Mastering the Fire

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A Pray for Help

I got up off the floor and swayed for a moment before standing straight up. I had no idea where the fuck I was and I could see that there was no portal for me to go through it. So I had no real idea where to go. I was scared to leave the warehouse because I did not know what was out there and suddenly I realized that we were earpieces when we moved in and my dumb ass didn’t try to use it while I was here.

I pressed the small button on the earpiece and waited a moment before trying to talk.

“Hello… hello, can anyone hear me” I said into the piece.

I heard nothing back from the piece and decided that was a dead end. I walked around trying to decide what the hell I was going to do. I sighed and suddenly got really angry at myself. I felt my body get overheated and energy flow out of me all out once. The sudden boom was deafening and I dropped down immediately putting myself in an air bubble. I looked up and to see the warehouse falling apart. I began to run to the front door and hoped that the building didn’t collapse on top of me. That would be quite problematic and I was not prepared to deal with that type of energy. I kept running as I heard the building rubble and felt it shake under me. The building was large but I still had no idea how long it would take to collapse on itself and I wasn’t going to stick around to time it. I burst through the front door and kept running when this thing fell I knew that I had to be a safe distance away not to get caught by anything. I then decided to change direction and run to where we parked the car. I also thanked the Goddess for my training schedule cause if it wasn’t for that I would be wheezing on the floor like a dying cat.

Once I got to the car I was surprised to see that it looked like it had been sitting there for hundreds of years. There were plants growing on it and there were claw marks on it like something had tried to get in. Well, that was not a good sign because by the looks of it the car wouldn’t be running anytime soon. I sighed and sat down again, this was becoming a pain in the ass very quickly, and I wanted to go home to Iago. I wanted Yassie, Amathea, and Danny. Hell, I would even take Ash and Rezzie. Instead, I was stuck once again in a place that I didn’t want to be. However, I didn’t have time to be sad, I had to find shelter somewhere since I did not have any food or water with me. I began to walk back in the direction that we came. Hopefully, it was the direction that we came because everything looked quite the same out here and I was not paying attention when we were driving. Which was very much like me. As I walked I truly realized that I was lost in the middle of nowhere. There was no one here to help me. That thought was cut off however because I heard a noise that sounded a lot like a plane or maybe a helicopter. I looked at it and I saw it flying towards the warehouse. That was probably not a good sign because the plane looked like it flew out of the 1950s. Oka,y so what the hell was this bullshit. I went back in time or something and if I did, did I just fuck it up by blowing up the warehouse. This was so not good because if I blew up the warehouse then it would no longer exist in the future. Unless they rebuild in the future but that was not mentioned in our report and there was an extensive history on the warehouse because we had to look at previous blueprints of the warehouse because some of the things listed as blocked off might not have been blocked off as stated in reports.

This was so fucked up and it was basically my fault. I continued to walk looking all around me for any sign that I was getting close to any civilization. I kept going for what seemed like forever. My stomach growled loudly and I sighed loudly thinking about when the hell I was going to get towards the nearest city-hell I would even take a village at this point. But it was like this place was berrian and the feeling was bleach almost like it was empty.

The day had slowly become night and I was now sitting on the floor with a headache still and still nowhere near where I wanted to be. I took a deep breath holding back tears. There was no reason to cry right now, but my body hurt and I felt so dumb for letting this happen to myself. I looked up and decided to give something else a try.

I prayed up to the Goddess and hoped she heard me.

That was weird. I turned my head and listened to the prayer being called out to me. It was coming from one of my “practice worlds” from when I was first born into the universe. It was quite empty and had only a few hundred things living there. It started off well but the creatures I had in mind didn’t quite turn out right. They were a lot more murderous then I had intended and had wiped each other out very quickly. That being said, I had not heard a prayer from there in hundreds of thousands of years and that definitely caught my attention. I honed on to it and tried to decheir who it was. To my surprise, I realized that it was Siren. I wonder how she ended up there. I smiled and headed down.

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