Mastering the Fire

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Can I Get a Break

“You have to be shitting me, ”I mumble.

I scan the stadium trying to find my father and almost instantly I make eye contact with him. He looks at me with shock and then he looks at something behind me and mouths “Run.”I bolt but it is too late I am handcuffed by an officer and being dragged out of the building. I can hear my father roaring as he tries to get to me. As I am pushed in a car, men fill in behind me all carrying guns and each of them is high ranking assassins which means that they are extremely dangerous. I sighed and prepared myself for a long ride.

“Hey, can we stop and get something to eat? I waited for a response and of course, got nothing. We have been driving for hours and honestly, I was a couple of minutes away from pissing myself. Not only that I was extremely hungry so all in all I was having a pretty normal day. Well except being practically kidnapped by the government.

After trying to ask in a convenient way to stop to take a quick stop. I moved on to me…let’s just say my unconventional ways.

“So do any of you guys have girlfriends or boyfriends” I started with.

I looked the person to the left to me and said “What is your name? You kind of look like a Chad. Imma call you Chad. You really need a different haircut or something Chad cause you look like a real fuckboy. Not that is a bad thing, but it probably helps you get a girlfriend or a boyfriend. When is the last time you slept with someone Chad? Must have been pretty long ago since you act like you have a stick up your ass.”

That earned me a snicker from the person on my right.

“Don’t get me started Chad 2.0.”

I continued to talk for another 10 minutes going one by one to each person until the driver finally stopped at what looked like an abandoned gas station.

“God I wish I could gag you,” a gruff voice said up from the front.

“Sorry sweetie I’m not into that kind of the thing,” I smile sweetly.

“You have the Goddess power. You, Of all people. Goddess what did we do to deserve this” he muttered as he got out the car.

Now I took total offense to that one. I did not ask for the Goddess power and I did not ask to be kidnapped with no fucking pee breaks.

“Look here you ass hole” I began to stomp up to him and immediately get blocked by the others.

“Someone is upset. Must have struck a nerve.”

I growled loudly and the Assassins all pointed their guns at me.

My anger rose higher and of course, at this moment my bladder decided to remind of the neglect that it had been through.

I growl louder and began to walk towards the gas station stopping momentarily and asking “Can you take these handcuffs off Officer Asshole so that I can take a piss.”I hear a chuckle and someone grabs my arms and unlocking my handcuffs. I move my hands in front me and rub my wrists and kept walking. I heard movement behind me and figured that they would follow me.

“You know my father will not be very happy about this.” I don’t get a response from anyone.

I’m surprised my father hadn’t hunted us down yet. My parents were probably extremely scared. As I walked in the station, I saw a man at the counter and shuttered. He looked lifeless. What the actual hell is this place? Instead of asking any important questions I headed towards the bathroom and took care of my business. As I walked out, I noticed that there were no assassins.

I walked straight outside and there was no car and instead there was a person standing there. His eyes were all black and by the looks of it he was a Dark Elemental who was known for creating their alternate version of the universe and using it to trap people and draining their power.

“Nope. Definitely not,”I said as I walked away in the other direction. “People got me 100% fucked up.”

I heard a deep chuckled that didn’t even sound human. Then I heard a whoosh, and it was in front of me holding my neck as it lifted me up in the air.

I just couldn’t catch a break around here.

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