Mastering the Fire

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Meeting Everyone

Ferrutuis and I were walking down the hallway going to dinner. I was quite hungry and still hungry which is not a good combo for me. I wasn’t showing it yet but I knew that soon I was going to get real pissy real fast. Hungry and sleep it was not my two favorite emotions and I knew for being a bitch when I was both.

We finally made into the room and the first people I saw were Yassie, Ash, Danny, and a girl sitting at a table. Danny was still and his panther form and was sitting under the table by Yassie legs. The girl had long brown hair that fell in soft waves and as we made eye contact I noticed that she had deep blue eyes. Her face was rounded still showing her youth and she wore a simple band t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She also had some light simple makeup. I stepped up to her and held out my hand.

“Hi, Amathea my name is Siren. It is nice to meet you”.

Her eyes widen and she holds her hand out to shake. She was flushed red and I could see that she was probably quite shy or was very bad at meeting new people. I smiled at her hoping to ease her stress. I wanted this team to start on a good foot and I knew that everyone might not like me it wouldn’t stop me from trying to to be a good leader.

I felt a nudge on my leg and I looked down to see Danny. I reached down and pet him for a moment before asking, “Will you changing back to eat?” I waited as Danny looked at me for a moment before shaking his head. I guess that was a no then. I took a seat starting to feel my hunger creeping in. I didn’t get something to eat soon I would just find the food in this place and start eating without everyone. By my count, we were missing two more people. Or one more person if Ferrutius was going to be apart of our team. I sighed and tried to patiently wait for the food.

Just then the door opened and in walked in another guy. He had blond hair with blue streaks running through them. It actually looked surprisingly good on him. He had a more lean build than Danny did and did not exude the playboy and funny confidence of him. In fact, he came across as more reserved and also like he didn’t really want to be here in this room with us. Despite the vibe that was coming off of him he smiled at me and walked up. His smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. His eyes, now that I was staring, were amber in color and instead of having a warm glow to them to match his smile they seemed to be calculating my worth to him. That was unnerving to me I had seen people who were extremely detached but he, he was something else and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted him on the team. I smiled anyway and got out of my chair to greet him. I was the team leader and had just met this man. I was in no position to judge. If he wanted to judge me that was fine but I was going to leading regardless if he wanted it or not and if he decided I was not worth it well that was too bad for him and no one else.

“Hello, I am Siren” I stuck out my hand for him to shake.

“You can call me Rezzie”.

“Is that your real name Rezzie or is that just and nickname?”

“It is what you will be calling me so I wouldn’t worry too much what my real name is if I were you”.

“You could have just said that it was a nickname” I muttered under his breath.

He simply raised an eyebrow at me showing me that he didn’t really care about the opinion of the matter. What really surprised as he turned around Yassi jumped from her seat and hugged him.

“Don’t be such an ass Rezzie you are already scary enough as it is?” Yassie said while hanging off him. His face showed his annoyance and displeasure at her antics but I definitionally saw a quick smile on his face. So cold eyes had some softs spots or that is Yassie natural effects on people. I wonder if it had to do with something with the fact that she was a healer. People had to people comfortable around her. Or it could just be her powers calming those around her and healing what it could. I had to ask about that later as it not really important to what is happening right now.

Danny also came up, still in his panther form, and snarled at Rezzie. Yassie moved out the way and I yelped as Rezzie opened his arms and Danny is his panter glory jumped on him. Rezzie was knocked down and Danny licked him in the face and was making his purring noises again. I frowned I guessed I wasn’t the only one that got Danny purring noises. I moved back to the table and sat down so they could have their moment. I looked at Amathea and asked, “Are they always liked this?”

“When Danny is in his human form him and Rezzie are best friends but Danny’s panther looooves Rezzie to the point where people used to joke that his panther thought that Rezzie was its mate”.

I nodded my head and wondered if it had something to do with Danny’s past which was probably the reason he stayed in his panther form often. I was quite a curious path and I hoped to hear the story for him. My stops ended there when my stomach growled and I was reminded how hungry I was.

“Are we gonna eat anytime soon are we all going to stand around and hug?”

“We have to wait for Iago to come Siren”.

“I don’t want to wait I want my food right now” I whined.

Ferrutius looked at me and raised an eyebrow. He let out a sigh and went to a closed door and went back and forth carrying mash potato, greens, a turkey, mac and cheese, dressing, yams, pizza, pie, and cookies. He then brought out different drinks and glass cups. He also brought out plates and utensils and began to set the table. I sat there and waited until I could get my hands on the food.

After he set the table everyone began to sit around. We passed around the food and I made sure to get a large piece of everything. As soon as everyone got good I started to stuff my face. I was never the cutest water especially when I was really hungry but no one seemed to mind as they were also destroying their own food.

I guess I wasn’t the only one that was hungry. We continue to eat in silence and once I finished I grabbed my drink and chugged it down. I grabbed more of my soda and poured myself another class and began to sip it. I watched everyone else eat for a moment before I started to feel weird. I felt like something was coming and I couldn’t describe why it was happening all of the sudden.

The door open suddenly and everything around me just zoned out. Standing in front of me was a person with dark brown hair that was thick on top of his head. His eyes were a light hazel and he had darker tan skin. He was at least 6 feet 3 to 5 inches and although he was bursting with muscle he still had muscle and was lean.

One word whispered in my head as he stared at me his eyes widen.


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