me how to shift back or if he could someone who could help me shift back.

“Do you wish to shift before you have dinner?” he asked me sitting at the edge of my bed. If I could frown in wolf form I would have. Not sure why he thought he could just sit down on my bed. Instead, I did my best to shake my head no to let him know that I wanted to change right now.

“Alright then I will try to help you the best as I can but it should be pretty simple. There we go with the pretty simple again. I highly doubt that shifting for the first time while I was conscious would just be pretty simple. In fact, in my pack, I had seen others go through their first shift and it wasn’t at all pretty. Some even got stuck in the middle of their transition and often times we would have to kill them to end their suffering. Those were very sad days and we often mourned for the lost of those who did not have the chance to really live.

“Alright Siren I am going to try to walk you through this but first I am going to run you a bath. You are probably going to need it after your shift”. I let out a small huff. I did not like baths that much. Well, it was less of baths then it was I hated dirty water. I hate washing dishes and I hated the ocean. I don’t know why people like swimming in that stuff. Animals die, mate, pee, and poop in the ocean. I don’t see anyone jumping to swim in water with a whole bunch of decomposing humans. That aside I was ready to try to shift. I waited patiently as I heard the water run for a few minutes and then stopped. Ferrutius came back out and sat back on my bed once again facing me.

“Okay let’s start with this. Picture yourself as a human and imagine yourself turning back. Picture you bones cracking and shifting.” I closed my eyes and began to picture myself shifting back into my human form.

“Siren most importantly no matter what pain you feel you must continue to shift”. I took a deep breath and began to image bones shifting and breaking into the place. I let out a howl of pain as it felt as if all my bones were breaking at once. As if my flesh was being ripped apart and put back together slowly. Ferrtuis sounded like he was talking but I couldn’t hear him he sounded far away. Then I realized that it was getting harder and harder to focus on shifting. I knew if I stopped that I was done. I wouldn’t be able to continue and I would not be able to try again. I would be stuck mid-transition and that would be worse than the pain I would be going through right now. I pushed on hard imaging my bones breaking faster and I felt my snout push in and my paws elongate to fingers. I wanted this to end so bad but I pictured myself at the finish line. I was not going to let this beat me. If I couldn’t get past this then how was I going to beat some great evil? Finally, the pain stopped but I had no energy left to move and I fell into darkness.

Siren was out cold as I expected. Shifting for the first time was painful and took a lot of energy. She did better than I expected. On average it took a few hours to shift and it only took her forty-five minutes. She was completely naked and I grabbed a towel and picked her up taking her to the bathroom. I put her in the bath and she woke up sleepily. She moaned grabbing a small towel and soap. I left her there and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. If she did not make a sound for 10 minutes I would go in and check on her.

I heard a splash and a few minutes later she came back out fully dressed and with a tired look on her face. I wondered how she was going to get through dinner. Especially since she was going to meet her team tonight. I hoped she got through it pay since I had a feeling that Iago might test her strength. I also wanted to speak to her why she shifted by herself since that would be extremely dangerous for her to do as she could have gotten stuck.

“Why did you think it would be okay to shift by yourself?”

“I didn’t shift by myself. The ginger chick in the nature room made me change and then told me to leave” she replied with an eye roll.

A ginger chick. She couldn’t mean who I thought she meant. She hadn’t been seen for years. Fuck no one even though she was alive anymore and she just decides to show up and make Siren shift. I guess this girl was special after all.

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