Mastering the Fire

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Down to Bussiness

I woke up late in the afternoon with Amathea to one of my sides and Yassie at the foot of the bed. She was half on the bed and I was pretty sure that she was snoring. I let out a small chuckle that made Amathea wake up from beside me and she moaned rolling over to go back to sleep. I guess she was still tired. I got up and pushed Yassie over some so that if she dhid roll over she would not fall of the bed. I went into my mini kitchen pulled out a toaster and turkey bacon. I threw the bacon in the microwave and began putting the bread in the toaster. I grabbed three bottles water and set it on the table. I moved to the bed deciding if I wanted to wake them up or not. I decided just to wait for them to wake up. I didn’t have to wait long, however, Yassie got up slowly and rubbed her eyes. She looked up at me giving me a smile and then shooting up to go the bathroom. Not soon after I heard the shower running and I wondered where the hell she was going to get clothes from. With that thought I moved back into my mini kitchen and taking the bacon out putting on the table as well. After I made open 7 pieces of toast I notice that Amathea is awake. She sits at the table and is muttering under her breath about people being up early. I walk past her and rub her head chuckling as she playfully tries to knock my hand away.

I knocked on the shower door and called out, “Yassie there is some food ready”. The door opened up and Yassie came out wrapped up in a towel and her hair wrapped up as well.

“You need some clothes their buddy?” I asked raising my eyebrow up at her. She shook her head no and moved to the corner of the room. There I could see know was a gym bag and she pulled out a pair of jeans and a shirt that had “It is funny that you thought that I cared” printed on it. Hmmm, I need to really borrow that shirt from her one day. She went back into the bathroom and came back fully dressed with her hair in a braid. We all set at the table and began to grab food. I grabbed so toast and spread butter on them and shoved it down my throat. I then took a few pieces of turkey bacon and chowed on those while everyone else ate the food. After everyone finished eating I began to clean while Amathea headed to the bathroom to get ready as well. Yassie was on her phone texting and she looked up at me.

“We have to go the training rooms today,” she said putting her phone down and helping clean up.

“Alright we just need to clean up space and then we can head over there,” I said throwing all the dishes in the sink. I then went to my drawers and pulled out sweatpants, a tank top, and a jacket. I stood in the corner of the room and got dressed while Yassie washed the dishes we used and walked around the bed picking up trash we had left there last night.

After we finished cleaning we waited for Amathea from the shower. Once she stepped out the bathroom fully dressed and light makeup applied I wondered if I should have put on makeup. There was a good chance that Iago was going to be there. Then I thought about it some more and realised that I was too lazy to put on makeup. Instead we tidy up the room some more and we left heading to the training room.

Once we were in the training room we patiently waited for the others to come. I was laying out on the couch flipping through the channels until a news podcast that caught my attention. It showed different images of dead animals from the Arctic washing up on coasts. Many people being interviewed thought that it was a sign from the Goddess. One person caught my attention in particular because of what he was saying.

“It is all that girls fault. I know it. Everytime someone with ‘Goddess’ powers something bad happens. If she never would have been born this would have not been a problem. In fact, --” the t.v. in front of me cut off and I turned to my side to see that Yassie had the remote.

“You don’t need to listen to that. It is just a whole bunch of nonsense. You did not choose to have this power you were chosen” she says staring me in my eyes.

“I know that but it doesn’t help though. These people that I am supposed to protect already hate me and I didn’t do anything yet. Fuck I don’t even know what I am supposed to do yet. Do you understand how crazy this is. I was chosen without my consent to fight a battle that I don’t know anything about” I said looking down. I was scared and I had hated that. I was in charged of myself and I hated situations I had no control in.

“Nobody wants to be in charge of saving the world and you can’t please everyone” Yassie stated. She was right and I wanted to let it go. I probably wouldn’t let it go and overthink later in the middle of the night when I was trying to sleep.

Once that she was done giving me a little speech she turned the t.v. and changed the t.v. to cartoons. I didn’t mind it. I hated the news anyway it was based on all the bad in they world and honestly after the last part I don’t think that I wanted to watch the news anymore. The cartoon was cute. From what I could tell it was originally a french cartoon. There were superheros one that looked like a ladybug and a guy who was a guy who was dressed as a cat. There also seemed to be some type of love square going on, but I hate love triangles so this love square wasn’t doing too much for me. We waited for about 45 minutes for everyone else to arrive. Then we heard scratching at the door. Amathea opened the door and on the other side was Danny. He walked in and the first thing that he did was look around. Our eyes locked and he ran over to me and hopped on the couch with me. I smiled at him rubbing his head and scratching behind his ears. It was that moment that I heard a loud growl and the energy in the room being sucked out. I turned my head to the door and I saw Iago.

Oops I guess I pissed him off. I got up slowly walking over to him but his eyes were not one me they were on Danny. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Yassie had rolled her eyes. I smiled before becoming serious. I got up to him and placed my hands on his face. Wolves were one of the shifter species that enjoyed touched. It calmed us for the most part and that is what Iago needed. I smiled at him placing my head on the side of his neck nipping him. That gained his full attention his eyes turning to me.

“Mate” I whispered and I saw him calm down.

“Sorry” he said and then moved towards to Danny petting him and then moving back to me. It was then that Rezzie and Ash came in. I noticed that Rezzie was holding pieces of paper and he began to pass them around. I then notices that are names on the top and it seems to be some type of schedule. Mine looked like this to my surprise. .

5:30 am - Breakfast

6:00 am - Warm up

6:30 am - Physical Training

8:30 am - Elemental Training

10 am - Break

10:40 am - Healing Training

12:40 pm - Shifting Training

2:40 pm - Lunch Break

4:00 pm - Group Training

6:00 pm - Dinner

7:00 pm - Evaluation

My day started at 5:30 which meant I had to get up earlier than that. I hated waking up early and by the looks of it I would be here all fucking day.

Yay so freaking fun.

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