Mastering the Fire

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A Fucking Warehouse

The knife came down at me hard but I moved out the blocking it quickly and using the knife in my other hand I moved to slice the person’s arm. They blocked and stepped back swinging the sword again this time as a distraction. I could tell by the way his other tensed as well preparing to attack me from the other side. I dropped kicking their legs from under them but they rolled back up almost immediately. As soon as they were up they backed away. I stared and prepared myself for another attack, taking smaller knives out of my boot. Placing one of my larger knives in the sheath on my side. As soon as they turned around I threw three knives one after another and as they blocked I ran full speed ahead catching them of guard. As soon as I knocked them down I slammed both elbows in their stomach and then my fist in their face. They bucked, hower, throwing me off and rolling me over on me. In this position there was not much I could do.

“I tap,” I said.

Rezzie got off of me and Ash walked forward.

“Siren,” Ash started. I had an idea of what he was already going to say.

“When someone can over-power close up you fight from a distance. If that was an enemy you would be dead already. However, your knife throwing still is impressive and you seem to have good control of that in both hands. Make sure you watch your blind spots. I suggest you use an air shield to keep surprised attacks at bay.

I nodded my head telling him that I was listening and took a moment to drink water. I had worked hard these past couple of weeks and I was improving, I could see that but it was still a lot. I was excused with all the things that I was doing and I still couldn’t use my powers completely. I was unable to use my soul, weather, fire, and dark magic. I could understand some of them soul those were extremely rare and it was hard to control. Fire magic, however, I couldn’t understand why I could not figure out. It was one of the basic elements and I couldn’t get it and it frustrates me without avail. The thing that I seemed to be strongest at was my nature powers and shifting. I was able to grow an entire tree know and was working on growing a mini forest. What that really meant was a couple dozen trees but the trick was for me was I wanted them to be different trees. My self defense was also getting better. Training with the wolves was nothing like training with them but I had to work on my hot-headedness. I often rushed into things without thinking and it often happened while I was fighting. I was working on it… well I was kind of working on it since I didn’t alway see what was wrong with it.

I also got my own phone and locks on the door which I appreciated greatly but I still missed my family. I was beginning to become home sick and although Iago was trying to help me it was not doing much for me anymore. Speaking of Iago he was not here yet as we all had different schedules. We had been growing together and I was enjoying spending together with him. I even thought about what it would be like if he met my father. Maybe one day that would happen but for now, it seemed as I would be trained to death. I got up and the door slammed open. Iago walked in happily with Amathea and Danny.

“We are going on a field trip kids, so pack your stuff,” Iago said a smile on his face.

“Oooo where are we going?” Yassie asked excitedly.

“To kill people,” Amathea said deadpan. Welp this was an interesting conversation and I didn’t know id I should be happy or if I should be a little concerned. I guess it could be a little of both. I got up and stretched out my sore body moving towards Iago.

“Morning. I would hug you put I probably smell like a rat died on me and I have buried with it carcass and then risen” I said to him.

He chuckled, “that was an oddly specific situation”. He walked over to me anyway hugging me.

He bent down whispering to me, “Now we both need a shower. Do you want to take a shower together?”

I let out a laugh and then punched him in the shoulder.

“No” I whispered to him.

“Alright love birds go get dressed for a mission and be back in 30 minutes” Yassie yelled across the room.

I moved away from Iago going to the door and walked out going to my room. I felt Iago walking behind me but we didn’t talk. It was a comfortable silence that we had fallen into easily. Once we were in my room I hoped in the shower washing myself quickly and hoped out. I blowed dried my hair and braided it into two thick braids around my head leaving a portion loose and putting it into a low ponytail. I walked out of the bathroom in a towel and turning to Iago who was sitting on my bed.

“What exactly should I wear to a mission?”

“Something to move around. I would suggest something like stretchy jeans. Leggings would be to thin. I would also suggest you were a basic t-shirt that is loose. You should also wear hunting boots” he said watching me.

I looked at him and smiled dropping my towel and began to look for clothes. That got his attention fully as I felt his stare on me. I got dressed slowly before turning around to face him and winking.

“Alright, I am ready to go,” I said as he got up.

“Hmmm not yet” he walked towards me grabbing my arm pulling me towards him and wrapping his arm around me. I smiled at him as he leaned down and kissed me. Nothing else mattered at that moment expect him. His hands on my hips as he kissed me. I moved my hands up and ran my hands through his hair and let out a small moan. I wanted to never stop but instead, I pulled back and smiled.

“Let’s go before they decided to ditch us”, I whispered.

He let out a chuckle and we went out the door back to the training room. Everybody was there and sitting at the table. We sat down to grab one of the folders in the middle. Inside looked like our case. I read what it said taking in all of the information. There was a warehouse in Dakota that was emitting a lot of magical energy and it seemed that it looked like a hiding space for one of the most powerful men wanted man. He was running human trafficking empire by the looks of it and had been doing so for almost twenty years,

“This profile does not make sense,” I said out loud.

Everyone turned and looked at me with a questioning look.

“Pray tell,” Rezzie said placing the folder down.

