Mastering the Fire

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They hadn’t been here for quite a while but I guess I should be happy that my plan to get them out here worked. What I didn’t expect for them to send the girl that was just a lucky surprise. I wanted officers that I could send a message with and instead I got something so much better. I wonder how long it would take for them to get to the center where the trafficker was. He would probably die soon anyway and if he didn’t then my father’s second hand would. Thinking of him, I realized that I would have to tell him to capture the girl and not to harm her.

Tiymas the girl with the get black hair, do not harm her just bring her in. They will most likely try to find the man as we planned so be there before they are.

Instead of hearing a reply back I just heard a chuckle. I rolled my eyes at him looks like I would be watching as well, I didn’t need to have the girl my father wanted to meet so badly ending up dead. Once I got down to the bottom levels I realized that it was still just the man. I walked out the shadows and as he saw me he began to cry. I then heard walking and moved back to the shadows.

The girl and another guy walked up to the trafficker while the rest of the team watched the warehouse. I couldn’t quite make out what he was trying to tell them, but it didn’t matter because I trusted that Tiymas would handle it. In fact, Tiymas just killed him. I watch the scene unfold when Tiymas made himself know but what I did not expect was the girl to look at me or to be able to see me at all. I let out a low growl when Tiymas attacked and sent him another message.

What part of don’t attack her did you not ge?.

I don’t answer to you.

I let out another growl and began to move away when a battle began to break out. To my surprise, the girl began to follow me. I moved through the shadows faster and jumped through the portal. I thought about exactly where I wanted to go and that was my father’s throne room. Some portals only lead to one place and some lead to anywhere if you thought about that place while going through. If you did not have a specific place in mind you could end up in a whole other dimension.

I relaxed for a moment turning in the throne room before I heard my father’s voice.

“You brought her here?”

I turned around and sure enough, the girl had followed me through the portal. She was staring at my father in shock and pulled out a gun. She was stepping back and then she stepped into the portal and I reached to grab her. She was probably scared out of her mind and was going through the portal to Goddess knows where. She was probably in the throne room because she was thinking about following me and where I went so the portal sent her where I went.

As I was thinking about this I wondered if I go through the portal thinking about following her. That thought stopped though because there might not be a portal on the other side of wherever she went.

My father was next to me in an instance and his hand came down across my face.

“You lost her” he growled at me.

“I didn’t know she was going to following me here” I replied.

“Yes and then you just LET HER GET AWAY”.

I opened my mouth to say something else but nothing came out. It didn’t matter what I would say he would still be upset.

His hands wrapped around my throat and started squeezing.

“I should throw you in the dungeon” he whispered to me.

He threw me across the room and I slammed into the wall hard, groaning out and trying to get up for the next attack. There would be another attack, and another, and another until I wished I was in the dungeons.

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