Mastering the Fire

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Unknown Man

I was so fucking bored. There was nothing remotely interesting in the warehouse so far despite the surge of power I felt when climbed in. I thought that my first mission would be a little more interesting than this, but I guess it turns out that I was very wrong that for some reason. I was expecting over the tops the fights or something and I was getting a whole lot of nothing and so were the other groups.

“Guys I think that we should meet in the middle of the warehouse. Why put your power source on the edge easily found when you can have it in the middle were you and others can keep their eyes on it” I whispered on our shared devices.

“Alright everybody moves in. It bothers me that I haven’t seen anybody in this place yet. We might just walk right into a trap so lets at least look like we know what we are doing while doing it” Rezzie replied back.

We started to head to the middle of the bottom floor with Amathea in the front since at the moment she had the better nose and be able to detect danger faster, Iago in the back who was also slightly coating us in the shadows so that it would be harder for us to be detected, and me in the middle ready to throw any air shields if needed. Despite Iago powers, we didn’t want to use too much of our powers because we did not know if anyone here could sense them and therefore sense us coming which is why Iago was not cloaking us completely.

We reached the middle a moment before everyone else and what I saw shocked me. It was the man that was running the human trafficking sitting in the middle of the warehouse tied up and bleeding. It also looked like he was crying as well which is a warning sign but everyone kept walking up to him anyway now on extremely high alert. When the man finally looked up and saw us he began to cry harder while mumbling something and I stopped in my tracks. Somebody tortured this man and he thought we were here to torture him again. Not that it was not well deserved after all the things that he did. Rezzie held a hand for me to continue you waling this time just me and Iago as the rest made a semi-circle facing the other direction watching for someone to come.

As I got closer I heard what he was mumbling and I realized that he was pleading with us.

“Please…. Please just kill me. I can’t stand to live any longer than I do know. I can’t take I can’t take any more”. This guy was barely coherent he was crying, talking fast, and had those crying hiccups that I had a special hat for. Image crying your eyes out and trying not to die because you have the freaking hiccups. Anyway, I digress.

“No one is going to hurt,” Iago said to him let out a sigh. “Tell us what happened to you and maybe we can help you out of here” he finished.

“I was here to hide and then this man came he told me and my men to leave. I-I laughed at him and then all the sudden all of my men were dead. He told me he doesn’t like being laughed at and then I blacked out” he whimpered the last part.

“Can you tell us what this man looks like at all” I questioned.

“He had-”. I jumped back as there was now a knife sticking out of his neck. I quickly turned with everyone with a weapon drawn and I pulled out my knife. I also threw up and an air shield around me, Iago, and Amathea who was making hissing like noises. There was no one there so who the hell threw the knife in his neck I wondered as I drop my shield.

I spoke too soon as a man appeared in front us all of the sudden. He literally appears in front of us all the sudden, and I wanted to know where the hell that this man came from. He was wearing a mask that only left is mouth shown. He was wearing loose leather pants or what I think was leather and a black coat. However, what caught my eye was something or more like someone moving in the shadows.

“State your name now before we attack", Yassie said holding a gun. He turned his head towards her and gave a small smile before turning towards me. He started at me for a few moments before closing his eyes tilting his head up like he was soaking in energy.

“You are the girl blessed by the Goddess” his voice was raspy and he did not speak loudly.

He also let out a chuckle and then had knives in his hands. He smiled at me and his body language told me that he was relaxed and almost happy.

I wasn’t worried about the man though, I was worried, however, I was more worried about the thing in the shadows. This man in front of us was cocky and from what I could tell he was not afraid to die for whatever this was. In fact, he was sure that he was not going to, but the person in the shadows it was watching waiting for something to happen.

My thoughts were cut off when a knife flew towards me and I held my hands up immediately and pulled up my shield again. The knife hit and bounced to the floor. That is when all hell broke loose. Iago was pulling darkness all around him and began to attack the man. Amathea and Danny were running to him but passed him until they were behind him. They now had him surrounded and I moved out the way moving towards the shadows. I trusted my team could handle this and they were in the middle of fighting. Once I was close I could see that the shadow was moving away from me.

O hell no I was not going to let whatever the hell this was get away from me. At least I hope I would able to catch up with him.

Then all of the sudden I was woozy. It felt like when we went through the portal that got us here. I opened my eyes and I was standing in a throne room and sitting on the throne room was a man.

“You brought her here?” the man said and I looked at the direction he was talking to and I saw a figure in a cloak probably the one that I followed. I turned back to the man grabbing my gun. Then I gasped when I saw his eyes. They were completely red without a pupil. I have never seen anything like it before and I took a couple of steps backs right into the freaking portal and saw the cloak reach out to me before I fell back.

When I woke up I had no idea where I was. By the looks of it, I was at the warehouse but there was nobody here. I highly doubt that they would leave me here and if they did there would be sure hell to pay. As I tried to stand from my sitting position I realized that I had an extreme headache and I immediately sat back down. It looks like I wasn’t going to moving around for a while. Hopefully, that meant that the enemy would take note and piss off.

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