Mastering the Fire

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The Girls

When we walked back to my room I smiled at him leaning against the door. I looked up at him giving him a silly grin. He watched me leaning towards me and Goddess I hoped that he kissed me. It didn’t work though because I fell backward as the door opened up. I cried out and tried to catch myself but was caught by their arms behind me. They pushed me back up into Iago and I turned around when I heard giggling.

“You guys sleep together yet?”

“Wait… what?” I said trying to get my bearing.

Yassie stood in the doorway laughing and Amathea peeked behind her. She let out a small giggle and turned back into my room. I needed to get a fucking lock on my door asap. I turned to Iago telling him good night and was pulled in by Yassie who shut the door behind. I rolled my eyes and looked at her giving her a smile.

She was in hot pink pajamas and her hair was tied up in a ponytail. Amathea was in blue pajamas and had her hair in a bun. I guess I should put on some cute pajamas to since I felt a little left out.

As I walked deeper into my room I realized that they had set out snacks for us. With popcorn chips, candy, and soda. After all the food I ate at dinner I don’t know if I wanted to eat all of this fucking food. I sighed and sat on my bag grabbing the popcorn and laying down on my bed leaning up against the board and watching as Yassie and Amathea joined me.

“So what did you guys do” Amathea whispered opening a bag of potato chips. I had just noticed that she had no makeup and I could see a sprinkle of freckles on her nose.

“Nothing much we just talked in one of the outdoor rooms” I replied with a small smile. Thinking about Iago made me feel happy and feel at peace.

“Really? Just talking, that is kind of boring don’t you think. There was no steamy makeout session at all?” Yassie said her head was tilted and she looked disappointed. I guess that she was expecting a little more. Hmm was I that boring or was Yassie just sex hungry. I guess it didn’t really matter because I couldn’t change the past.

“Are you happy that you have a mate?” Amathea asked with a mouth full of food.

“I don’t hate that I have a mate. I was not sure if I was going to have a mate”.

“Didn’t you live in a werewolf pack. That means that one or both of your parents were a wolf correct” Amathea said looking at me questioningly.

“Yes,” I took a deep breath, “but when I was younger I was taken by people who disagreed with my father because he is alpha. They had given me a PRS shot because wolves have been known to develop the ability to shift and attack early out of pure fear. They didn’t want to take that chance. Because of that, I had never shifted, outside of today, and it is nearly impossible to find your mate unless you have connected to your animal” I explained to her while looking down.

“O the fucking god I totally forgot you shifted today,” Yassie said staring at me.

“That was an extremely risky thing to do not only by yourself, but you did after you had exhausted yourself not only a few hours ago. You could have KILLED YOURSELF” she ended yelling at me.

“It wasn’t my fault. I wanted to try to shift but I didn’t think the ginger-haired chick was going to force me to shift” I cried out trying to defend my actions.

“Wait… Siren what ginger chick” Yassie whispered to me her eyes widening in shock.

“I’m not sure I was walking around and was trying to familiarize myself with my surroundings and I walked into one of the outside rooms. I walked father in and she was there, she invited me into her home, gave me tea, told me a whole bunch of nonsequential information, and then forced me to shift” I sighed summarizing the course of events that happened to me for a second time.

“Holy shit, no, the holiest shit, I’m talking like Jesus just took a shit, do you have any idea how crazy that is. The women have been here since the beginning Siren. No one even knows her name. Everyone just calls jer Ginger because of her hair. She just appears out of nowhere. The problem is no one has seen her for years. Everyone that she was dead or something since she been around for so long. She has to be at least a thousand years old. It quite creepy--”

I cut her off and said. “What do you mean a thousand years old. How is that even possible?”

“Everyone thinks that she was blessed by the Goddess to be immortal so that she could relay messages to others. She can see what others cannot and because of that she is connected to the Goddess” Amathea said a smile on her face.

My eyes widen in surprise and I let that information sink in for a moment. I wasn’t sure if I should feel creeped out, shocked, or if I should feel hundred by the fact that I had met her. It was kind of cool in a way except when she forced me to shift and then told me to leave.

Through the night we talked and we laughed. It was some of the most fun that I have ever had it was the best way to end the day with all the weird and wonderful things that happened today.

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