Mastering the Fire

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Power Guide

This will be a guide to the known and main powers in this universe. There will be some powers and curses that will be gifted by the Goddess herself, but those with being rare. In addition, updates will be happening every week on Wednesday ideally around 6:30 pm Pacific Time.


Fire - Fire Elementals can control and create fire, which is key as they are one of the three that can create.

Earth - Earth Elementals are able to control the land

Water - Water Elementals are able to control and create water

Air- Air Elementals are able to control the air

Soul - Soul Elementals are able to drain people of soul and is different from darkness and light as they drain people of their powers to feed their own. In addition, powerful soul elementals can control people, use their fears against them, and are known to have a deep connection with the goddess.

Weather - Weather Elementals are able to control the weather and create storms. They can cause things like hail or intense rain.

Darkness - Darkness Elementals control the darkness like the shadows. They also take the dark energy from others powers to help increase their own.

Light - Light Elementals control light mostly that comes from the sun. That does not mean that they have unlimited power because if they consume too much they will not be able to control it and will kill themselves in the process. They also take the light energy from others powers to increase their own.


Tiger - Shifters that can change into both orange and black and snow tigers

Wolf - Shifters that can change into different species of wolf.

Panther - Shifters that can change into a panther.

Bear - Shifters that can change into different species of wolf.

Assassin and Healer - These come in pairs. An assassin is natural with weapons but has one weapon in particular that they are amazing with. They have high strength, stamina, and are fast. Healers are people that are able to heal others but they cannot heal themselves. That being said healer heal faster than others.

Goddess - Goddess powers are a gift from the Goddess herself and consist of every other power. People gifted with this power are called Goddess wielders. Often times people with Goddess powers specialize in one thing. For example, the Goddess wielder before Siren specialized in shifting. Goddess wielder only comes to existence when needed and are often not born with Goddess but are gifted later in life.

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