“No man that has been doing this for twenty years would be hiding in a warehouse that had so much magical energy someone could have created an arrow. Saying ‘LOOK IM RIGHT HERE. COME AND GET ME BITCHES.’” I said with my eyebrows raised.

“Ahhh you’re smarter than you look little pumpkin,” Rezzie said with a smile on his face.

“What if someone is trying to get our attention. They have to know the warehouse would be investigated and this so-called crime boss was just an added detail. Whatever is there could be to send a message or to have us ambushed as soon as we step in the door” Amathea said dropping her folder down.

“Well, that just means that we have to prepared” Rezzie smiled his eyes gleaming with pure excitement.

We were standing in front of a door armed with plenty of weapons. I had about twenty throwing knives. Fifteen of them were small ones that fit in the palm in my hand. The larger of the five were the size of my hands. I also hand two larger swords strapped to my back. I also had two Taurus PT111 strapped to me one on each leg. The other was strapped with weapons as well but they had less than me since they had more control of their powers than me.

When Iago opened the door I let out a surprised yelp and jumped away from the door.

“Holy fucking shit in the devil’s asshole” I cried out in shock. I expect a room that led to a garage or something. No, it was a fucking portal by the looks of it.

“Exciting isn’t. You ever wonder why this place is where it is?” Yassie smiled at me.

“Well, I assumed that it had something to do with the discrete location”.

“Oooo that is one reason but another reason is that there had been legends a long time ago about a place that could take you all over the world. There was thought to be portals all of the this place. It was true. In fact portals keep appearing here. Two almost every six months” Amathea said before walking into the portal. Yassie was next then Ash, Danny, and Rezzie. Iago grabbed my hand and we walked through together. It was a weird feeling and I closed my eyes holding onto Iago as the feeling of weightlessness took over of me. When I felt that I was on solid ground again I opened my eyes slowly. We were in a field and I looked around to see everyone there and alive.

“So where are we?”

“In Dakota hun probably about 20-25 miles away from the warehouse,” Yassie said turning in a circle.

“I hope you don’t expect me to walk 20-25 miles to a warehouse”.

“No there should be a car around here som- ahh there it is” she pointed to a car on the field that was a couple miles away.

“Well okay then” and we all started walking towards the car.

When we got there it was a key on top of the driver’s seat. The car was the jeep. Ash was driving with Yassie in the front seat. Rezzie and Danny were sitting in the opened trunk and it was Amathea, Iago, and I was sitting in the back seat. We drove for a while in silence before Yassie got supposedly bored and decided she was going to play music. I jerked slightly as the loud rock music played and Yassie turned it up higher. Danny begins to make whining noises from the back seat and Yassie instantly began to turn it down.

“Sorry, Danny I forgot that you are extra sensitive to noise,” Yassie said from the front seat. Danny made a series of huffing noises and laid back down his head in Rezzie’s lap. Rezzie smiled at him and began or I guessed continued to pet him.

A smile appeared and I leaned into Iago and watched Amathea. It looked like she was making little lightning storms in her lap expect she wasn’t getting wet. I already knew that she was a weather elemental. That in itself was rare and the fact that she had such control over it at a young age was impressive. Weather elementals were not known to be that stable and were quite known for not being able to control their powers. It was the reason that they stayed together and in such remote locations. Someone that was a fire elemental wouldn’t be too forgiving if it started to rain all of the sudden. Other weather elements were more likely to understand something like that. I was a little curious about Amathea past but my brain decided that it was time for a little self loathing. I hated that I still could not control freaking fire. It was one of the basic elementals and, although it the hardest at all of the elements, you would think that because I had all the other ones down now with an ease that I would could master fire but no I was a hot fucking mess. I looked up to see that the warehouse was, what I could assume about a mile, and we were stopping the car. I guess the my self loathing took longer than I thought it was going and we were here.

We all hopped out the car and closed the door quietly which made sense as we could not pull up the warehouse if we were trying to be discreet. We had discussed a plan before we had left. We would be paired up to teams of two to three. Yassie and Ash would be together, Rezzie and Danny together, and Iago, Amathea and myself would be together. We split up the warehouse each of us searching a different part.

“Holy fucking shit this thing is huge” I whispered looking at the warehouse.

“The dimensions of the warehouse were listed in the folder” Yassie whispered back.

“Yeah when doing a life-saving mission I did not think that the dimensions of the warehouse mattered too much Yassie” I whispered harshly to her sticking out my tongue.

“Always gotta take in a count of everything,” she said while grabbing my tongue between two fingers. I tried to move away and in the next Rezzie was in front of us hitting Yassie and then grabbed mine doing the same. Ash and Iago watched each letting out a warning noise.

“Let’s go before these two let everyone know that we are here. Amathea changes now and Yassie be prepared to run over to our team if needed since we are the only one that doesn’t have a healer” Rezzie said looking at the both of us. I, on the other hand, was interested in Amathea’s shift. Whenever I shifted it was with Iago and I had never even seen Amathea shift or know what her animal is. Her shift looked easier than me and she seemed to melt into her animal which was a FUCKING TIGER. She was really pretty too and I smiled at her as she stretched out. Danny trodded over to her sniffing her and purred listening to Amathea chuff at him for a few moments.

Then we were off to the warehouse for some real action and I was to freaking happy about it.

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