Mastering the Fire

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The Other Side

I watched my father as he stared at the workers that had failed him. They weren’t the only ones that had failed him. I had failed him to but that was irrelevant to the situation.

“I want to know about the girl at the ceremony. All I wanted to know was about the girl. It shouldn’t be that hard. If I asked you to take her from the secret government and bring her to me I would understand if you had trouble. But no, I simple you asked you to get me information”, my father said with a straight face his eyes glowing red. There were stories about those eyes. Why he had them and why it showed when he was angry. Some said that he was cursed by the Goddess for a crime he had committed. Some say one of the Goddess’ first children granted him power at a price. The price was to show what evil he was by something people would see on first glance.

My father was still talking to the workers but I had stopped losing. I knew what was going to happen to these people. They had failed my father and like everyone else, they would pay for their mistakes. I finally paid attention again when one of the workers, a woman, began to scream with and the man standing next to her dropped to his knee. He begged for forgiveness and my father just stared on at him. He loved it when they begged him to save them for the pain they were going to endure. Not that it was going to make any difference. He would still send them to the higher levels and they would be punished before they were publicly executed.

Guards them as the woman cried and the man begged for forgiveness. He then turned to me with a raised eyebrow. I stepped forward prepared for what would happen next.

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